Sunday, April 5, 2020

Instagram live from 10 pm today

Today from 10 pm, I will do an Instagram live!
A fun and relaxed Instagram live ・・・
Please feel free to join and ask any questions etc. you have 〜♪

↓↓↓How to live and spend our time during this time↓↓↓


From a friend


Strictly speaking, Japan 
Cannot have a lock down 😊

The legislation has not developed that far to be able to do so. 

Below is the NHK news site. 

This is a manual by Green Peace!



I did the prayer 〜

The next prayer time is 


for 3 and a half minutes

Please pray against the root of all evil, 
to cut off all ties. 


Sign up here 

"Contributing" to someone →Immunity goes up and anxiety goes away!

"Critical news" that goes on day after day can build up darkness in your heart  before you know it. 

Contributing to someone→Makes your anxiety goes away and increasing your immunity. 


Raises your immunity 

If you help others,
you release oxytocin!

Reduces excitement in your amygdala. 


Kii himalaya talk


I hope we can do it 〜

We have to keep "distance" between people !!!

↓↓Yesterday's seminar ↓↓KAI-san summarized it here 

Michael Roach talked about Corona. 

Today is the day of prayer! Please don't forget April 5th

Today was an online seminar with 2700 people! 
Thank you so much! 

To all the panelists ・・・
Koichi Honda, Keiko Ikariya, Takuro and Tomoko Yamaguchi ♪
Thank you so much! 

And to 小川 泰史 (小川泰文)(Mr. Ogawa) from Clover Publications 
Than you so so much!

And the MC, Mayu-san and Nikaido-san,
thank you so much! 

Ken Honda also participated!


About the pen・・・
4 steps・・・

You are created the world I made in.
What you give will come back to you.
Give to the person who wants what you want.

Stan Lee also participated from Sedona. 

To the shooting team,
thank you so much! 


From Midori Shoji


Please do pray together with us.

This is my mentor.

He is a physicist, psychic, Qigong master, SME consultant and involved in many other things.

We will pray together to end the expanding pandemic from 2 pm today.

I will also pray like my life depends on it. If things continue like this, a month later it will be a terrible situation.

Now is the best time for our prayers to get through.

Let's pray together for Japan! 

↓↓↓こThere's this too ↓↓↓

1 million people worldwide simultaneous meditation.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

"The future is predictable" is not right. There's no point in predicting! Picture it and then aim for it!

Starting from 1 pm today!



If you stay in your house, you'll go crazy

↓↓↓DJ AOI, really wonderful↓↓↓

Generally most people think that 
"Social withdrawal is a sickness and that it erodes your heart and mind" 
and many people think that  "if you stay only in your room, you'll go crazy" 

Consequently, it seems like people get anxious when living in self-restraint, 
and mental health tends to lean towards negativity. 

Many of you may know this, 
but it came to light last September that my daughter has leukemia, 
and as its a hematology disease, her immunity is significantly lowered, 
so these past 7 months, I have hardly ever gone out. 

I was also anxious about her mental health, 
but my daughter has been drawing on her iPad, 
learning about knitting, 
playing rhythm/sound games like a pro
writing letters to friends, 
finding music she likes, 
watching movies on amazon prime, 
suddenly awakening to reading, 
suddenly awakening to studying, 
she's been doing what she can in her own way to not be overcome by boredom. 
I don't know if its because of that, 
but I feel like she has grown more mentally strong and more beautiful. 

When watching on TV, 
a interview on the street of young people saying "If I'm only in my home, I'll go crazy!" 
she laughed, "2 or 3 weeks at home won't make you go crazy lol" 

If you're anxious about your mental state during this time, 
please don't worry. 
You're not that weak. 
Actually, depending on how your spend your time, 
you can expand your knowledge and grow as a person. 
Let's use our creativity and our minds and color this new lifestyle. 

If you stay in your house, you'll go crazy


Jiggling Qigong・・・

This is wonderful!(lol)

KAZ ATAKA "What is Ataka research aiming for?"

Power to create your dreams
Having someone you could talk to about anything
Ability to create something new.

U40 business owners that will create the future

Living is a value in itself.

There is a world called artificial life.

"The future is predictable" is not right.
There's no point in predicting!
Picturing and then aiming for that is important!


"The rules to living your true self" are "extremely simple"

I'm now in the final stages of the texts from "Bashar"

Reading over my notes again・・・

While working, 
I'm once again being moved, 
and am realizing the power and the energy of this "method" 

To live with excitement. 
To come alive. 
To follow your curiosity. 
There is no wrong or right. 

These words from Bashar, 
writing them and reworking them 
is like some kind of ritual. 
Almost like a prayer. 

For example・・・
there was a conversation we had about "secret acts of charity" 

It means to do something good, while keeping anonymity. (your name secret) 
The answer was ・・・

"We have no name, 
     so there is no difference between another and yourself." 


This really goes deep〜!

The main teaching is this〜


1)Taking actions that follow your passion. Being excited!!
2)Giving your best 
3)Not getting attached to results 
4)Staying positive 
5)Implementing 1〜4

The rules to living your true self! 

Close your eyes 

Try thinking about these things 



is so good〜♪

Tried using REMO meetings, instead of ZOOM!


Besides masks and disinfectant goods surprisingly that is being sold too? ...due to the "Corona shock" 

 Due to less people going out, hotel business, restaurant businesses, life related businesses, entertainment has been hugely affected 

"Disinfectant goods" 

"Sunmi Labo" 

"Campgrounds" (outdoor) 
"Suitcase style BBQ stand" 
Camping goods are also functional as "disaster prevention goods"  

Also good as "Disaster goods" 
Latest camping goods ranking is below! 

1st place    Lightweight LED lantern 
2nd place   Lightweight & super compact cooking goods 
3rd place   Emergency food 
4th place   Lightweight・Compact belt self-supporting tent 
5th place   Compact mattress 

Considering  handing out up to a million yen to individual business owners 

Grateful to everyone in each region!