Monday, April 2, 2018

Psychology of opportunity ... Today is the end of March!

Today at tea in Shibuya from 10 o'clock ...

Because today is mental

I will talk about "psychology of opportunity".

↓ ↓ ↓ Challenge with this content ↓ ↓ ↓

· To earnestly associate with people

Go out with care

Good-looking relationship

Start to like

I try to know that person

· Contact Thank you

Delay deterioration of memory

Love love

I can thank you for trivial things

I would like to meet again.

· Greetings from me

I will not be great

Humbly, humbly

Sorry from yourself

· Not wanting to be considered awesome, getting stark

· Learn a name

· Being a lovely person

Myself being seen

I am going to be great now

· Be innocent

· Update what you learn with your friends

· Do not be afraid of being different from surroundings

· Mame

I am done right now.

The men who are motto

· Curiosity


· Activate inspiration


· It is rumor broadcasting station

Do not speak ill of mouth

· Spend slowly in the morning

·Drink water

· Meditate

Thinking thoughts that support thinking

· Tag address book

· Information sharing with BCC

· Love art

· Weekly report

Writing in sentences

It makes it clear to write so that others can read it

Ambiguity disappears

· SNS and me

Blog is a live record

Instance is afterimage

FACEBOOK is a community

· Go to a massage

It is work to go!

· Challenge new taste

A chef who does not miss the peach full of liquid

I will continue to try Mashing's strange

Sharing idiot battle

· Strange things to jump in

SM party, costumes party, anything in girls, please try!

· Less is quick! A legendary man is Mote

· Do not mind returning, get the best trade

· Someone's useful

Interest in social benefits

· Mistachi taught by God

· Power of Prayer


Yesterday was Hamamatsu!

Eel heaven ♪

Thank you everyone in Hamamatsu.


Keep in mind when chatting with Americans Summary of slang

↓ ↓ ↓


"lol" = laugh

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