Sunday, March 31, 2013

To Bio Marché from this morning!

Went to Bio Marché from this morning (8am)! with Wakako. She is knocking about all over the world・・・

It has passed 1.3 years since she left Japan?
She is contining knock about・・・

She is from Sendai prefecture・・・
Ready to go to NY from day after tomorrow.

She buys air tickets by selling her pictures・・・
I feel her vitality.

First day in summer time,
Waking of Marche de Paris is slower than usual.

I had breakfast in Cafe・・・

About time to finish breakfast was the time to start of Marche de Paris!

Salt looks yummy!

Also Egg looks Yummy!

Crab too!

Oister, yeah!

Want to drink white wine!

Open it like this here ・・・

the eat it!


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Paris started Summer time from today!‼

Spent time in Mare yesterday・・・

Isn't it cool this figure?! lol

Today is 31th.
Paris started Summer time from today!!!

07:24:01, Sun 31, Mar 2013 CEST AM/PM

This is current time in Paris.
Japan will be14:25.
Time difference is7hours.


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This is cool♪

May 6th, 2013 @niigata 「Garatto Seminer」presented by Takumi Yamazaki

5/6、I will be seminer at Niigata!

「Garatto ~Jibun no 'seikaku' wo Omoinomamani Kaeruhouhou~」
Anniversary of a new book release seminer
Aren't you tired of yourself?
Thinking so small and gets no energy to do anything…
Even if you think positively, it is hard to change yourself.
By solving mechanism then I will introduce the hint to change personality much easier.
We conduct 'Garatto' Thema Seminor by welcoming to Takumi Yamazaki, who is an author as 22 books publishing and total of million copies achievements, also as seminar speaker in the nation.
Time:May 6th, 2013 18:30 Open
Location:Higashi-ku Plaza Hall
     Niigata-shi Higashi-ku Shimokido1-4-1(Higashi-ku government office 2F)
※Free parking spot but limited.
Please come with frined's car if possibles, Thank you.
Fee:unreserved seat ¥3,000
Application is very easy. Please click below.
for PC:
for Mobile:



Are you everybody dreaming ofー?
Thank you for wonderful pictures!lol
Dream about your futureー♪


Great picture from Vetnam~!

wine and foie gras restaurant

Japanese High school students are strong!? PHOTO Art looks like Anime world.


last night with Pari's friends・・・
We went to Wine and foie gras restaurant.
It is located along the Montmartre street

34 Rue Montmartre
75001 Paris

Le Comptoir de La Gastronomie - Spécialités de Foie Gras Maison & deSaumon Fumé


Recommendation from MRI. Watanabe!


I drankー!

It is 'Bad' to earn money, but saving is the Virtue. Japanese sense ofvalue prefer secret saving and does't waste much.


Rock Band「Okan」vocal, Mr. DAI's an autography.
「BREAK point Jinsen ga kawaru Syunkan」
Goes on Sale from April 1st!

Also from April 8th(Mon)・・・
「Okan ga Yume Utautoki, Osaka-Jo Hall」!!

Okan Official Site

4/1(Mon)@Sanctuary Publishing
Tentsukuman Movie「107+1 Tengokuha Tsukurumono part2」constant screening party


『Garatto Jibun no 'Seikaku' wo Omoinomamani Kaeruhouhou』

Information about discount sale for Books& DVD set

Usual Price 5355 yen(tax included)
【Books 1,365 yen(tax included)+ DVD 3,990 yen(tax included)】 However,,,
This set will be minus 200 yen from usual price, it would be
5155 yen(tax included)


Recruitment from Sanctuary Publishing!


A lot of application is coming!

2014 recent college graduate・2013 mid-career worker・Long term Part-time・Foreigners
Recent Recruitment(the first half year offer)

4/10 is deadline, please be aware of it!!


the Palace of Versailles, Spring and Summer season『Spectacle』
- Europe Travel Information


“North” is ready to shooting Apprehension spread to people in Seoul (TV Asahi related (ANN)) - Y! News


@takashirobot: Future scholar Roberto junk has written "nation resolve the coexistence of humans and machines, to rule the world in the 21 century instead of the countries showing the highest economic indicators". And me in Japan is so much thought, focuses on leading-edge technology and individual lifestyle balance


It is 'Bad' to earn money, but saving is the Virtue. Japanese sense of value prefer secret saving and does't waste much.


Prepare for the worst, "timid" Japanese should know 'Asset protect manual' different dimensional relaxation of Kuroda BOJ takes the veil off, USD / JPY becoming the nervousness

Saturday, March 30, 2013

What you say.... What you do....





 (Koshi 孔子)

Someone who has morality always tells us good thing, but

 Someone who says good thing not always prepare for morality.

Someone who has perfect virtue always possess courage, but

 Couraged man not always possess perfect virtue.

It's true-!

What you say・・・
What you do・・・

We have to make this same.
My heart beated.


Nippon-Ham Fighters, Mr Oya, Malti & First RBI in 3 batter's box!
Sankei Sports 3/29(Fri)18:46


This is trueー!
Miracle player in here!



We had meal with Rubuna at ARMANI cafe-!

It was great!

Thank you very much!

Friday, March 29, 2013

If you name to your negative feelings, it is likely to get over a slump

I went to there again!


Boiled beef pot・・・

【Vegetable Rice】7 rue volta 75003



Electricity runs through mu heart! lol


If you name to your negative feelings, it is likely to get over the slump

Really? 「Kitakaze Kojiro!」and so on?!


Already 29th! This weekend is important!

Already 29th!
How's your this coming weekend, important?

Doki Doki!
Doki Doki!
beating. lol

Spring time
pass fast.

↓↓↓to be continued↓↓↓ if you are interested・・lol↓↓↓

「Garatto」Now on sale in Jyunkudo@Paris

Now on sale in Jyunkudo@Paris
Please check this out!

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Shift can be purchased here:

Shift(kindle ebook version)can be purchased here:

Takumi Yamazaki official blog:

The Official Shift Facebook page:

Newsletter registration:

I approgize 3 times a day.

My friend sent me Mr. Egashira's this sentence.

I have heard of Mr. Egashira is very serious man.

When I posted this・・・

Mail Magazine of Nodacchi








 Soushi said.

 I introspect 3 times a day.

 Whether I was touched with true heart.

 Whether I was sincere to friends.

 teach somebody something at second hand.

 (Goroku Sansyo)





30 things that makes you change

from fb・・・


30 things that makes you change 30th
We can not renew or do over again about past time and life. But we can begin and stop doing something old. You might need stop doing somethig to try new things with new feelings.
I will introduce 30 ideas to do so.

1.Stop spending time with people who are not suit you.

2.Stop run away from problem of yourself.

3.Don't lie to yourself.

4.Stop postpone the important things for you.

5.Don't try to be someone except you.

6,Stop clinging to your glory days.

7.Don't be nurves of making mistakes.

8.Stop criticizing yourself about a past mistake.

9.Stop gaining happiness by money.

10.Stop seeking someone to be happy but only yourself.

11.Don't be lazy for no reasons.

12.Stop thinking you are not ready yet.

13.Don't associate with a person for an inappropriate motive.

14.Don't refuse new communication because you couldn't do well in the past.

15.Don't compete with another people.

16.Don't be jealous to someone.

17.Don't be complain and cower.

18.Don't hold a grudge.

19.Don't be same with someone who are in lower level.

20.Don't waste of time by explaining about yourself.

21.Stop doing same thing many times with no rest.

22.Don't overlook a little beauty in daily life.

23.Don't be perfect.

24.Don't choose easy way.

25.Stop pretending you have no problems, when things isn't working well.

26.Don't attribute your pains to somebody

27.Don't try to be all things to all men.

28.Don't be too worry.

29.Don't focusing on what you don't want to happen. (Focuse on what you want to happen)

30.Don't live life with no appreciations.

When I read 30 things that makes you change・・・I become want to listen this speech.

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Thank you!

Taku  (^-^)♪

Now here is 6pm.

Is Easter coming soon?

I cut my hair.
Thank you for Shy!

From textbook・・・

I want to make this as pictures~


I drank three Espress.

I went to Jardin du Luxembourg.
Exibition for Marc Chagall now.

Spring is coming to Paris.
Freezing but Spring!

A lot of people along the Seine River・・・

Binding book・・・

Hello to Saint-Germain- des-Prés, the sculpture of Picasso.

For some reason, I am attracted to this ●●・・・

I found it in dressing room・・・I want this desk!
the slope ceiling ・・・makes me eager to draw pictures!

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I want to be the top of lanking!