Thursday, August 16, 2018

"Shanghai Performance audio file 3 hours" has been released! "When I was young Come on ~" → Fan! ! ! Are you playing senior style? ! In case

"Senpai style"

I might give that to kohai! ! !

↓ ↓ ↓ I bet you also smile ↓ ↓ ↓

"When I was young Come on ~" → Fan

Development of a device to visualize "seniors like" during conversation - Nagura Prefecture


▽ Yamazaki Takumi / Yusuke Takei

Dialog video playlist

There are nine talks about 5 minutes! ! !


From Koichi Honda's blog

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This time, long time

"Shanghai Performance Audio File 3 Hours" Now Delivering 


From left behind, Takumi Yamasaki, Koichi Honda, Shigehisa Nagamatsu

Before, Hiroko Grace-san and Tomomi Hasegawa

I mentioned earlier, but I did a Shanghai lecture with this member.

It's a lecture meeting translated in Chinese.

I think that you can enjoy the atmosphere of a foreign country.

Honestly, I rarely become nervous at lecture meetings, I was nervous for the first time in 15 years w

During the waiting time of the interpreter, I do not know what to say, "What's that next?"

It makes me laugh It is noteworthy that only netting is done in Japan, I realize that I can not laugh the field w

That's why, I do not want Shoji Ki's place to ask me w

"Do not listen absolutely!" It's pretending to be an ostrich club but I want to say w

The details of this lecture are detailed in Takumi Yamasaki 's blog.

I think that it is a good idea to listen while reading this

Chira to hear the sound


30 minutes to Hawaii!

Only 37 minutes to New York!

Is the day when day trips become possible on SpaceX?

Hawaii in 30 minutes

I can go to New York in 37 minutes! I mean

Because everyone surprises ...

here! ! ! ↓ ↓ ↓

The price is about the current economy fee

Early operation started after 2024 · · ·


Yesterday was "Bon Odori" "Midsummer BBQ"




It was raining!

Over the past 20 years

Legendary BBQ that has never stopped due to rain · · ·

Is it stopped due to rain this time? !

That '

that is

How could I go on.

Everyone who participated,

Thank you!

Live was inside!!!

I like them~♪

I want to send this power!!!

It was a great laugh at everyone!

Bon dance at night · · ·

I thought it was canceled due to rain.

Miraculously sunny! ! !

Is this happen?!

Azuchi Momoyama Cast village cast and "ninja pose"!!!

Thank you for costume day!

Matsuzaka seminar yesterday!

Thank you.

And Yakiniku kai!!!

 Thank you everyone!

Thank you everyone!

Square square 's book has arrived from New Zealand! ! !

A mountain starts in you ~ ♪

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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Life will proceed toward those who "words" and "images" "and" feelings "have turned!

Yesterday's "Todoke" guests

"Mochizuki Shunta" Mr.! ! !

It is a visitor with profound interest from over 100 people in the morning ...

The venue is amazing! ! !

Mochizuki-san and I have known each other about 15 years? !

However, it was too close to that.

The keyword is "Bashar"

Do you know Bashar?

Space life form ...

I was shocked by this book I read and recommended by my friend in my twenties.

After that, I learned as Akiko Sekino as a child.

At that time, there was a meaning of something that I did not know Mr. Mochizuki ...

After that, we made it closer, this time we came to this Todoke guest.

Choose your excitement!

At that time, this echo never echoed to the hearts of people.

"I wonder if society will collapse if everyone does such a thing!" I was scolded.

However, however, it was around that time when I could not stop the feeling "There is something!" ...

"I will spend myself realizing that already"

Then the reality starts to move to you on my own! I trusted that I was repeating experiments.

Let's introduce the content of the lecture by Mr. Mochizuki of yesterday! ! !

Do you like a bright future?

To love is to have a dream!

How long can a person keep holding a dream?

"The expiration date of a dream"? What? What?

The answer is···

"0.2 seconds"! ! !

Anthony Robbins says "People give up soon."

Three major reasons to give up

· No time
· I do not have any money

Napoleon Hill

I asked, "Who will give up with the challenge of the times?"

The answer is···

"0.8 times !!!"

"People give up before doing"

If you can fail one time, you are exceeding the average! ! !

The point is "to forget immediately"!

So it is good to have "treasure map"! ! !
Stick it in the room or make it stop to the eye ...

The brain is brainwashed, navigation works arbitrarily!

Memory is

Strength of impact × Repeat

It is said that.

It is good to put a switch in the brain!

It is told that it happens easily.

that is···

What I think is "It is easy!"
Tell the brain with your body! ! !

Together with a gesture say "a little !!!"!

You can learn triple by using gestures! ! !

(Recently, I learned that "Anyway I do OK" = Koichi Honda learned from Mr. Yasuya = I got along well!

Household environment from 0 to 12 years old creates a self-image

80% at the age of 6

90% at the age of 12

What if I can rewrite this? !

Changing know-how does not change.

Rewrite the self image to do it! ! !

What should I do?!

1)Change posture

In front of the chest, put a fist on the fist.

"Look down" → Fists get easily released

"Look on the top" → The fist does not appear to leave

Posture is connected with subconscious mind

Have consciousness connected with the universe

2)change words

So say like this.
↓ ↓ ↓

"I do not have time. I want to go home soon." → Fist is easily done

"Life is a little, it is difficult to earn billion" → The fist does not appear to leave

Language is making life

3) Image

seeing is believing

That's why it's a treasure map! ! !

The point is

Life will proceed toward those who "words" and "images" "and" feelings "have turned!

 After Mochizuki's seminar,

I went to the dentist and ...

Finally ate "Hitomi noodle noodles".

I am impressed with "delicious noodle noodles" delicious than rumors.

More than that, I was impressed by "Hitomi's hospitality".



I did a faebook live!


Everyone who participated ...

Thank you!

Please watch ~

I will tell you a new era in 30 minutes!


After the live,

I went to a bookstore tour!

Thank you to everyone at the bookstore! ! !

"Sugoi! Speaking way" 80,000 copies

"Soury! How to earn" 30,000 copies

Great version over 100,000 copies ...

It is too impatient! ! !

To commemorate it

I am thinking about presenting projects! ! !

stay tuned! ! !


The NHK News featured an event at "Otsuchi Town Amway House"!

Here you can watch the video! ↓ ↓ ↓


When I did not go well in business, when I did not go well with romance trying to express my hard-hearted person hard to buy, I hope to work hard in business I'm trying hard to encounter someone who does not feel like going out with me When I became it, I had opponents who wanted to buy it without having to question it ...

That's right.

I try to follow the flow.

Then you get a big, big result with minimal power!

↓ ↓ ↓


The evening seminar also has a great excitement!

I found Chinese, amazing! ! !

It is close to Act 3! ! !

This is a premonition of "Hebirote"! lol

I want to eat rice porridge.

Thank you everyone

Mima chan!wow?!Aito!!!



 Tokushima Awa Odori, rebounding to the city and independently "total dance" decision-making conflict intensified

08.14 06:11 Kyodo News

In the summer festival "Awa Odori" being held in Tokushima City, a major influential dancers organized a major dance organization to discontinue the annual "total dance" where more than a thousand people dance all at once with the city's action committee. On 13th night, we decided to make a total dance on the road near the performance hall.

Awaodori who swayed by the deficit issue of the former organizer became an unusual situation in which the city and dancers' groups violently confronted the operation method.

Kyodo News
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【Furious】 Publisher puzzles the plan of Kinkon Nishino?

【Furious】 Publisher puzzles the plan of Kinkon Nishino!?

In "Shurasusho Shoten", there are not a few cases where the author himself writes commentaries, underlines, figures and illustrations to "my book" and then places them.


Recently, thankfully the author also participates (I will also present my own work as a publicity when I publish a new publication), I'm continuing to operate like that with a feeling like that "Shurushi Shoten Yesterday, in my Twitter and Facebook comments,


"Mr. Nishino, Sanctuary Publishing" "Shurushi Bookstore" ... "

"Mr. Nishino, a new project for sanctuary publication ..."

"Is Mr. Nishino involved in the plan of Sanctuary Publishing?"


And the word "Sanctuary publication" arrived easily.



Since I have never had a sanctuary publication with me at work, I was concerned with "why suddenly sanctuary publication?", And when I tried ego-search at "Nishino Sanctuary Publication", these tweets came out I have done it.

From "Sanctuary Publishing" Kinkon Nishino 's "Shurushi Shoten Plan" started?

...... I am worried as expected.

What kind of thing is the "Shurushi book store" project that Sanctuary publishing started?

Because the link of the Sanctuary publication's website was affixed, as I flew, the image I first jumped in is here!

Source: Sanctuary Publishing HP

It is not "signage bookstore"!

This is "Shirushi Bookstore"! !

 There is no such thing as "Shigushi Bookstore" which is so mixed.

As a comment received from the fans who received this, there was a feeling like "This is OK?" "Pakuri right?" "Nanno's a bastard ..." atmosphere, so before I got a mess I will make the stance clearer.

No problem!!
I am OK!!!

Stinky smell is outstanding.

The idea is a shared property.

(※ copyright is also free for "Puppel in Entern Town" by the way)


As the publishing industry gets excited, more people are interested in books, as more people will visit the bookstore, eventually I will also earn, so both publishers and brokers also have bookstores Everyone is a friend.

Everyone who is engaged in book work is a friend.

→ New campaign for sanctuary publishing is here 



【Related article】 New program of Kinkon Nishino starts!

Minowa of Gentosha also has appeared, but Minowa-san is totally caught, so I will definitely take a keen look at the theme of "How to make Sanctuary Publishing campaign excitement"?

That kind of man.


"How to make the publishing industry excitement?"

"How to make a shrine or a temple soak up?"

Because it is a favorite subject like something like Sanctuary Publishing, please come and see us.

While advising, you can advertise for a whole hour.

→ People who want to receive consultation from here

I finished the first recording the other day, but it was really interesting, so please watch it.

Also, please go out (* ^^ *)

From the story of Sanctuary Publishing's "Shurushi Bookstore", the last was a new program announcement, but I think it is okay to put together a scrum to raise the environment around us.

Thank you.


There was "Early Morning Jogging Competition" for "Shirushige Shoten" users (30 people) this morning as well.

Without talking about "Shurasoshi Shoten" for 1 second, it was exciting with the story "It was fun to have a cultural event" (* ^^ *)

【Online salon】

Repeated discussions & experiments every day.

Now we are moving to update the sightseeing bus.

If you are interested in here ↓

"Ryohiro Nishino Entertainment Institute"
State of off company of entertainment laboratory (BBQ tournament)

# Akihiro Nishino

Indeed, I sweat! lol

Mr. Nishino, thank you! Takumi Yamasaki


Flyboard Air vehicle that glides at a small turbine engine at 166 km / h

It is already such a thing!

08.11 12: 00 Gizmodo · Japan


Showa University, artificial intelligence to enable automatic detection of colon polyps and cancers

08.10 07:00 University Journal Online

In collaboration with Professor Morimori Mori of the Graduate School of Informatics at Nagoya University, we developed a colonoscopy support system with artificial intelligence (AI).


"The best way to express people's way of life is

It is not a word.

That is the person's choice.

Our selection is, in the end,

It is our responsibility. "

(Eleanor · Roosevelt)

From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine ...

Life changes when you change the choice.

If you decide "I will do this!"

What is going on does not change

The interpretation of what is happening changes.

So the selection will change as a result

Waking up changes.

Rather than working with a strong intention

The person who decides the deadline is early.

clean the room! I think strongly

It is easier to call customers. In case


Alan Cohen's words

↓ ↓ ↓

If you believe in your choice, what kind of behavior do you take?


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