Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A big earthquake will come? A big earthquake will not come? Please think by all means that you are evacuation drills. really,

I had a lot of fun in Fukuoka! ! !

Also a collaboration seminar with Noda of Kagoshima yesterday! ! !

Thank you very much.

At Okayama!!!

long time no see・・・

Ayako-chan, thank you for yesterday.

I am surprised that there are so many common friends!

I guess it's like "I finally met you"

Thank you ♪

Mango, do not you! ! !

See you!

Pictures of Fukuoka · · ·

It is already two days ago but ...

Itimo's Karaoke was great!!!

Mr. Okazaki! ! !

Tsukuru Shiben Festival! ! !

Festival where disabled person and general person blend naturally without any reason.

It was lovely! ! ! 

 Thank you everyone who participated!

It was blessed with fine weather!


A big earthquake will come?

A big earthquake will not come?

I definitely think that it is an evacuation drill

Thank you for your preparation.

· Where do you run away if a tsunami comes? (Meeting with families to high rather than distant)

· Do not press, do not run, do not talk, do not return

· Valuables, stockpiles (food / water etc.)

·emergency contact

↓ ↓ ↓ From the above site · · · ↓ ↓ ↓

It is skeptical to the existence of "future men", and the possibility that the Nankai Trough big earthquake will occur after 2 days is infinitely close to 0.
The reasons for thinking are as follows.

The past Nankai Trough Earthquake whose date is known happened in July and February.
The Nankai Trough Earthquake after the Kuroshio meandering became known (from the middle of the 20th century) all occurred during the Kuroshio straight ahead (non-meandering period). (Note: Current meandering continued)
At the moment, no phenomenon that seems to be the immediate precursor to the Nankai Trough Earthquake has occurred at all.

The same is true for the eruption of Mt. Fuji, there is no such aura at all.
What I wanted to say was as described in the following article on the article of Toka, and even if XU prophecies are detalay or even hoax, a huge earthquake "always goes on any moment" It is important for my survival in the future that I do not mind adequately preparing large earthquakes.


Alan Cohen · · ·

What would you do if you were to live with joy today?

I will call a massage! ! !

The moment that that consciousness floats with flu

I love the time when the recognition of "time" and "space" is diminished. Pioneering


Tears of improvisation ... From about 4 minutes 31 seconds


You also won!

Otani Awesome ♪


[Lack of care staff of 340,000 people]

It is in a state where the family can only support it.

Especially women will not leave home.

women are

Parenting, husband's care, nursing care · · ·

Do I have to live forever for someone?


I am indebted to each other!

Thank you in Okinawa.

Thank you in Shizuoka!

Thank you♪

[Himalaya application] "Yamazaki Takumi ☆ secret of motivation"

Audio is distributed as a radio program. In case

Now we are talking about "emotional switch"! ! !

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