Monday, April 2, 2018

This is not something to drive you in, this is time to free you ...

I am writing a Weekly report.

It is "weekly report" that others can understand.

By characterizing

The ambiguity disappears, the head is organized.

It is also a reminder

It is also one that clarifies the limit point.

First of all, why do not you try?

I try to make things more and more what I am thinking now.


Who are you?

Myself as an individual

Myself as a human

As a man

As a son

As a worker (there are also several people)

As a father

As a husband

Among club activities

Even among friends

You have several faces, are not you?

One thing, There is also a goal and a dream to do?

The more you concentrate

Which one is thin?

Weekly report

It will prevent it.

This is not to drive you

This is time to make you free ...

With the cherry blossoms in full bloom backed up, the next issue of Sanctuary 's new publication "Psychology of Chance" (temporary) is arranged.

"How to earn money" (temporary) is June, which is ...? What? What?

Power conference on business development in the Philippines · · ·

Well, what deployment ~?

Do you go there ♪

Coffee break under the tree of cherry blossoms at night ♪

"I am right now! I will do it!" ! !


Yesterday I borrowed a DVD and saw this ...

Movie "Dancer, Sergei · Polnin World's Elegant Beast" Special Newsletter

In a movie theater ...

Movie "Greatest show show"

The soundtrack is also wonderful ...

Thank you everyone♪

In Osaka・・・

Even in Sendai ...

Everyone in the Red group ♪

I will go next time! ! !

Wow! Thank you for introducing in the program!

Thank you also in Sapporo!

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