Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The way to earn is to be with the person who earns = to have a mentor or teacher = to change ideas

Takamatsu's sunsets and the sea are exquisite.

Thank you very much.

I have received many hints at Noda's seminar.

Continue to make cash points!

People who are trying to satisfy now are going down.

Become a person who continues to expand the frame.

There are noises both in work and studying (life sound, music), but it is more fun.

Studying in the living room.

You had better not have a chair. Balance ball and standing table.

Three call the disparity · · ·

· Technology disparity = information gap = network of people

· Health = difference in concentration

· Difference in communication = Love experience is important

64% of companies in the world are in deficit

The way to earn is to be with the person who earns = to have a mentor or teacher = to change ideas

Hundreds of know-how, there are 100 ways = not important is it

Rich is fun cheerful = brain activated

I have three choices

It is not the best in Japan and Asia anymore

It seems motivated to know it

China, South Korea, Singapore ... 5th place? !

However, since the Japanese are excellent, I want you to know

It resembles girls who catch dermomens


I like to end in three years

As a person, not a man and woman

People who can work = Hi I = I am something good? ! = I am not praised when I am small = I have not been praised by my father

Japanese people today, similar = self sense of affirmation is low

Person who is changed = Person who can keep changing = Person who keeps

A passive person is not aware that he is passive

Can you move what you know into action?

So you are with us? That is important!


From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine ...

"The purpose of life is,

It is to be happy. "

(Dalai Lama 14th)

What a lovely word? !

become happy.

What is happiness? !

What is not a bitter · · ·

To be easy.

What is your hardship for you?

What is the easing for you?

If you do not know

I can not get it. Pioneering


Alan Cohen's Word

↓ ↓ ↓

If your consciousness is clear,

A clear person comes over.

If your consciousness is confused,

A confused person comes over.

When I meet someone who is suffering,

I can see the clouds are hanging around the person's head (laugh)

Those who are refreshing, clear

The way is visible.

Well, let me feel fine! ! !

Let's meet someone with consciousness! ! ! Pioneering



I am glad that there was no earthquake.

Stockpiling and meetings at the meeting place · · ·

Preparing for power outage, checking belongings · · ·

I am fortunate if it will be useful for someday.


I am indebted to each other!


In Osaka and Shimane・・・


Have you been to NY?!

[Takumen @ NY's homepage]

Takumi Yamasaki is eating and drinking at New York LIC!

[Takumen's delivery]

[Takumen Apartment "Five fifty fifty reserved subret room"]

If you want to stay in New York ♪

The place which stimulates most though! ! !

Thank you Sugoi girl♪

Thank you!

Sugoi girl♪
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