Monday, August 14, 2017

Achievement rally in Toryu mon! ! ! Yocchan, thank you ♪

Nakagawa couple's accomplishment rally ...

Thank you
Intersection point・・・

 Happy voice・・・

Imitation of me by Morita kun!↓↓↓

Achievement rally in Toryu mon! ! ! Yocchan, thank you ♪


Thank you everyone!

Congrats wedding!

「HIkiyoseno tabi」・・・
Thank you!


Just put it in ...
The future became clear
You will feel comfortable with yourself ♪
Coaching notes
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My body is a cowardly ♪

bronze medal! ! !
I can not forget the smile of sparkling.

The last run of the Mr. bolt ended with an injury.
Mr. Bolt who continued to give a lot of excitement · · ·
Lastoll was an unexpected end.

Today is Nagoya.
I will do rallies for accomplishing the entrance gate.
Nakagawa couple, please start the future with Gutsuri from today!

I want to go to acupuncture today.
The body is a cowpea!

Last night, Alice Chan,
Thank you very much.

Yesterday was such a day ...
Driving in the batting center for 1 hour from noon. 
It was a baseball game with the Arakawa Masashi Corps.
Thank you!

For the 21st
I was able to finish my confirmation!

Let's do the best!

Wolf gang · · ·
was delicious!
Masa 's wife is surprised and surprised! ! !


In the evening it was a home meeting with Nodacchi.

Okinawa kara Hokkaidō made no kōhan'i no tenkai ni bikkuri ♪ arigatōgozaimasu
Surprised by the wide range of deployment from Okinawa to Hokkaido ♪
Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you!

Kaoru Nakajima in Miyazaki ...
Take ♪ The peak of excitement! lol

Shisuka san・・・
There is live!


A big shift in life ceases to be caught in shape, comes when consciousness is matched to wave

. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: *

Alan Cohen's words · · ·
Nice! ! !


Recommended for women too! 
Capsule hotel ranking in Tokyo | Rakuten travel


As a result of doing a non-working choice, playing plenty, traveling, devote in something I really like, I call this way of using time "learning".

Takashiro Tsuyoshi's words · · ·


Thank you for deploying in various places!

Tsutaya ranking・・・


HIkiyoseno tabi・・・

Thank you very much!

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Is your heart reacting to Vivid? ! (Please do not look at train)

Today I tried Yasu training!

Even if you look at anything,
I can do it! There was a time when I thought.

At that time myself
I was confident in my body.
Physical strength, range of motion ...
Confidence to wither with declining.

I will train again! lol
I thought so.
Thank you, Yasu

Confidence and body ...
There is a great relationship! ! !

My heart to vivit
Is it able to react? !

↓ ↓ ↓

Please impressed.
The body fat percentage of the heart decreases.

In a bibi
As the heart begins to move
The landscape changes!!!

Mind and body ...
Body and confidence ...
Consciousness and soul ...

Start meditation ...
Move your body ...
Everyday I feel impressed ...

I wish I could propose to everyone that it is a human "normal life"
For that, first of all, i need to enjoy "everyday" and "get excited"


Kagoshima next・・・
Great☆Let's do lunch meeting♪

I want to meet again !!!

Rie san ♪
Thank you for yesterday.
It was time to excite the future!

Yesterday evening
Practice at batting center! ! !
Thank you, thank you! lol
Fujii coach, I would appreciate it today.

THank you!!!

I am thankful!
"Great way to talk" ...
Thanks to everyone, we are reaching many people.

at station Shinagawa・・・

3rd here!

6th here・・・

「Hikiyoseno tabi」・・・Thank you!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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