Wednesday, May 23, 2018

If there is momentum there, turn the waterwheel and you can make electricity. Let's search for momentum near you!

What is momentum?

Main meaning, momentum, thrust

What is the basis of business ...

If there is momentum

Turn the water wheel and make electricity.

Let's search for momentum near you!

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Three years, I wrote a sales letter to a dentist's guest who did not come,

I get royalties for visitors who came.

I am not a dentist

You can get profits.

There is a flow somewhere.

Search for that flow.

Turn the water wheel with that flow and electricity will come up.

In a taxi, guests always spend time for a certain period of time.

At that time, I asked the driver to advertise,

Paying a thank you when you bought it,

Have the sales assist you.

A beauty salon is also where a certain time spends ...

Customers are wondering how they spend their time there.

There is momentum.

Then, what kind of water wheels do you turn?

Momentum ···

People's desires, fears and preferences can also be momentum.

"I want to lose!" "I am concerned about the future!" "I like cigars!"

Flow of the era, annual ceremony, sense of duty ...

"There is not enough funeral home!" "What do you do for the seventh anniversary?" "Because it is the eldest son ..."

Gossip, event, physiological desire ...

"I hate trumps!" "Olympics!" "What about doing a restroom at the festival?"

There are lots of momentum near you.

Turn the water wheels there and wake up the electricity!


My friend wrote "x" mark with magic in hand.

this is? When asked ...

He says that he wrote that he should not be thrown by emotion.

Most of communication failures

It is said to happen when emotional leadership is held.

If you can calm down and let the story of emotions in your heart be relayed live

Smooth communication can be obtained.

Without being swallowed by emotions as "What? What it means!"

By being told so, it seems that I am feeling anger.

Considering why you feel that anger,

'Relationship up to now' of being friends or comrades

It seems that this flow is very different, so I feel it will start.

It seems that it is good to languageize it.

Mistakes in communication seem to be occurring by "squirting".


Sound of Mr. Chikashi · · ·


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Chikashi Kasai - Mixcloud

Please spend this sound on Sunday.

Everyday is in a meditative state ...


Sapporo looks interesting ~ ♪

I will go to the end of this month!

Thank you. 

Keiko, thanks! ! !

Mi-chan, Sawa too! ! !

I will be waiting for the resurrection ♪

Jozankei, please enjoy♪

Okayama is also excited, is not it ~ ♪

Nakagawa, thank you!

A few days later, I am Okayama too!

This time collaborating with Noda! ! !

Thank you.

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I will do my best ~ ♪


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Hamamatsu, Nagoya ↓

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Mie, Gumma

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Okayama, Takamatsu

↓ ↓ ↓

Takamatsu, Okayama

↓ ↓ ↓

Kobe, Hiroshima, Okayama

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It is Hakata from now.

I will participate in the Tsurugo Shimbo Festival today!

Because there was Bordeaux & Paris this month

Other than that is tight ~ ♪

Yesterday's Mie,

Thank you very much.

Pasta, it was delicious.

Mr. Uno, thank you always!

Mika Shinkai team feel good! !

Drive is booming ♪

Working holiday, I look forward to it!

A nice friend of Austria, I will introduce it! ! !

Also in Yokohama

thank you for helping me!

Thank you!

I am waiting for a miracle of an anesthesiologist (lol)

I put it on an instant,

I want to be able to draw such a picture!


Takumi Yamasaki is a photo diary (haha)

Great girl,

Thank you!

"Great way to earn money" will be published in June ♪

Sorry, I'm begging you, thank you.

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Good luck Take and Takuya!

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