Sunday, August 14, 2022

It's all about "the balance between effort and giving up," "from information exchange to value exchange," and "the difference in vibrational frequency"

From Mr. Noguchi's mail magazine about the Law of the Mirrors・・・




In Bertrand Russell's book "The Theory of Happiness"

he says, 


"The balance between effort and giving up is important."🍀



Striving for a goal is important, but


 if we become too attached to the goal

we can lose sight of the whole, and

and you may end up being farther away from happiness. 😣

In such a case, 

one must also have the courage to give up. 🥺💭.


By giving up something, 

you are enabled able to put your energies into something else. 🌱☀️


Although we are willing to put in the effort to achieve our goals

There are times and situations when

it's also important to give up gracefully.


I would like to cultivate such a sense of balance.


See you soon! 👋



"It's all about striking the right balance between  effort and giving up."






The more things you are interested in, 

the more chances you have to become increasingly happy.


Seeking excessive stimulation is also a bad idea. If one seeks stimulation, one will want stronger stimulation. This leads to pepper addiction.


To avoid this pepper addiction, it is important to have a balanced mindset.


They say that no matter how fulfilling one's work is, a person without hobbies is unhappy.

『幸福論』のラッセルが力説する「実は不幸な思考法」プラトン、ニーチェ、ショーペンハウアーetc.名前を聞いただけで、頭痛が起きそうな大物哲学者たち。でも、哲学は今や働く女性の必須教養です。古今東西の哲学者が人生をかけて導き出した哲学を応用すれば、思考のショートカットになり、生きやすくなること間違いなし! では、ARIA世代の悩みを大物哲学者に相談するとどうなる? 山口大学教授の小川仁志さんが、歴史上の哲学者…リンク



One issue that requires adherence to moderation concerns maintaining a balance between striving and giving up.


Happiness is not something that falls into your mouth without effort, like a ripe fruit, except in very rare cases. That is why I have titled this book The Conquest of Happiness (1930), with the implication that one acquires happiness through effort.


However (a wise man) would not waste his time and emotions on misfortunes that cannot be avoided. Nor will he willingly accept avoidable misfortunes when the time and effort required to avoid them would interfere with the pursuit of more important goals. ...

 ... What is needed is an attitude of doing one's best but leaving the outcome to fate. There are two kinds of resignation. One is rooted in despair, and the other is rooted in hope, which cannot be subdued in any way.






This video will increase your motivation〜〜〜




Ten years ago・・・

What would you do if you met someone who said, 

I don't need social media

I don't need a smartphone...?


【Web 3.0 and DAO① 】We are in trouble if we miss the biggest revolution since the Internet! The Dawn of the Post-GAFAM Era



We spend more time in the virtual world! 


With Web 2.0.

it brought democratization of transmission



Devices will change

What is the essence of human nature?!




From information exchange to the age of value exchange!


Birth of the Corporation (Age of Discovery)

Instead of sharing the risk of the ship sinking, 

profits are also shared.


↓↓↓The age of DAO has arrived!


The age of DAO has arrived!

A corporation that appeared on the Metaverse

Liberation from the Centralized System



How far can we go with this?


An era where the state and big businesses are no longer needed!


Breaking free from the era of smartphones (GAFAM)


【Web3.0 and DAO②】 A thorough explanation of the structure and issues of the next generation DAO Corporation! 【Atsuhiko Nakata Clipping】



Wanting to do something




Distribute own tokens


When there is a profit

dividends are shared! 


Corporation on the Web


Petit Corporation

An unlimited number can be created! 


Example: Artists

This becomes possible! 



Everyone can open a store right away!


Democratization of business = Mercari

Democratization of Corporations is DAO!


The problem is...


Possibility of being hacked


There is a manager and no employees →all robots

No managers but there are workers = DAO (all investors) Self-sustaining decentralized organization

No workers and no management ↓↓↓↓

This creates the possibility of startup that run completely on its own.


Also of hacking and fraud!


All the track and field guys got together today!

To Matsusaka High School! lol 

Track and field is still giving it their best! 

To Mr. Nakamura's lodging〜〜〜

Yakiniku was fun〜〜〜

People joined from zoom too!



With Jun Jun!!!



Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s 


Saturday, August 13, 2022

That's all it took! "People think 115,200 times a day! Choose a life with a higher vibration!"

It has been about a year since my mother passed away.

This year is her first Bon Festival.

I will return to Mie from tomorrow.


I will meet my friends from the track team in Matsusaka.

I will visit my old school lodgings...

and meet up with Mr. Nakagawa's team.


When I click on Mother at the "People" on my iPhone.

She comes back to life as if she were alive right in front of my eyes.


The children in the picture with her are so young and full of wonder. (laugh).

I'm fascinated by my mother strolling through the streets of Paris....

I miss the sight of her drinking beer in Bali.


I thought she would live a little longer.

It all passed so fast. 

I wonder what she is doing in heaven〜




The origins of OBON?!



The Bon Festival is a time for people to accumulate virtue by giving food to many people (in ancient times, the priests) and they would take it to save their ancestors who are suffering in hell or starving as ghosts. This is the origin of the word "Bon".


My friend told me this. 



The origin of "Obon" is related to a Buddhist event called "Urabon-e", which was recorded as early as 606 AD. Urabon festival is an event to worship the spirits of the dead, which originated when one of Buddha's disciples, Mokurensonja, who learned that his deceased mother had fallen into hell and he made offerings to her spirit.



[Urabon-e festival is a Chinese transcription of the Indian Sanskrit word urabanna (upside down), which means "a memorial service to save those who are suffering from being hung upside down".

The Obon festival originates from the story of one of Buddha's disciples, Mokuren-sonja, who saved his mother.

One day, he learned through his divine power that his deceased mother had fallen into the path of hungry ghosts and was suffering from being hung upside down. When he asked the Buddha how he could save his mother, the Buddha said, "If you invite a monk on July 15, the last day of summer practice, and offer a large number of offerings, you will be able to save her." He did so, and his mother was reborn in paradise.

Since then, July 15 of the lunar calendar has become an important day to offer thanks to parents and ancestors and to make offerings to them. Nowadays, Obon is the day when the spirits of ancestors return to their homes, and all relatives gather to welcome them and make offerings to them.

Since many companies and schools are closed during Obon, people who have been away from their hometowns have greater opportunity to return to their hometowns.

For those who normally cannot visit the graves, this is a good opportunity to express their gratitude to their ancestors for their daily blessings.

Obon events are held as a time for family and clan members to gather together to hold memorial services for ancestors and to remember those who have passed away.

It is a very meaningful and wonderful custom for family members and relatives to gather together to report on recent events and share memories of the deceased.






From Mr. Mochizuki's newsletter・・・


People have 115,200 thoughts a day!


What you think about is forgotten by your conscious mind. 、、、、


Of course. Because we cannot remember all 115,200 things.


But the subconscious remembers.


And what we do is find a life worthy of the accumulation of those thoughts.


"Words x Images x Actions" x "Emotions"




If that's so, please check out this TIK TOK〜〜〜



I picked a photo with a high vibrational frequency (lol)

Please use it as a screensaver to ward off evil!


"Good words."

"Good images."

"Good actions."




"Good emotions/feelings"




What are "good words"?

Positive words, heavenly words, pleasant words...


"Good images"

The mind that makes you feel...That's perfect! That's so cool! 


"Good actions"

First of all, move fast.

But it doesn't have to be speedy.

It could even look a little slow.


And then...


"Good emotion."

High vibration emotion.



◎ Why are luxury watches set at 10:10?

Is it because... it looks like it's smiling?! 

Smiles bring good luck~~!


Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s 


Friday, August 12, 2022

"The biggest problem lies in not being able to enjoy being single."


Before I knew it, over 200 messages I haven't replied to yet・・・

Sorry for the delay.


All at once, this and that is overflowing! 




What is it that I need to do?! 


Sleep well.(lol) 

Think about what I want my life to be like.

List up what is important to me.


Make space for inspiration

Wisdom to automate

Do I need staff? Or gadgets?

Whose help do I need?


↓↓↓↓ Why not make time to take stock of your life〜


The brain starts to work by the "questions" you ask it!!!
1)What is the goal?
2)What is going well?
3)What isn't going well?
4)So what do I need to do?
5)What did I get out of this?!


About my last post↓↓↓

People have been asking 

Are you unwell? 

Did something happen to you?

Are you okay? What's wrong?


I'm fine. Thank you (lol) 



But if I keep going at this pace,

I won't be fine, so I put a stop to things 



I didn't have the time to think about my life, 

to think about my goals, my plans, my progress...

I was so busy with my daily "business and work" that I didn't have time to think about my life.

So I put a stop to that! 


That's how I feel〜〜〜



I learn so much from DJ AOI san〜〜〜



It's not a question of not being able to find a lover,

Nor is it it an issue that you can't get married!

The main problem is not being able to enjoy being single!

How can I find a lover?

How can I get married?

Instead of devoting on your energies on such trivial things, 

Why not spend your energies on how can I enjoy being single?

How can I enjoy my singleness?

The gears of your life that have been spinning out of control

will move forward in a big way.

You don't want a lover

We don't just want to get married

We just want to fill our empty lives with happiness

We just want fulfillment

People are attracted to those who are enjoying life

And love (romance) is a byproduct of that.

It's just a result, not an objective.


Thank you today too! 




August 24th (WED)


Takumi Yamazaki 

Seminar in Sapporo



山崎拓巳さんのセミナー情報をまとめてみました出会いと出来事で人生は変わる。 「迷ったらGO!」 拓巳さんが提供して頂ける たくさんのチャンスを活かして 人生を素敵に♪ ãƒªãƒ³ã‚¯



Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s