Thursday, July 11, 2019

It was taught that "When you are a child, drop money at your acquaintance."

Philipine 1st day!!!

Remet with Firends・・・

Japanese friend joined!!!

Friend signed up!!!

There are friends who can met only here〜

I met Mr. Shibata how.

Such exciting people are in Manila・・・

 Mr. Shibata ...

Operates the largest taxi company in the Philippines

One million people get involved every month

The concept of ryoaki city is exciting.

"When you are a child, drop money at your acquaintances"

I was taught.

A mechanism for fellows to drop money with fellows

An ugly world is born as you build it.

If you embody that in virtual currency ...

But yesterday I was listening

It is ... that becomes axis

It feels like "love" not "merit".

Community Gatsu that connects with love

A caring community

I quit my office worker at the age of 50

The ugliness that has made things of this scale in nine years

I felt yesterday!

Starting with 5 taxis,

Starting with okonomiyaki ...

My brain was stimulated in the Philippines

Thank you for participated in Line kai.

Those who can go home today ...

Be careful
Thank you!

 Thank you.


Let's learn from Ken Honda!


Rikuzentakata Amway House Upper Wing! Moth



J-Style presents

3x3 Basketball

Tournament powered by XSTM first participation condition expansion & special website open today


A 3x3 basketball tournament held at Ryogoku Kokugikan on November 17 (Sun).


In response to a lot of requests from people who wish to participate, we expanded the participation frame of the first participation this time, qualified SP of the August results of August 2018 (qualified SP from September 2018 to August 2019 1 Times),

Only for each team, those who achieved the qualified SP in the results of September 2019 will be able to participate!

In addition, the website that delivers event information up to the event has opened today.


We'll be linking in the coming days with distributor crews' inspirational events. Also check out!


Add a hashtag # 3x3xs2019 and let's get everyone together.


Team entry is about to start next month. We look forward to your participation as a player.

Team entry start date and time: August 9 (Fri) 12:00

Ticket Release Date: Thursday, September 26 12:00


Details of participation conditions etc are here



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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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Arrived in Philipine!

Arrived in Philipine!

 I am glad that the Filipino army corps in Japan is increasing!!!


TakuMen is selected in this


↓↓↓Takumen information ↓ ↓ ↓

[Home page of Takumen @ NY]

Takuya Yamazaki is eating and drinking at New York LIC!

[Takumen's delivery]

[Takumen Apartment Five fifty fifty Reserved Sublet Room]

If you stay in New York ♪

[Takumen Insta]

2 days! Menu voting event!!!

What will be selected for the new menu? !


"Kiss alone feat. Aimyon" Lee Reese



4 x 100 m relay

Who is good?







It still seems to be still ~ (lol)

See you!
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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7 Pockets = 7 sources of income · · · Get a gig economy!


↓↓↓I'm doing this↓↓

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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Excellent, fair, no good ... all exist at the same time, "depending on the receiver changes which parallel will be projected.

Yosuke Hashimoto!!!

Imagine people who are not good at it

→ How do you compare it to color? !

Example) black

Face upward (change posture)

→ Imagine that person again and compare it to color?

Example) skin color


→ What is the color of that person?

Example) white


By the attitude of here (= receiving side)

The parallel reality to receive changes.

No good myself

Somewhat myself

I'm cool myself

At the same time

It depends on the receiver which parallel is projected.

If you try to do your best

Energy goes down.

When trying to go upward

Energy is rising.

Turn your palm up → up

Assemble your arms, turn down, assemble your legs → go down

It is important to know!

Men who have a block in money ...

Black hat (black → access to low place)

Just take it off, the block of money comes off.

Pink shawl on the shoulder ...

"I feel I can do it"

Willingness not to do my best!

"Good, bad" dualism

I added a new basic of "light, heavy"

To a new "template" ...

Fool = Bad

Ba ~ ka! (Lol) = light

It is different from "good, bad" dualism

This is a new template!

Zero point tape is↓↓↓

Such a miracle also happens!

I learned again! lol


 I am always grateful for your help.

Takuya's book is

I would like to have a good number of fun reading.

I think that it is very important for me to live a lot of information and how to take in this time, I took this book in my hand.

Particularly impressive in this book is that I sometimes take notes, and when I look back, I sometimes don't know what I'm writing, so I'll be putting in some parts of the chart right from tomorrow. I wanted to.

Also, I did not have much attention to pens and notebooks, so I wanted to find my favorite and take notes in a fun way.

I look forward to great books from now on.


Always I am indebted.

Mr. Takuya Yamazaki's "How to learn great" was read.

Takuya's book has been read since I was a university student, and this is the 10th year.

Every year, I am excited every time a new issue comes out.

This great way of learning how to spend until now Takuya,

It was very easy to understand how it happened.

In particular, I came in first and foremost as "to become a person who loves people who know the answers."

Even if there is a person who is obviously better than you in the work you are doing, you are in sports, or you are good at it, in order to improve you, acknowledge your level and approach the other party obediently, “lovely = possibility I felt that being connected with the image of being loved is also linked to self-growth.

I look forward to books from now on. 
Thank you!

Thank you very much.


Yesterday's Toryumon too

It was exciting ~




Mrs. Mandarin

Chinese teacher.



Recently, China has made a mistake. lol

I'll do my best!

O! Are you in Philipine?!

I want to fly to Hiroshima!

Hamamatsu too. lol

I'm talking in Nagoya ~ lol


From the age of jumping

The era of base points ...

So what do you like?

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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