Monday, June 18, 2018

In the midst of information revolution ... Agricultural revolution took 5000 years Industrial revolution 300 years PC 30 years Sumaho revolutionized in 10 years. The next technology is five years! ! !

"How to earn" Live seminar 2

I'm leaving behind ~ ♪

Four ways of working in the world ~ ♪

Hurry up and invite Ayano to assistant ...


"self employed"

"Business owner"


I talked about four ways of working.

10 minutes live seminar ♪


To skill up and rare value.

To learn obediently, to take advantage of experience, to grow from the stage of learning work to the stage of teaching work.

Law of ten thousand hours = When you do one thing for 10000 hours, it becomes the existence of "the person of that road = number one with 100 people = 1/100".

I will drop 10,000 hours to the next and become an expert of two worlds.

1/100 × 1/100 = presence of 1 / 10,000 = person who can earn 10 million yen

If you drop another 10,000 hours, one of 1 million people! ! !


The point is president.

It is job to put together the president's job. It is my job to decide.

I'm going to do it! I will guide the organization there.

People who do not have an organization are freelance people.

Even a lawyer who works for a law office is "working"

People who do it alone are "self employed".

The human width is questioned. In order to expand the width, we have to associate with a wide person.

"Business owner"

A person turning a water wheel to momentum (flow).

It is a person who works ideas.

In case of success, there is always a momentum and a water mill.


People who work money.

I = Investor = Recently it is also called an insider.

In the midst of information revolution ...

The agricultural revolution takes 5000 years

The Industrial Revolution is 300 years

Personal computer 30 years

Sumaho revolutionized in ten years.

The next technology is five years! ! !

When 5 G is reached, 2 hours movies are downloaded in 1.5 seconds.

AI is driving the car automatically after 3 years.

An era when things can not be imagined begins.

See "How to earn" 


Next time is ... spreading hope!
Scheduled to start around 15:00 on Monday, June 18
"How to earn"
Live on Facebook Live 3

After finished 'Toryumon',

 Talked with Yotchan in "Kyuen".

How to be Toryumon.
and about Future・・・

Thank you for all participants.

In Shibuya

Power chocolate cookies were also fun! ! !


Hakata's morning was also fun!

Future meeting ♪

Trend and countermeasures · · ·

It was a party to think about the strategy!

Thank you Takuya!


Up to the other day

The moment when the unconsciousness that was in insane change into common sense! ! !

It is said that airB & B was accepted!

↓ ↓ ↓

Private accommodation sales are banned nationwide, To the Tokyo Olympic Games to visitors to visitors to Japan

06.15 08: 15 amanaimages

Housing lodging business law (Private Housing New Act) which lifts "nights" which allows travelers to stay for a fee at general housing was enforced on 15th. Even in residential areas where we could not open hotels and inns, we can offer accommodation services up to 180 days a year, subject to notification to prefectures etc.

Hinomaru business opens to the National Unemployment Olympic Games - Visits Japan Customers - Kyodo News Telematique Operation System "Private Housing" that allows travelers to stay at a general house for a fee will be held in Kyodo News

The government hopes to hold a 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games as a receptacle for foreign visitors to Japan who are expected to increase rapidly. Just because there is concern such as deterioration of living environment, we say that there are many municipalities that stipulate the regulations independently and strictly regulate the period and area where we can operate. The preliminary notification has started in March, but it is only 2707 nationwide, and it is unknown how much the residential business will expand.


This is cool!


I will go to this show!

Department of 14 o'clock on August 9 ...

Let's meet at the venue! ! !


Thank you everyone! 

Thank you!

Well done♪

Next time, we will go to Guangzhou in September! ! !

Table Tennis Pro League start! ! !

Sakamoto kun doing good!!!

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Takumi Yamasaki x Mika Kuramoto Talk seminar "Eat with a dream! Form of happiness!" @ Tokyo

Takumi Yamasaki x Mika Kuramoto Talk seminar "Eat with a dream! Form of happiness!"

I want to do what I want to do.

I am getting excited by eating.

↓ ↓ ↓

Saturday, July 7, 2018 10: 00-12: 00

2000 yen

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Schedule to start around 15:00 on Friday, June 15 "Sleek! How to earn" Facebook Live Seminar delivery (10 minutes)

[Diffusion hope]
Scheduled to start around 15 o'clock on Friday, June 15
"How to earn"
Facebook live distribution ②

Let's meet at 5pm!!!

Thank you!


"FIFA World Cup @ Russia Tournament" starts !!

And ...

770 days left until the Tokyo Olympic Games are held! ! !

How was the meeting of Yamaguchi and Hakata yesterday?

「this is me」


Reduced to adult age "18 years old", revised civil law established from April 2022

The revised Civil Code, etc., which lowers the adult age from 20 years old to 18 years passed by the upper house plenary on the 13th, and it passed. Enforcement is April 1, 2022. 3169712013062018MM0000/


Morita Tidako 66-year-old drama 'High School Teacher' Theme Song 'We Miss Fail' Died in April

Please listen.

I, 6th grade school

I caught up in her singing voice,

I listened to it all the time.

When used in "high school teacher"


Everything is sad along with such memories ...


Thank you!

Thank you everyone!

Thank you everyone!

Beauty camp!!!

Is this Jiki island?!

Thank you in Okayama!
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Talk Live @ Korea July 14, 2018 (Saturday) Korea Seoul Facebook event page

▷ http: //

↓ ↓ Korean translation, application for Korean people go to the bottom ↓ ↓

"Takahashi Steps 47 Prefectures (+ Korea & Taiwan) Talk Live & Drinks Tour ROAD TO WORLD PEACE! In South Korea Seoul"
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It is currently "business book ranking fifth place" in Tsutaya!

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If you are a manga artist, a manga artist's egg · · · those who can draw illustrations! ! ! Wanted! ! !

I am thinking about books "Takumi Yamazaki learning with manga".

If you are a cartoonist, a manga artist's egg ...

Those who can draw illustrations! ! !

Is there anyone you would like to try? !

↓ ↓ ↓

Please enter the subject "Manga Taku"!


Name, address, email address, mobile number

Thank you for your sample picture too.

Please be sure to accompany it!

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"How to earn" released today! Mr. Jay Abraham ... Do not rush to sell. You ought to hurry to start a relationship. The primary goal is to cultivate relationships.

"How to earn" released today!

Takamasa Ikeda wrote on the blog! ! !

It is a book about how to earn exciting money.

If you open the inside and read it,
It is something to understand immediately,

"How to earn money,
Reflecting that person's way of life and intelligence "

That it is.

Very, very, very thick book.
I want to read back for the hands as much as possible.

It is also in the "conclusion" of this book,

"How do you hope to polish yourself and deliver valuable things to the world?"
I want you to pursue. "(From this document P 252)

Takumi 's words that,
I also cherish it very much and I thought about treating it again.

The world-class coach Anthony Robbins I learned the first time,

"If you want to increase your income, increase the value you give"

And repeatedly told me.

In principle, "money follows after value".

People who are not good at money watch "money".
People who are good at money will see "value".

I often tell at the seminar,

Many of us are doing "using" money every day.
On the other hand, to "get" money is done once a month.

When "using" money, "the reason why money has decreased from the wallet" is obvious,
When asking for money, it is ambiguous that "Why does this amount get?"

Ambiguously it is natural that you are not good at it.

Money chases after "value".

So, it is important to learn about "money and value"
Ten years ago, I started my business as it is after graduating from college and I noticed that I suffered very much (laugh)

Takumi's book,
The essence of getting to know more about how to earn money,

In other words,

There are more people who are willing to do what they are doing,

Sharpen the personality by nurturing the heart that you think is more likely to become a partner 's role,

By doing a number of things, about life, about the world,
It will be able to have a wide and multifaceted perspective,

About that,
Because it is packed plenty, it is highly recommended.

Takumi's many episodes from early childhood are also included,
I am excited to feel like I could catch a glimpse of Mr. Takumi 's backbone of daily friendly and warm.

I definitely recommend it.

Takamasa Ikeda


Thank you. This is meal after Shibuya event.

Thank you for freeman, Kosakai kun.

High energy people gathered!!!

Thank you for your time.
Law sweets・・・
Thank you!!!

Life is mental!

A → B

When A gets up, I feel like B


A → C

A got up, I feel like C

This is mental management! ! !

Consciousness = heart screen

What do you reflect? !

A minus is → It is a lie! ! ! And stop! ! !

Under consciousness = technology

It is technologized by repetition

Self image = thought of deep consciousness

· Let's get caught up in the memories of the future

· I live by myself I accomplished

· Successful birds fly in flocks

· Because I think with words, I will influence my words

Human relations

Giver, contributor = to be GIVER! ! !

Love falls in love with myself in the mirror called opponent

Who will you reflect? !

Day by day

Thank you very much.

With Aki, Mio, Oyakodon ...

It was delicious ~ ♪


Chinese, lessons ...


Thank you very much.


Jay Abraham

↓ ↓ ↓

To deepen relationships

To deepen the connection.

Do not rush to sell.

You ought to hurry to start a relationship.

To that

I make a big contribution to part of my life

It is necessary to create value.

I will try to help him.

The goal should be to deepen relationships.

Gratitude increases, it gets stronger, I feel like attaching.

Most people

I will do my best not to do things.

I understand that to push to buy more.

I abandon the idea of ​​manipulation,

Grow up over time.

It becomes a help of life.

We aim to offer valuable things.

By doing so, people understand.

Education is sometimes necessary to understand value.

To have products, services, worth what value.

It might be important to have samples used.

However, the primary goal is to cultivate relationships.

"You already have a profit.

It does not involve anything about it.

But if I further increase revenue

Please give me some of them.

It's a reasonable figure and I will bear all the risks. "

Why do not people take risks then? !

· Scary without confidence

· Have prejudice over the lifetime from the first experience = go into self-defense mode

DNA is designed to be noble

What is noble

I do not want to be in line

I do not think that it is a trivial job

No one is satisfied on the way

But ... 98% of people

I think I am second-rate.

why? Because nobody taught me! ! !

Many people do not know how to gradually approach

I will try to go at once! ! !

Even if you do, start will be a mediocre result.

In fact it is success that gradually approaches the goal from there.

Do not regard it as a failure,

How about capturing it as a test? !

What you lose on failure is only your pride (lol)

Everyday I was asking myself "What did you learn today?"

Find "things that do not pass through"


Stop participating in endless competition,
Let's be able to put value on 'peace of mind'.

Alan Cohen · · ·

Thanks for the tip!

A world from peace ...

Invitation from a dream · · ·


Thank you everyone!

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