Sunday, February 25, 2018

Not saving! ! ! Save "virtue"! ! ! Yesterday Mr. Azuma's birthday live · · ·

It was a dinner show!

Really, I was impressed by the fact that it was established as a show!!!

It was wonderful!

And Azumi's singing appearance is

At an insta...

It was a wonderful show.!!!


And after at Azumi's room・・・

I had a cup of tea in the evening.

Matsusaka High School's juniors

They were wonderful girl♪

With Sayuri designing the garden

Ai is a potter's artist.

This paper bag written Mie 's dialect ... 

「Maikomashiteku」can you understand? lol

「Gohan yobawareyoni」



dangerous! lol


Not Saving! ! ! Save "virtue"! ! !  

↓↓↓This is the stage hosted by Mr. Yamamoto Toki

Yuji Arakawa, Mai Kai, MACO

2018/3/10 (Sat)

Opening date and time 12:30 opening date and time 13:00 closing date and time 16:00

Tokyo / Meguro Persimmon Hall (Great Hall)

1-1-1 Yakumo Meguro-ku

~ Miraculous happens in your life Three proven secret will be released for the first time ~

Japanese gods are on your side!

Receive energy from the stars of the universe!

A day of miracle to learn "Law of Attraction" that can be done by a negative person!

Three people who reversed greatly speak from the cliff

Directly teach the way of truth, causing a miracle in life!

Even if you are standing at the edge of life, turning point, or doing so, it is okay if you join this event!


The guest of this time is Yasushi Yamamoto who is active as a writer producer.

What is a writer producer?
→ The aim is to produce that person's life.
I will raise the client's human capabilities, and I will give advice on finding books at the end.

What is "publishing" a book?
→ Pass the message. To provide a new perspective.

Mr. Yamamoto's mentor is Mr. Takeda Kahei.

What is Takeda Kazuhei?
He is the representative director of Takeda confectionery famous for "Tamagoboro", and is a shareholder of more than 100 listed companies.
I hate unhappy success, I wish for happy success.
Those who were particularly cherished by others' contributions.

Mr. Takeda Kahei gives gold coin to the meeting person.
Why is that?
→ If you simply raise a gold coin, people will be pleased.

Kahei Takeda was born February 4th.
Give pure gold to those born on the same day.
→ Because I want people who got pure to be pleased!

Contribute anyway for human pleasure

· I feel lucky → I'm getting really lucky → Only good people with luck gather around.

About Yamamoto-san and Mr. Takeda's meeting

At the age of 29, I experience the bottom of my life.
Having a debt, fall into a crisis of divorce · · ·

At that time, I stayed in Ken Honda's seminar for three years.
Having been influenced by Ken Honda?
Suddenly quitting company leaving the company → I will quit and what will you do? → Consult with the staff of Mr. Ken Honda's employment whether to hire him → I will be refused wonderful → I am disgusted → I do hate things about Ken Honda!

As a result ⇔ I will search for an amazing person than Ken Honda!
I get to the answer

I will keep looking for great people,
Shibusawa Eiichi (who created the first bank in Japan), but he is already dead.

Keep searching for current Shibusawa Eiichi → I will reach the person called Takeda peace.

Mr. Takeda Kahei is one who values ​​both morality and economy.

When feeling that "There is only this person!", Kahei Takeda is looking for an IT producer at the best timing → Go hand in hand with "This is it!" From Nagoya to Tokyo. (At that time, it was difficult to make a round - trip transportation cost of 30,000 yen, but I went to see him again.

Even though I first met, I had a long talk.
(If this is a consultation, how much will it convert to hourly wage?

I got a big paper bag containing books, CDs, seminar videos of peace, and all those anxiety disappears.
Furthermore, to have the feet up to Nagoya!

"I do not like control"
Really fell in love with Mr. Takeda Kaiping's style
→ I will continue to go once a month.
⇒ Connecting people and people will be a gratitude to Mr. Peace.

At first people gather people who started from 2, 30 people, use free mailing lists, they will expand to the last 6000 people!

"Being on the side of the mentor" is important. Just to meet you will make your mind go up!

Indeed, some people stayed by Mr. Hepei and raised their mind, it took only 8 months to set up a company.

The president of a large company declines when the performance is bad → go to Mr. Peace Mr. → make the face red and make motivation → return the company's achievement.

Mr. Takeda Kahei's will is handed down even after death.

As a result, "Mr. Ken Honda will be a benefactor to have met with Takeda Kahei. "
⇒ In life, there are many things that you do not understand at what time what will change in a good direction.

Forecast by Takeda Kahei
→ Japan 's economy has its default from 2021 to 2025.
The history of the economy will be repeated every 80 years.

2025 to 160 years ago → Meiji Restoration, about 80 years ago → World War
What will happen in 2025?

How can the economy not default?
→ If management and investors increase income five times and pay taxes in the past 5 years, it can be prevented.

What is necessary for that is "virtue" ⇒ to please people and to accumulate virtues.

Events impressed with Mr. Takeda Kaipei
· Responsibility for having money
→ The money is kept from heaven. I am thinking how how heaven will rejoice.
⇒ Another representation from science, put desire into "shared folder"

The most important thing is to stick to "virtue" rather than profit!
To stick to your own 'way of thinking'! !

Example: "People who want to put out books"
You can not just just think that you want to publish a book. Even if I can publish a book, it ends in a single shot.
The important thing is to think strongly that "I want to become an author and make an active part"

From hawk's report ...


Popular Instant Manga ♪



The same tote bag as the fabric in the corollo bag! !
Blue is sold out! Thank you very much.
Since black and gray are also left a little,
Those who wish need to arrive early ♪
By all means, please use it together with the Korokoro bag ♪

Please confirm the image from here.

White korokoro bags ...

↓ ↓ ↓


From Nodavchi Mail magazine

↓ ↓ ↓

Momofuku Ando developed chicken noodles at the age of 48

McDonald's Lake Rock begins a hamburger shop at 52 years old

Kentucky's Kernel Thunder began at the age of 60.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi is 44 years old and started to write a book.

I wrote 1000 books by the age of 82.

Tadaaki Ino completed the Japanese map at the age of 71


Thank you everyone!

In Otaru・・・

In Osaka・・・

O!Matsuzaka high school athletic team!


After finished Asataku in Osaka,

Moved to Tokyo, then to Kawaguchiko・・・

Please send me yesterday's picture!!!

From line news

↓ ↓ ↓

DeNA Travel conducted questionnaire survey on "Removing young people ○ ○" for men and women of teens to 70s. 33.0% answered "car departure" the most frequently answered by the question that "Please leave ○ of youth" which you feel. Then, "newspaper departed" 13.2%, "reading away" and "getting married" were both 7.9%. "Remote car" is No. 1 in each age.
\uc0\u12472 \u12514 \u12514  \u12491 \u12517 \u12540 \u12520 \u12540 \u12463

Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.

How to achieve →Law of choroi. Anything, do you think a little? No, I will say that it a little. One action that will make a dream come true for successors who make 300 million copies → "Tell a dream to 100 people""Whether you can say a little or not."

Today is Collaboration Seminar with Mr. Mochizuki ♪

A dialogue can be seen here! ! !

↓ ↓ ↓

I can not see solo

Please have fun! ! !

1) Continue hitting it! !

2) Please comment, thank you.

3) Please share it ♪


Mochizuki-san of the treasure map ...

There was once debt of 60 million yen.

Its weight is also in the body (atopy) family

Vision of the Future

Let not only letters but visuals = treasure map

Life changes when you have a dream

More specifically, dreams are easy to come true

From 2D, 3D

You should do a simulated experience

Do your job for the sake of the world (Mr. Takeda Takeda)

National language


Treasure map · · · Treasure map at school

Time to keep dreaming ... 0.2 seconds

How many times do I let people give up? 0.8 times

The way to achieve

↓ ↓ ↓


Do you think anything, Choro?

No, I will say that it is choro.

"Whether you can say a little or not."

Successful people who make 300 million copies

The only action that makes a dream come true

↓ ↓ ↓

"Tell a dream to 100 people"

Talking to 100 people

Approximately 10 collaborators will appear

I listen to 100 people.

Then, "What is your dream?"

Big, small relationship not relevant

I dream that you get excited

What is your dream?

A mentor that leads you to heaven

What is your dream?

Strangely good

Suicide (15 - 24 years old)

Three times in the UK

Twice as large as in the US

I want to give hope!


Mr. Sakurai's "Dying if sleeping" also overlaps ... Yaba excitement! !

Mr. Yukio Mishima sensei

Professor Yasunari Kawabata

Mr. Kiichi Matsumoto sensei

Professor Shuzo Endo · · ·

Sakurai Seiji was edited in charge of teachers who can not be! ! !

Thank you for your teacher.

I wrote a novel "The Gate's Gate".

Really, it is a treasure of life! ! !

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////

Yesterday's seminar,

Thank you very much.

Yuka who is good at connect people♪

Thank you very much.

It was the best!
Thank you♪

Ruri chan!!!

Yesterday, coaching notes

Because it was crowded, I could not buy it・・・

Excuse me.

Coaching note · · ·

Just writing it,

Just by answering questions,

I know!


Knowledge of yourself

Become a person who knows yourself.

What can you learn?

Huh? !

Is that so?

... with guyguyi

As watching the strongest movie

It will be pulled in. (Lol)


The hero is "you".

↓ ↓ ↓ Here you can buy ↓ ↓ ↓



↓↓↓This is the law of choroi too?

Your goal? !

Easy! ! !


Fighting consciousness and physical strength.

He continued seeking "consciousness reform" to "break the shell"! ! !


"I am such a coach, it's my job to say that."

↓ ↓ ↓

Do not eat donuts! Awareness reform of the Dutch coach Fruit fruition

↓ ↓ ↓

<Pyon Chan Olympics: Speed ​​Skating> ◇ 21 ◇ Girls group overtaking finals

Japanese girls won the gold medal of a long-awaited gold medal with the Olympic gold medal won by the Olympic new record of 2 minutes 53 seconds 89.

【Photo】 Sliding of three Japanese women who are unimpaired

Johan David (38), a Dutch pro coach, rescued the Japanese skating world, which was sluggish. In the spring of 2003, at the first meeting of the new organization which gathered coaches and staff of the national team, we made the goal to all participating players. Time, ranking in the competition .... However, I answered "Easy" for all answers. What I felt was missing in Japan is the consciousness of fighting and the strength of the physical. He continued to ask for "consciousness reform" to "break the shell".

Body fat percentage aimed at 9 to 10% for boys and 20% for girls. When I found a player eating a donut inserted in a lodging house, he got angry with his face turned red with "I do not intend to take a gold medal." The amount of meal, sleeping time is also managed. In the endlessly intense exercise, voices of dissatisfaction spread from the players as "Junior high school student's club activity" spread.

But without hurting, the Japanese Skating Federation also asked for change. I pointed out the waste of the transit time at the expedition and asked for more trainers. Even if I refuse it because of the budget, I did not withdraw easily, "I am such a coach, saying it is my job."

When the results came out, everything started flowing in a good direction. In the 16th season, rival countries were surprised at Japanese athletes who are steadily increasing their record. The sweetness that existed in the players disappeared, and it was born into a fighting group aimed at. Miki Takagi talked about the commander, "There are lots of parts that I think are valued and greedy against the game." The Japan Skating Federation is calling for a continuation towards the Beijing Olympics in 22 years. Mr. Yuda strengthening director said, "It was a wonderful encounter for Japan, it was changed because it is Johann who does not compromise," and looked back on the four years like Arashi.


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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Why do you want to achieve it? Why do you want to get it? Why do you want it? Those who do not come to mind ...

From the morning "Shimokita-san"

Thank you very much.


Why are you trying to do that? !

The root of motivation is ...

The reason is decisive.




Why do you want to achieve it?

Why do you want to get it?

Why do you want it?

Those who do not come to mind ...

Let's think about "Why do you live?" ! !

What is the meaning of life?

In what ways did you receive your life?

What is a more personal philosophical meaning?

And ...

Who do you want to please?

Who would like to tell thank you?


As you deepen

The foundation of life will stabilize!

Audio is ...

↓ ↓ ↓ You can listen to the sound here ↓ ↓ ↓

[Taku ☆ JAPAN OPEN! ]

Takumi University → Please register!

Please make it "Wisdom's library" with one coin.

Many collaborative voices will satisfy intellectual curiosity.


Yesterday yakitori with 4 men ...

Keijiro, thanks for your treat ♪ 

Floor Island ...

It is Michelin.

2 - chome Sangenjaya 2 - chome, Setagaya - ku, Tokyo 154 - 00224 Luna Park Sangenjaya 1F 

I can't forget♩
wanna go again!

This sansho was great!
Thank you!!!


Donut changed!

Ichinose, thank you.

New York, have fun!

↓ ↓ ↓

[Takumen @ NY's homepage]

Takumi Yamazaki is eating and drinking at New York LIC!

[Takumen's delivery]

[Takumen Apartment "Five fifty fifty reserved subret room"]

If you want to stay in New York ♪


Yesterday I learned "channeling" lol

About philippine is big impact!!!
Thank you.

I'll do my best~♪
will have more frinend!!!

Thank you Satoshi kun.

Thank you in Fukuoka.

Yummy wine!!!

Was fun!

 Thank you for coming Uemae kun!!!
From Sendai.


Thank you.

I want to share excitingly with everyone! ! !

A week of transparent concentration! ! !

I believing you!!!

Thank you!

Thank you everyone!!!

In Sapporo・・・

In Tokyo・・・

In Kagoshima・・・

In Nagoya・・・

Thank you!

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From time to time important information will arrive at the line for free.

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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