Saturday, December 16, 2017

Stop "Ganbaru"! ! !

I am not motivated, that is ...
Motivation does not continue ...

Motivation is not "to give out", but "to go out" things! ! !
On the contrary, stretch what motivates! ! !

I am not motivated
I like fighting!

And it lives by oneself who has already come true! ! !
Already, it is true.
I'm done already.
Already, it is nothing else.

It is my own fulfillment ...
make a plan.


A successful person is shining.
successful because it is shining.

Yesterday the Australian Open coat ...
Party at Margaret Court Arena!!!

After that,
Drinking party in hotel room. haha
Everyone, it was fun~♪


Yesterday I hung out with Mr. Miyaki and Chiho~♪

The streets were fun!

was fun♪

bought a lot♪

so cute in the stree・・・

melbourne culture!

Tomoya kun・・・wabi sabi!!!

There are lots of delicious cafe♪

Today's morning ...
Relatives Kaoru and his friends gather!!!

Thank you!

Kaoru is from Mie♪

Thank you very much! lol

In Tokyo...
Thank you!

In Takamatsu・・・

In Osaka・・・

In Philipine・・・

Friday, December 15, 2017

Not talent, but attitude is what makes you decide...

Not talent, but attitude is what makes you decide...

Yesterday was


I asked Yoshiko to take me to a café.

I joined Mika.

to the Seminar!!!

One year since...

coffee in Melbourne is yummy!!!

hip at the town・・・


love capuccino!

Thank you Yoshiko.


collaboration of new and ols・・・

With driver!

CAfe's girlfriend・・・

Crown tower hotel・・・

Nice room!

Chick in here!

I'm drawing a picture.

I brought a lot of homework.

Thank you very much!

 Party at night♪

this is my life.....

Not your talent,

Your attitude decide yourself. 』

(Jig Zigler writer)

Mail magazine from Nodacchi...



I am frightened.

Did I do it last night?

and reflect!



Thank you everyone!

In Chiba・・・

In Hiroshima・・・

In Tokyo・・・

In Osaka・・・

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If you don't come out, you don't have to.

To be a person who feels a sense of foreboding...

This guy is going to be great.

It's going to be interesting to be with this person!!!


Australia, Merbourne Yamazaki Takumi arrived!!!


:* ゜ +...:* ゜ +...:* ゜ +...:* ゜ +...:*

Start from where you are filled

...:* ゜ +...:* ゜ +...:* ゜ +...:* ゜ +...:*

That's Alan Cohen's words.

The reality of starting from the lack is lacking.




I put a summary of recent INTRODUCTION!!!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"I wanted to be amazing" and "I want to be an awesome self" were fighting. lol

In order to pretend as private life "Rear Chu" filled in SNS
Hire a friend role byte and post it ... Really?
Friends of wedding ceremonies, role of relatives, superior role ...
I heard that it will be a nice byte.

"What I want to do"
"What do you want me to think"

It was my life to fill that gap.
I wonder if it will "repair" it ~

↓ ↓ ↓
I found it! ! !

Entrepreneur girls, actually there are articles about poverty.
Play a sparkling women's style life! ! !

It will not make sense if it does not become genuine.
Even though I can not be happy unless I am life-size one ...

Somewhere in my life ...
"I wanted to be amazing" and "I want to be an awesome self" were fighting. (Lol)

When I grew from Lesson 3 to Lesson 4
The important thing is not to become Lesson 4
When you tried to do "what you learned" is important.

I will build up what I learned.
I will aim for lesson 5 from where I have accumulated.
The height of the stacked life-size tall is my life.

While thinking such a thing
From now to Narita Airport · · ·
It is Australia from today.

I had a meeting with Mochizuki yesterday ...
I will do "Gratitude Seminar" on February 22 next year.
Why ... what with an exceptional value of 2,000 yen! ! ! (plans)
"How to make a dream come true" will be the theme.
February 22 next year ... Schedule, please leave it ♪
There is only ticket "200 Yamazaki Takumi hand-held" ♪

3rd in Tsutaya!
Thank you!

Sally was saying yesterday that "chatting with the devil" is fun. lol

"Pashkani" meeting ...
Thank you very much.
It was a feeling that it had a bowl of rice bowl, with a meat bowl and a pork cutlet! lol
"Baseball club drinking party" was over when I finished! ! !

Lunch is ...

「GIFT] card game, I learned from Gacchan!

This is a mysterious charm game ...
No one can wins! ! !

Everyone at once
Victory will come by winning together

The excitement when you go up is exceptional!
Because I spend my head too
I was exhausted. lol
That 's about to use "new brains". lol
gacchan, thank you.


Thank you everyone.

Yamafuchi people~♪

Thank you very much in Hiroshima.

.: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: *

You are already satisfied

. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: * * ° + .. .: *

Alan Cohen's words · · ·

You are already satisfied
I heard that ...
What do you think?

I am not satisfied
Rather than "focus on nothing"
How do you feel about "focus on being"?  Taku

A calligrapher of a friend ...
It is video ↓ ↓ ↓
 https: //

[Yamazaki Takumi communication] Please register ~ ♪


"Practice to rest yourself" · · ·
Practice to rest yourself Mindfulness to live supple
Now, on a PC, reading book ♪


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