Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I woke sudden.

I was sleeping unconsciously.
 Sorry for my late replay!

Today is Tennis tournament!
I will do my best.
at the Ezaka tennis court・・・

I had a nightmare.
I woke from nightmare and realized it is the morning.

I feel like bite sands・・・
heavy gray dream.

Sleeping is the way to touch my unconscious with ease.
Somehow it might be very important the message from this dream.

But after I woke up and some time passed,
reality comes up and get forget what was in my dream.

the message goes away from the other noise.

I try to tune in to the dream 
one more time.
I feel painful the busy.
Yes, it was.

I try to tune i to the positive one next.
I encounter my self who trying to be positive.

I enjoyed Ashiya very much-
Onomichi, Fukuyama and Tomonoura・・・Okayama, so nice~
I was glad I took napー
Oh!Prokanjyanken was yummy tooー♪
the emotions appears now. lol

Wavelength, is this the secret of life?
So what is the message of wavelength I feel like from the future?

One of message came to me:
Not make dream come true by force,
it is just standard to be truth, 
it is better to approach pop and reliable the wave motion.
I see, Isee.

It is wavelength then.


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Write questionary「I saw Takumi Yamazaki Blog」.
We will discount 50000 yen from lesson fee(^-^)

She is saying that! lol
Thank you for Tsukino!



《Requirement for Models, 6 month concentrated lessons in kansai area!》


↓↓↓To be continued and details↓↓↓

ジモモ ニューヨーク

Monday, April 29, 2013


Great Event in Ashiya!

Thanks for everyone from Actors! 

What is dancing?!lol

Thank you for Yume  Shindo.

I am moved by Kawauchi.

Everyone was crying !!!

Thank you in the dressing room.
Approgize for my being spoilt 

My frined came!

I enjoyed after party veru much!

I went to Osaka and everyone got together 


Fresh Maccori!(笑)

Mr. Waku is an american football player!!
He swept Keiko up like a princess!lol

Oh!from Hamamatsu!

Oh!from Okayama!Thank you for last nightー!

Fukuyama and Hiroshima people !

I had enjoyed drinking at the room ~!

It was hot !

ジモモ ニューヨーク

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thank you, great night in Okayama!

Seminer in Okayama・・・
Everyone became heated, paint the future, meet and laugh.

Thank you ! lol


Thanks everyone!(^-^)♪

Takumi Yamazaki

Leader Self paying seminor@ Onomichi& Fukuyama& Tomonoura


The world of Oobayashi Director・・・
Onomichi Ramen is super!lol

By senkoji Ropeway・・・
Onomichi Suido is incredible!
I like it.

Enjoyed the world of Ruo at Onomichi city museum.
Went to a shopping street passing through the path of literature.

Move to Fukuyama!
Memory of University・・・
This is the place for 4th dorinking~

Time of Laughing,
Best joyー!

This is the bakery where I met with Mr. Ohashi.

Not any more now~!
At the time I was living in「Sun Hitz Kawaguchi」visited since past 30 years.
Somebody living there. It is weird. lol

And then moved to Tomonoura!
Famose for Tai fish! The best published place!
Went to Sensui island~!

This is place for the movie, Pnyo. 
Somehow nice.

Ate Taichazuke and fulfilled! lol
Okayama Seminer began.

ジモモ ニューヨーク

Friday, April 26, 2013

Power lunch!

Today I had power lunch!! with Martial Artist, Syungo Oyama, Nao Kick, Producer, Ms. Hirata, and Picture Book Writer, Nao Arita!

Thank you very much!


I woke up!

Wow 2am on the clock when I woke up!
Oh no! 2 am?
This is suffering from jet lag.
I woke up because can't sleep.

I sent my friends who went to together to Bohemian yesterday・・・
I went today too!
Mr. ○moto Ryu○ was there too!
Yeah? one day difference.
oh, too bad.

When I was reading news paper・・・
Oh!the article caught my eyes. Boxier, Mr. Uchiyama is writing his songs!
Therefore,  the composer is Takane Okamoto!
Ok, this is him! I am close to him recently!
It is vary rare when I see him from newspaper.

Dream come true!