Friday, October 19, 2018

If you have 5 minutes, move! ! !

If you have 5 minutes, move! ! !

'It takes time firmly '... I can not do it!

What to do with "gap time" of 5 minutes? !

Life changes greatly with "how to use Hagile's time".

A smartphone is at hand ...

If you are motivated by your choice

It is neither a game nor SNS

At the keyword "What is to do?"

5 minutes of the gap changes to "five minutes of magic".


Try it for 5 minutes from now! \uc0\u12472 \u12514 \u12514  \u12491 \u12517 \u12540 \u12520 \u12540 \u12463

Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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Iwate prefecture Rikuzentakata city · · · amway house by Kengo Kuma! Finally, construction starts.

Rikuzentakata city, Iwate prefecture · · ·

Amway house by Kengo Kengo! ! !

Finally, construction starts! ! !

The heart of everyone of Remember Hope is also crystallized here.


Television Iwate (news plus one)

Yamazaki Takumi, I am on TV! ! ! lol

 In fact, Rikuzentakata, reconstruction is now.

The bus hub station starts,

I feel a sense of breath where vigor will start to appear.

It is built right in front of that bus station.

Kengo Kan's ...

"Since I got interested in wooden buildings during my school days, I was involved in designing this time and I remembered that time and I would like to make it a facility that allows me to pay attention to the world." Tired of greetings Directly below
\uc0\u12472 \u12514 \u12514  \u12491 \u12517 \u12540 \u12520 \u12540 \u12463

Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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Other strengths' request! ! ! Become a priest of Mikei Temple! ! !

Alan Cohen's words

"Let's answer the law of attraction"


Do you leave the answer to the Law of Attraction? !




I trust that everything that happens in my life is the best

It's right to get up right! ! !

Authorization of this other force claim! ! !

It is becoming a priest of Mizushimoto Temple! ! !

Amazing things come from over there! When

I also believe.

Rather than attracting, chances are finding me.

Attitude to receive it is important.

The sense that can sense it is important.

It is important for your mental health to quickly move to action.

The physical strength that leads the opportunity to the goal is important. \uc0\u12472 \u12514 \u12514  \u12491 \u12517 \u12540 \u12520 \u12540 \u12463

Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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"How do thinking become reality?"

↓ ↓ ↓ This is Mr. Ken Honda's study, ♪ ↓ ↓ ↓

"How do thinking become reality?"

↓ ↓ ↓ I tried collecting ↓ ↓ ↓

Thinking reality

My idea

How can it be realized?

A person who can make a dream · · · 2 types

↓ ↓ ↓

· Goal achievement type

· If you are doing exciting type

Both are correct! ! !

In common

"Clearly achieved image"

Always "stray" occurs.

Usually it will stop here.

However, the person achieving can "act" here.

When acting, "supporter" appears

"Synchronicity" (a meaningful coincidence) occurs.

Repeat "trial & error" = process

We will raise the system of wish achievement! ! !



It is "Tokyo - Kobe" from now.

In the night "Nagoya"

Thank you.

Today's "Keewords"

"Go get lost! "is!

What I get lost is "there is a possibility".

Lost "if you get lost! ! ! \uc0\u12472 \u12514 \u12514  \u12491 \u12517 \u12540 \u12520 \u12540 \u12463

Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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Baseball game yesterday!

Yesterday was a baseball game! 
The first game is
I can not grasp the atmosphere
Oh well, mistakes are continuing
It was overwhelmed by Navy Blue.

Tohoho. Exhausted Spiritsdents

We held a heavy reflection meeting in the locker room. 
Next is the 3rd place decided battle ...

This time the batting line and flow meshed.

I fought against Mr. Hatayama and won. 

 Recently I also hit an unusual hit.

I'm posting videos on an instant.

 The dinner party after it ends

Half, third place celebration ...

Half, I drink a tavern of an impeachment party! ! !

 You made a mistake, you lost concentration? !

Why did you drop that ball?

You struck me well!

Was that judgment right?

For example, the exchange of opinions was changed to baseball negotiation halfway!


Mr. North Blue

Yamazaki Yoshiyuki's final game was fun! ! !

 First half, Mr. Navy blue squeezed overwhelmingly

Jirijiri and Choshu Katsuyama Yoshinori gang down.

I was excited about the reversal play from 2 out.

I do not know baseball until the end! ! !

 Today is Tohoku at first from the morning!

Go to Ichinoseki, take a taxi from there

To Rikuzentakata! ! !

Today is a hawaii festival! ! !

In Ichinoseki

Merging with Professor Kengo Kuma.

Amway house of Rikuzentakada this time,
Kengo Kuma's design!!!

 What is Amway House?

"Do not forget the victims." Deliver "hope".
The Remember HOPE Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance Project, which began in 2012 as an activity to support the revitalization of local communities over the long term around these two philosophies.

Amway House which is the center of activity is the first building in Minami Sanriku-cho, Miyagi prefecture in August 2013 with the aim of becoming a "place" to regain connection and a "place" to restore the hearts of people gathering there And established the Japan Amway Foundation in October.

In addition to the construction of Amway House, we support regional community revitalization based there, cooperating with distributors and local residents all over Japan to support regional activities from both sides of volunteer and funds.


Thank you everyone!

\uc0\u12472 \u12514 \u12514  \u12491 \u12517 \u12540 \u12520 \u12540 \u12463

Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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