Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I go to Paris to Tsuguharu Fujita · · · And I was touched by his existence.

With Mass from the morning!

♪ rise to go to Fujita ♪

I love pan on chocolate!

Went to Church in Medai・・・


Fujita is awesome as well as his art!

It's cool! ! !

Tsuguharu Fujita (Fujita Tsugaru, November 27, 1886 - January 29, 1968)

In this era, such a cool Japanese was in Paris. 


his work is "white".

Lost in the world of chalk · · ·

Tsuguharu Fujita (Fujita Tsugaru, November 27, 1886 - January 29, 1968) is a Japanese-born painter and sculptor. Acting in Paris in France before the First World War, taking cats and women as a special subject and incorporating the techniques of Japanese paintings into oil paintings, nude statues called original "milky skin" It is a representative painter of École de Paris who received the acclaim of. After Naturalization in France the name of baptism is Leonard Fujita (Léonard Foujita). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Tsuguharu Fujita

Odagiri Joe plays a half-life of painter Fujita Tsuguhara in French "FOUJITA" trailer


Lunch is a cooked meat pan・・・

Love this!

With Masa from London・・・

Found timeless! lol


Together with Needles and Treatment at Night Kei Takenaka (Hiraku) Conjunction with you ...

I ate soba, "Yen" ~ ♪


Absolutely! ! ! I did! ! !

NASA serious announcement in 2018! Possibility to discover extraterrestrial life forms 99. 999% of heavenly bodies? !

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