Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I would like advice to people in my 20's! There is something I'd like to ask ...

Moved from Paris to Venice · · ·

It's been a quite a long time in Venice. 

The boat is gorgeous

It does not shake.

The first Venice was in the early days of my 20s ~

I still did not know what I was challenging for in my life.

I would like advice to people in my 20's! There is something I'd like to ask ...

"What should I talk about?"

"What advice would you give if you are 20-year-old Takumi Yamazaki in front of you?"

It is said that you want me to talk about it.


If you answer "No," everyone will be surprised.

"I just want to lower my head to deeply, I want to thank you."

Even so, you will be surprised.

Thanks to my self in my twenties at the time

I have a life now ...

There is nothing but thanks. 

Even though I knew something

I did not realize something

Just trying to move forward

Even if it does not go well, it rises with Sco

Because I was in my twenties who kept on walking

I think there is a life now.

Everyone in their 20's,

Everyone in their 30's,

Everyone in their 40's,

And, everyone over 50's · · ·

Life goes on for a long time.

When you meet the future of you in the future,

What advice would you give?

Because of you, the future is serious! Some may tell you to scold me.

Maybe I will convey my deep appreciation.

Pleasing yourself in the future.

I live like that ...

Let's do our best!

OK, Croatia today!


Thank you very much everyone!

Thank you!

The celebrity need white teeth life・・・

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