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Calling all Bashar's fans To the new world 2021 12/12-13



December 12th, Sat 2020 

■【Part 1】12:00~14:00
「Bashar Live Channeling :DAY1」
by Daryl Anka 

MC:Takumi Yamazaki
Interviewer:Shinpei Onocoro(VTR)/Kermadec/Mitsuro Sato/ Terry Simmons (guest channeler) among others 
※May be changes in guests 

■【Part 2】14:15~15:00
Ashtray Live Channeling 
by Terry Simmons

An Ascended Master who came from Venus to protect love and peace. 

While serving in the Galactic Federation as a Commander of Ashtar, also exists in the 11 dimensions of non-material space as an Ascended master together with Sananda (Christ) Buddha and others. Is also the Commander of the spaceship called Star of Ashtar.  Continues to share its message to earth through multiple people to lead our souls to light and love during this time of Earth's ascension. 

■【Part 3 】15:15~16:00
"Everyone's BASHAR:DAY1"

Panelists:Being negotiated! 

Guest speakers who publicly say "Bashar changed my life!" "I love Bashar" will talk freely about Bashar, and about the new world

December 13th, Sun 2020 

■【【Part 1】12:00~14:00
「Bashar Live Channeling :DAY1」
by Daryl Anka 

MC:Takumi Yamazaki
Interviewer:Mifuyu Ando/ Amy Okudaira/Lisa Royal (guest channeler) and others
※May be changes in guests 

■【Part 2】14:15~15:00
Sasha Live channeling 
by Lisa Royal 

LIVe channeling by Lisa Royal who has been active worldwide and for a long time as a channeler who learned channeling from the same teacher as Daryl Anka. 
Her message is from female consciousness Sasha from the future world Pleiades. 
Harmon the ambassador of Sirius also shares her message. 
We also plan to do a meditation to connect with the Universe. 

■【Part 3 】15:15~16:00
"Everyone's BASHAR:DAY1"

Panelists:Being negotiated! 

Guest speakers who publicly say "Bashar changed my life!" "I love Bashar" will talk freely about Bashar, and about the new world


BASHAR×Naokiman Show 望む未来へ舵を切れ!





Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s 


"Concerns" = "Attachment" ="Your heart reacting" There are 3 methods!



"Concerns" ="Attachment"="Your hearts response" 


The heart continues to want=That's the human heart 



1)Confirm the state of your heart with your words =Labeling

  ie→ I feel irritated, I feel disquieted etc. 

     Take a step away and give distance from your emotions



2)Place the focus on the outside of the heart 

  ie→ How your hands and feet feel or focus your breath 

     Walk outside and look at the clouds, exercised or do strength training 



3)Classify inside your head 

      Classify your desiring heart (3 poisons)   Greed/Anger/Delusion


Get rid of unnecessary reactions 


↓↓↓Take a neutral position ↓↓↓Look at things correctly =The right way 1〜3



Troubles can be erased! "Troubles" = "Attachment" = "your heart reacting"

If you are suffering, it is because you have "attachment" If you can be positive, its because you have "joy"


New information disclosed about Pianica release !!!

Miho Senno




Commentating as Yamaha's pianica artist!

大人のピアニカP-37ERD商品レビュー 妹尾美穂編大人のピアニカP-37ERD新発売!ピアニカアーティストの妹尾美穂氏が、P-37ERDの特長を熱く語ってくださいます! 2018年発売された「大人のピアニカシリーズ」にP-37ERDが新たなラインナップとして登場!カラーはヴィヴィットなレッドを採用し、既存の大人のピアニP-37EBR,P-37EBKとは異なる、<...リンク












Miho SennoTRIO 

No audience LIVE

    ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓


    • Performers: Miho Senno TRIO 
      Miho Senoo(Kenban Harmonica)  Atsushi Abe (piano) 
    •     Motohiro Shionoya (percussions) 
    • Date:Nov 16th, 2020 (Mon)
    • Time:Start 20:30



    Please perform this number〜♪





    The trees that listen to Bach are able to 

    release water smoothly and perform well ・・・



    Mysterious story I heard this from Princess Kawakami yesterday・・・

    I would love to see the wood factory in Kirishima〜〜〜♪



    The cookie right before your eyes・・・

    If you have patience (and don't eat it) you can have more. 

    Could you wait?! 

    The adults who proposed it ・・・

    Could you believe? 

    Or not believe? 

    That hugely influenced the results! 





    信じられる人がいれば、人は未来に投資できる|望月俊孝 どん底からV字回復。速読&潜在能力開発。『魔法の宝地図』『癒しの手』等、著書34冊|noteこんにちは 「魔法の宝地図」著者の望月俊孝です。 1.我慢するクッキーモンスター 世界中で長年愛される 幼児向け番組「セサミ・ストリート」。 その中に、クッキーモンスターという チョコレートクッキーが大好きな キャラクターが出てきます。 引用:shutterstock |青と白の背景にクッキーモンスター 彼は何でもすぐに欲しがります。 定…リンク


    Let's learn from Mr Mochizuki's mail magazine〜♪




    Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s 


    Saturday, November 14, 2020

    "Talking with yourself" →"SelfーTalk" → Allows for "Meta Cognition"


    Can implement right away!

    Easy ways to gain confidence|

    Happiness psychology



    Easy ways to gain confidence 




    Self talk!!!

    Talking with yourself 


    The more people have confidence, the more confidence they have 

    and once you start self-talk, their troubles become smaller and their confidence grows. 


    Tips for self-talk to increase your confidence 

    Talk to yourself like you're talking to your best friend 

    Encourage them "You'll be okay" "That must have been tough" 

    Praise them "You did great today!" "You're pretty kind you know" 

    Support them "Don't worry about it." "How about we sleep early today" 

    Give them a shove "Let's get on with it" 


    Even more effective self talk 

    Self-talk while looking at yourself in the mirror 

    This will increase your ability for meta-cognition (seeing yourself from the outside) 

    There is another you diagonally above you 

    You can see yourself as if you are out of your body =gives you margin 

    Give the self-talk a name 

    This will increase your ability for meta-cognition



    In my conversation with Mr. Kitahara the subject of  ・・・


    "putting our life on the line" 

     It's often used as a metaphor "I'm risking my life" 

    But there is a certain air that people who are doing so actually have. 

    When I was living in Kobe, 

    Okada-san who was living in the same apartment at the time, went on the Paris-Dakar Rally. 

    A few months later he returned from riding in the desert, 

    and he was glowing like an actor. 

    "Risking yourself life for something" really has power. 


    We also talked about its better to have "money and muscles" even if you are older. 







    Match information from Satoshi Ishii〜〜〜♪



    ■Mental Seed online seminar

    "What is happening now" 

    is due to "the seed you planted before" 

    that is "sprouting now". 

    So ・・・

    How can we plant "good seeds"? 

    How can we minimize the effects of the "bad seeds"? 

    For more details, please attend the online seminar! 




    Free content 
    "Takumi Yamazaki☆Secrets to Motivation" 


    【Delivery schedule】
    11/17  "The biggest risk of a leader is not being excited" 
    11/19  "The 2500 years of Day and Night 
    11/21  "The Day time business is the happiness industry 
    11/23    "People who can think for themselves can create work" 
    11/25    "What you want to be conscious of" 
    11/27   "Received prayers for Bashar's book" 
    11/29   "Placing importance on 'what you are feeling'" 
    12/1     "Reviving the physical sensations when you are doing good"
    12/3     "Difference between coaching and teaching" 
    12/5     "4S is effective"
    12/7    "What does it mean to be in high frequency?" 







    ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ 


    All growth is "rapid growth"

    Why not get back your freedom? The freedom to not work.....”FIRE " (Financially Independent Retire Early)

    What improves every illness was just ◯◯

    Understanding the intracerebral drug, dopamine!

    Your "checklist" now, is what will realize your future "wish list"!!



    Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s 


    Lunch with Mr. Kitahara at @ Yokohama Tin Toy Museum


    Today I had lunch with Mr. Kitahara♪

    Into the world of toys・・・

    It was so fun〜〜〜

    I'll do a YouTube with Mr Kitahara soon〜〜〜





    KIBO...he lost 7 kilos after a 5 day fast!!!



    I like this cover song!






    Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s