Wednesday, January 30, 2019

"Why do we have to achieve that goal?"


Most people decide goals ...

"Why do we have to achieve that goal?"

An important task of deciding "purpose" has been missed !!!

Why can not we achieve if we target annual income?

Why, when you set a year-long goal for year-end and new year

Are you frustrated on the way?

Why, the more people think positively

Can not achieve the goal?

↓ ↓ ↓

According to an American university survey,

Non-smoking and diet,

Those who have decided goals and have been able to continue their efforts for more than a year,

It seems that it was only 7%


After all I think it's amazing!

Moic (= haze)

Moyamoya (= haze)

When the mind becomes "muddy" "If you get lost" "If you are not clear"

↓ ↓ ↓

Let's write it on paper

Put it out of yourself as "looks"

↓ ↓ ↓

If you just have "free time"

Let's just write "Wondering" that wanders in the heart!



Do I have to achieve that goal? !

Let's write it!




Let's go on a trip ~ 

Thank you Akaike san.

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"What are you aiming for !?" ... Leader ideal.

Director Moriho is amazing ~

Three points against Iran!!!

There are many serious players ~

My eyes are good

Not a performer

There are a lot of workers who work.

People will not move in a plain language! 

"What are you aiming for !?"

Image that really chooses a person with a tokara ...

"Power to compromise" ...


Call me anytime!

Moriho san

Really, it is a wonderful leader.

He is a good fellow ~

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How to make a dream come true!

How to make a dream come true!
My new book

↓↓↓My new book!↓↓↓


I recommend this〜♪


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Why bride can get skinner?

Mr. Shoichi Miyamoto's brain seminar! ! !

A report from a friend who went to the seminar of! ! !

It will be helpful !

(Thank you, Yoshie!)

↓ ↓ ↓

■ I will arrive in Japan 10 years later in the United States

■ Psychology can not be done without knowing the brain

■ Dependence also brain

■ Brain size and intelligence are irrelevant

■ Education started from 8 months pregnancy

Because I can do my brain in 8 months

■ Installation from 0

■ It changes in the environment

It is difficult to change from 15 years old

■ Installation from a small event Important

■ Installing that you do not want to become such a parent

■ It changes when you do mind set

■ Why is the bride losing weight?

■ Because I am done with mind set, I can lose weight

■ In the industry Mind set diet called

■ Good bad head is not genetic

■ The bottom of the three brothers is stupid

■ Environment rather than inheritance

■ In the past it was thought that only the heart is the brain

■ Salt only heart

■ The person who found the brain was treated as a weirdo

■ Inventors are treated always as weakers at the beginning

■ If you said the same thing

■ The brain seems almost white baby

■ It collapses when dropping softly

■ No doubt as to get better as you drink DHA

■ Blueberries also have good grounds for better eyes

■ Not directly connected, no paper

■ It is different from no effect

■ Really good collagen is noisling crepe

■ There are two types of collagen

Beneath the skin, bones and bones

■ Chirimen with 2 items

■ It can also take calcium

2% of the body weight of the brain

■ Actually, it is heavy.

■ Turtle, crow is clever

■ Alcohol restrictions such as carbohydrate restrictions when excessive diet is outbreaked

■ Two kinds of depression

■ Depression that self-reported depression and transmitter are missing Depression

■ People who think that they are happy are easy to be depressed

■ People who are troubled by lack of answer tend to be depressed

■ Brain Weather people do not depression

■ Human cells are 60 trillion units

■ 150 billion brain cells

■ 60 trillion divided by 150 billion, 1/400

■ There is only that but if you speak the opposite, you are deciding everything in 1/400

■ The brain does not regenerate

■ Paralysis remains after cerebral infarction

■ Leverage myself better than changing

■ It will lead to stress that things can not change

■ I give up in a good way

■ How to be changed is a new software put in the brain

■ Uninstall the installation

■ Mind set, mind reset

■ Expand the wrinkles of the brain and the size of the newspaper

■ Anatomy of the brain by five senses

■ Visually 83%, Hearing 11%, Odor 3.5%, Tactile 1.5%, Taste 1.0%

■ Appearance 【Visual】 Speaking method 【Hearing】

People are determined by appearance 94%

■ The novel that people are 100% determined by appearance is not a mistake

■ You should focus on the face of your resume

■ It can be caught in the photo even if it is different from the actual picture

■ Loss of visual perception

■ I want you to see yourself regularly Just self satisfaction

■ It takes 100 hours to overturn the first impression that got into the sight

■ 100 hours to be true

■ I do not know until I meet 50 times at a date of 2 hours


■ It is bad as a human but successful as a mammal

■ Appearance 83% I am deceiving with 94% of hearing 11%

■ The smell has only 3.5%

Is it such influence?

■ Only smell is directly connected to instinct

Because it is directly connected to instinct, it does not suit if it is impossible to smell.

■ No matter how beautiful you are, even gentle or handsome

■ Instinctively become impossible

■ Even if you are full of stomach you can eat when you smell the muffin

Because it is directly connected to the brain

■ School refusal = parents influence

■ I have to uninstall

■ The company is tiring and commits suicide

■ I do not want the word saying I should quit if I die

■ I'm growing up with no software to quit if I die

■ There are people who can only choose options to die

■ Pure love and omission

■ It is tough to be wild with delicate kids

■ Delicate is delicate and good

■ Artists can not be delicate

■ I do not need an installation that wild is nice

■ It is different that the University of Tokyo is good

■ Tokyo University has one pass point of life

■ Taste is only 1%

■ Saliva is serous saliva, mucous saliva, two kinds

■ Brainwashing as a delicious place

■ It can be fooled by appearance

■ The gut of rating is amazing

■ It can not be determined that there is no visual sense, but many

■ Brain weakness

■ Stress and oxygen deficiency

■ Similarity of people becoming Alzheimer

■ A wife with a father-in-law, a nurse, a principal, a man who quit in a middle job of a large company

___ ___ 0

I just had a long stress

Three years after the man whose wife died

■ Disease 30% or more, Suicide 3%

Three years after the woman whose husband passed away

■ Everyone's health

■ Person with feathers 3% LOL

■ Stress Relief Method in the Brain Sleeps

Even if you close your eyes,

■ Because vision is 83%

Eye mask is also good

■ It is good to be stuck in a dark bath

■ It is not stress relief just by enjoying alcohol

■ Brain canal can not pass even fungi

Only I am interested because I can only pass alcohol

■ There are every dependence

■ Dopamine can be put out by yourself 【happy, fun】

■ Narcotics and chemical formula are same

■ Cha hoiya is too much and dopamine does not come out Ordinary, Happy is not

■ Stalkers can be solved with a single shot

■ Stalker Stop Shooter

■ Separated shop

■ Stalker does not come back if you can change your eyes to other people

Because I am sick

■ sometimes flashes on stalkers, lol

■ Stalker is not bothered

■ I will not select companies that AI will enter

■ Bank window 4000 people at Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ last year

Let 2,000 people quit at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

■ There is no emotion in AI

■ AI does not need emotions

■ People get irritated by dementia

■ Aim for the short-term memory to go away

■ Dr Pepper is popular

■ There are needs as many times as to answer the same thing even if it is heard

■ How to improve your English

■ 356 This language can correspond

■ Do not think hard

■ The trick is to drop the brain to the 9-year-old brain

I strongly support cards! In English?

■ You do not have to think hard

■ I love cards! It is transmitted in

■ Hate is not in 356 【hatred】 does not know 9 year old girl

■ Watch a movie in Japanese first

Understand by viewing with subtitles

■ Get in Wernicke

■ Small child to study English is super good

■ There is no effect There is no consciousness to be bad in English even if apart from another

■ Do not know what to get angry about raising children Absolutely no way to get angry

■ Remembered 【Episode Memory】

■ Wake up and greet in the morning, brush your teeth, wash your hands etc. 【Procedure Memory】

■ People working in rice fields are hard to find dementia

■ Step remember with memory remember to see firmly

■ When you notice when working in a rice paddy with pajamas, it's going on

■ Name of the teacher, school Long-term memory not forgotten

■ I will never forget even dementia

■ Only cognition declined while pride was intact

■ Plow Wernicke

■ Myelinated nerve is 100 km / h

Unmyelinated nerve is 10 km / h


Aoi DJ

↓ ↓ ↓

"Will it be a time to become a funny story someday ?,"

It is not

The future that can make you a funny story someday

I will make it with my limbs from now on


People come from China

"Is there no higher course?"




I was surprised to read it! 

↓ ↓ ↓ surprising reason why Chinese rich people are dissatisfied with Japanese barbecue shop / ar-BBSinGs # page = 2


There was a leader of boys rhythmic gymnastics the other day.

It is a birthplace originating in Japan!

Thank you Yasu!!!
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