Thursday, August 30, 2018

Experience = Get away from life routing! ! !


An article covered on August 28 (Tue) was released!

"Make a piece of work (W income)"

Please take it by hand at a bookstore or convenience store.


I can not update my blog for several days, sorry! ! !

It was "I wanted" with Irimoto at Sapporo! ! !

after that,

Furano, Asahikawa ...

Experience = Life

Let's get away from routing! ! !

Goro's house...

Memories are blooming to Biei.

Asahiyama zoo・・・

Sapporo's iritaku was great!

Thank you for celebating!

Yesterday's Genghis Khan also

Thank you very much.


The evening of Kyoto the day before

I did it!

Make a gorgeous time

Thank you very much.

This is Massun's home!
Private house!!!


Thanks to Hachan

A luxurious lunch ...

Impressed by a wonderful network of connections!!!

Met with Naruse kun!

200M victory! ! !

Yuuki Koike, awesome ♪

100 M

Yamagata, 10.00

bronze medal!


Su Bong-soo Asian Thailand 9 seconds 91! 100M, China record updated drastically

This is unpleasant! lol

Eight seconds in front of us! ! !


Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Make up change the world!!!

Thank you very much!

September 6 th (Thu) 37 th Ryu Taku [Autonomy and motivation] @ Osaka


September 10 【Talk Show】 Great! How to live × How to work × How to earn @ Hachioji 27


September 17 "Sugo Working Seminar" @ Ogura


September 27 "It's amazing! Talking Academy September Introductory Seminar " 15


Movie "Takumi Yamasaki's SNS Dissemination Seminar" on sale! !


I will participate in "Today x PEACE DAY 2018" on September 1! ! !

Also in Kagoshima

Thank you!


Rather than buying things

Buy experience!


What is the difference between an earner and a profitable one?

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Takumi Yamazaki's book was used!


Coaching of Hideto Tomabe

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· Set a goal outside the current situation

· I wish not from given but from myself

· Things that I do not even know how is good Good unreality can not decide a good schedule

· Nothing normal is wonderful! Goals and processes! Metamorphosis is nice!

· Statistics to die in 18 months when there are no more good goals to update the goal

Do not listen to what Dream Killer says.

People who are caught in the past, people with low goals are not comfortable with high people

There is a good dream killer

The brain creates a creative "can not do reason"


Philippine group!


Wanted to be there!!!

Risa Murai's underline! ! !

Thank you!

We are looking for everyone's underlaoin! ! !

From "How to earn"

continuing >>
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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"I realized that if I keep thinking for about 2 years in a corner of my head to make that person successful!"

What I noticed yesterday.

I went to a seminar sponsored by Ishibashi.

It was actually the first time that I went to Toyohashi? !

While watching Mr. Ishibashi is hosting ...

I was thinking that I met Ishibashi at the edge of my parents.

For a successful person

How do people who succeed come out? When I asked

"It reminded me that it was only pointed out that 'what if I'm thinking' only when I am seeing this?

"I will realize that I will keep thinking for about 2 years in one corner of my head and on the diamond!" (Let's make it succeed!) "I was taught.

Mr. Ishibashi to be like that! I thought that Mr. Ishibashi was doing so and remembered.

I thought that Tomo, who was next to me, decided "I will do it!

Mr. Ishibashi will have even more wonderful results. If I thought that Mr. Tsujimura ... ... "I'll do it!" Has overflowed.

I wish I could do this more!

Why did not the result come! People do not do things whilst thinking about it.

You decide.

A strong feeling of "doing so!" Changes the reality.

The mountain moves because it thinks "What is everything!"

After that, we went to Yakiniku and went to the Okama Bar.

Too much fun, deep awareness also forgotten, great excitement.

And now, I remembered the deep awareness of yesterday.

was fun! lol


interesting! ! !

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"How to make impressions get better suddenly" (3 minutes 5 seconds)

"Adrenal fatigue syndrome" (4 minutes 59 seconds)


Beyonce, a mouthpak suspicion, set a reporter and sing national anthem! Doya face "What's your question?"

↓ ↓ ↓

Beyonce was allegedly suspicious of national anthem singing in the second term inauguration ceremony held by President Obama last week. While many singers have commented on suspicion, Beyonce himself continues to keep silent and has devoted all of his efforts towards the Super Bowl's half time show to be held on February 3. The Super Bowl press conference took place on the 31st, but Beyonce who appeared on the stage asked the first reporters to stand up and sang the national anthem with the a cappella. Heading to the impressed reporters, with the face of the doya, I said, "What is your question?"

↓ ↓ ↓


5G is coming! ! !

↓ ↓ ↓

I will send you a video that you think will understand the 5 g form of future communication.

Perfume images the dance at the same time in three cities.

It will be in collaboration with docomo.


I am looking at the human nature of that person who wrote it! ! !

↓ ↓ ↓

the internet! ! !


Everyone in Nagoya ♪

B'z Corps leader

Hikaru Ohashi

I am doing live at Nagoya! ! !

Please visit! ! ! 

Thank you everyone!


Kenzo Honda · · ·
Welcome to "Happy Library Enriching Life"!


This week's book is Mr. Shigehisa Nagamatsu's
"Influence is the day when you become a brand".

Author Mr. Shigehisa Nagamatsu brands "individuals", mentor education
It is an expert in composition. Publishing school for people aiming at authors, Ko
For entrepreneurship support schools, managers and entrepreneurs
Worked on human resource development business such as brand consulting
There. About 30 books have been published so far, and cumulative total of 1
It is also the best-selling writer who broke the million pieces. Also, multiple
It is also an active manager who manages restaurants and fitness clubs
I will do.

In this way, as a writer, as a manager, he has been active widely
Nagamatsu is originally in Nakatsu city, Oita prefecture, with 3 tsubo of Takoyaki
It seems that he started from a kimono. Takoyaki shop in 3 tsubo
Why, why to management of multiple companies, and best selling writers
Was it done? He says, "How can I get influence
And can you? It seems that it is the result of pursuing. Then,
I summarized that wisdom how I can gain influence,
This is the book.

So, this time, I quoted from this book and introduced that wisdom

Page 37
Influence = Merit × Authority × Achievement × Admiration × Popularity

102 pages
I think that "I should be listening because it is a familiar person", but this
Is the reverse. Remember that "Because you are a familiar person, do not listen seriously."
Let's do it.

Page 142
90% of relationship is decided by default setting. I first
For those who consulted free of charge, my position is "consultation free of charge
People who listen "will be set. This is responsibility for the partner
Responsible to myself who did that way first instead of having
There is.

174 pages
Lisa concerning thinking about pricing to the successful person I have seen
As I go about it, "That mentor presents it in business
There is a tendency that it is close to the amount of money ". (During
It means that it also tends to reflect the idea of ​​people with strong influence
It is a natural thing to think about.

199 pages
One day, some people called "Nagamatsu sensei" came out. At that time,
I do not want to live, so I will prosper you unexpectedly "
To saying senior executives of the mentoring industry, from this senior,
It was done. That is, "Why do you pay homage and preparation of the student?
Did he refuse because of his shivering and unfamiliarity? That means that
It was.

271 pages
Getting influence will lead you to someone and be happy
It is to have a "gift" to make it.


What is influence, what does it mean to be influential, images
Were you able to do it? Even the world's best selling writer, retreat
Even owners of famous shops are common to people who fulfill their dreams one after another
To have influence, that is, to have the power to move people.

People who would like to start a business in the future, someone who wants to start a side job
I am doing business on my own, but I can attract customers as I think
I got people who did not have a job and grabbed the feelings of employees and did a good job
It is recommended for people and others. How can I increase influence,
If you are interested, please take it for yourself.

+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

"Influence day when you become a brand"
Shigehisa Nagamatsu (Author)
Publication: KIZUNA Publishing

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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[Video Sales] We will start selling "Yamazaki Takumi's SNS Dissemination Seminar" which was a big echo held in Tokyo on August 2! !

It was big echo held in Tokyo on August 2
"Takumi Yamasaki's Seminar on Sending out SNS"

Video sale will start! !

Since I took a new addition on that day that I could not tell without enough time,
Everyone who participated on that day can not enjoy it or even join! !

Seminar on sending out SNS (about 83 minutes)
What I could not tell at the seminar of the day (about 25 minutes)

1) General 3000 yen
2) August 2 SNS Dissemination Seminar Participant Discount 1500 yen
(Please apply with the same name as the applicant.If the applicant is different, it will not be subject to discount.)
※ Packet fee, communication fee etc for movie viewing will be borne by you.
★ Application from here.

First Phase Reception
Start distribution on September 1 until viewing November 30
Applicants & transfer money in August
* If the application and transfer are August, even if the deposit is September, it will be handled as the second term acceptance.

Second phase reception
Delivery start on October 1st Available until December 31st
Person who is in September when transfer payment is made after application

It is undecided after the third stage.

September 1 night
To the e-mail address specified at the time of application,
We will send you the URL and password of the site where you can watch the movie.
Please enter the address that can receive outgoing mail from PC.
Please also set up so that you can receive mail from

Contact: General Association of Motorcycle Association of Switches

【SNS Dissemination Seminar Main Topic】 Approximately 83 minutes
· 24,000 instagram followers and 20,000 Facebook readers l
LINE @ Why 13,000 registered readers Takumi Yamazaki talks about SNS

· The appearance of SNS is the fourth revolution
· What is "Moore's Law" that evolution accelerates?
· AI's future chronology
· 2018 SNS transmission technique now
· What kind of SNS participants are using
· From B to B to B to F to C to C business
· Chubu Economic Zone that changes with the introduction of linear motor cars ahead of schedule
· Business model now popular in Europe
Instagram's Asian market is managed with only staff of name ●
· This is the SNS you should start today
· What is your final product?
· What is the quality of information that should be sent by SNS?
· What is the biggest difference between high price seminars and cheap seminars?
· What is a mail magazine that you can read?
· Send the message you would like to read by ● ● ●
· How to make a human relationship that can be real or net
· How to build a rapport with the opponent
· Three types of human beings and how to judge
· Tips to avoid "jealousy" in subconscious
· 2 things you want to start today

Award movie 【What I could not tell you on the day】 About 25 minutes
· Profiles are those going to make
· Let's have "advertisement photos" to be selected
· What is the color of photos that are easy to follow at an instant?
· How to attach a hash tag
· Sugoi will give you power of writing blog articles! Method
· What is the time zone to call?
· Last Message

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.