Tuesday, June 12, 2018

7 pocket → "Labor income + labor income = no good" "labor income + rights income = healthy"

Let's go together, play! ! !

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Who is he

- Your memories -

Screenplay / Director Kazuhisa Itoh

Theater theater BONBON

Nakano Nakano 3-22-8


8/7 (Tue) 19: 30

8/8 (Wed) 19: 30

8/9 (Thu) 14: 00/19: 30

8/10 (Fri) 19: 30

8/11 (Sat) 14: 00/19: 00

8/12 (Sunday) 12: 00/16: 00


Sekigori Sekiguchi

Michiko Kawai

Fujisawa Yuki

Yuji Takigami

Momoko Kobayashi

Hiroyuki Mori

Takashi Tanaka

Chiaki Ishimatsu

Yuki Ogushi


Kenji Yoshimura

Akira Sato

Takumi Kudo


Theater director Tomisaburo

Lighting Akutsu Miko (LIGHT-ER)

Art Tomoko Kamada

Acoustic North Island

Choreographic Kitamura

Misato Nakatsugawa


Advance sales 4800 yen

5000 yen on the day

Less than 3500 yen for high school students

All seats specified

I am going to go to this!

It is the part of August 9 (Thurs) at 14:00.

The applicant who wishes to join is staff van


Mr. Sekige Sekiguchi of a friend comes out! ! !

By all means, support, thank you.

This clinic seems to be amazing! @ Yokohama ♪



Table tennis

Tomokazu Zensumoto ♪

Miyu Ito ♪

Victory ! !

It's amazing ♪


Today we have tea with Ballerina 's Rina - chan!

While listening to her progress as a big success from a young age

Cappuccino · · · It is exceptional! ! !


It's tomorrow, 12th ...

If you do 1.5 million points,

I want you to pass on tomorrow 12th at 600 thousand points.

I want you to attach obsession like the end of the month!

That makes the end of the month easier.

Passed with 'ordered'.

Passed as "ordered" + "order confirmation".

+ "Order planned" passed? ! The certainty will be slightly diminished.

+ "Order prediction" or "Order desire" further weakened.

Whatever form, I want to exceed 600,000 points! ! !

This can be thought of in a similarity relationship at any level.

For 1.5 million points 600,000 points

If it is 600 thousand points, it will pass at 24 thousand points.

If it is 180 thousand points

If it is 90,000 points

You can tell this experience that "Passing 36 thousand points for 90 thousand points" stuck!

So, people following you will appear in the group!

If the number of passing points is not enough ...

Divide the remaining points by the remaining days,

Please think about how many points you should pass through the next passing point.

Next preferred passing point, points are ...

20th is one million points!

Long term goal

By placing milestones

It is important to change to short-term goals!



I did a seminar by Nottingy team!

Today we have a special seminar at the Nottingy team

Started Amway in 33 years ago

It is really interesting development


Can you inject it into the Notty team?

Such a day ...

· What condition should it be when I finish today?


I am successful at Amway.


· Why does your father complain to TV?

What kind of horrible things have you said?

· I do not understand the meaning of a monkey

"What? Am?

Why do you think?


Why is it necessary?

To get out of thinking

The value of FDD

When will you do? !

10 people increased!

Why are you trying hard? !


· 7 pockets

Labor income + labor income = no good

Labor income + rights income = healthy




A nationwide tour of Takahashi Ayama started!

He will come to your city too!


Check the schedule and inject energy! ! !

Taiwan, Korea · · ·

Talk live together, I will do it! ! !

Please join us! ! !


Cheap tickets made it cheaper than domestic traveling! ! !

Talk & drinking party, please join us! ! !

 It is also in Tokyo ~

Yamazaki Takumi × Kuramoto Mika


Kawaguchi lake time was great too♪

Thank you everyone!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.