Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Do not rush to sell. You ought to hurry to start a relationship. The primary goal is to cultivate relationships.

Jay Abraham


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To deepen relationships

To deepen the connection.

Do not rush to sell.

You ought to hurry to start a relationship.

To that

I make a big contribution to part of my life

It is necessary to create value.

I will try to help him.

The goal should be to deepen relationships.

Gratitude increases, it gets stronger, I feel like attaching.

Most people

I will do my best not to do things.

I understand that to push to buy more.

I abandon the idea of ​​manipulation,

Grow up over time.

It becomes a help of life.

We aim to offer valuable things.

By doing so, people understand.

Education is sometimes necessary to understand value.

To have products, services, worth what value.

It might be important to have samples used.

However, the primary goal is to cultivate relationships.

"You already have a profit.

It does not involve anything about it.

But if I further increase revenue

Please give me some of them.

It's a reasonable figure and I will bear all the risks. "

Why do not people take risks then? !

· Scary without confidence

· Have prejudice over the lifetime from the first experience = go into self-defense mode

DNA is designed to be noble

What is noble

I do not want to be in line

I do not think that it is a trivial job

No one is satisfied on the way

But ... 98% of people

I think I am second-rate.

why? Because nobody taught me! ! !

Many people do not know how to get closer gradually

I will try to go at once! ! !

Even if you do, start will be a mediocre result.

In fact it is success that gradually approaches the goal from there.

Do not regard it as a failure,

How about capturing it as a test? !

What you lose on failure is only your pride (lol)

Everyday I was asking myself "What did you learn today?"

Find "things that do not pass through"



Stop participating in endless competition,
Let's be able to put value on 'peace of mind'.

Alan Cohen · · ·

Thanks for the tip!

A world from peace ...

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