Monday, April 2, 2018

Exciting = "today" and "best life" are connected! ! ! Today was "the first meeting of the month".

Exciting = "today" and "best life" are connected! ! !
Today was "the first meeting of the month".

A chance for everyone to have one heart! ! !


It is important that you stick together until your opponent is satisfied.

1. Please check your mind at the beginning of the month.

Whether it is exciting or not, is important.

Are you excited about the goal?

Goal first, clearly clear?

If you are not thrilled

Start from "What kind of life do you want?"

What life

↓ ↓ ↓

What kind of decade

↓ ↓ ↓

What year

↓ ↓ ↓

What month

↓ ↓ ↓

What kind of week

↓ ↓ ↓

What today

"Today" and "best life" are connected? !

Life will be completed

People who are not completing will not have an aura

If you say "let's make it complete" you will see an aura.

Pre SP = "Make friends with friends of friends"


2. "Passing on the 12 th day at 600 thousand points"

You aim for% p this month

"Pass through the 12th day with ten thousand points"

↓ ↓ ↓

150 → 60

100 → 40

60 → 24

36 → 14.4

18 → 7.2

9 → 3.6

Beyond the limits of the time scale for people's time = "There is still much" ~! ! !

How many points is 12? ! A presence can be drawn today! ! !


3. "Disappointment of that day will be lucky today"! ! !

There are no lucky people who just started.

Because there is no disappointment of past.

Feelings are important that "I will see what today's disappointment is connected with the future".

3: 4: 3

3 = react quickly

4 = change in the course of time

3 = Even if a catastrophic change occurs as it is


Remind me! ! !

Write a weekly report

By literalizing "disambiguation"

I will not forget it! ! !


"Doing things"

"What I'm thinking"

When "what you are saying" is the same, it is transmitted as "Sukyun".

Same as essential amino acids

It fits the low place.

↓ ↓ ↓

"You say it!"


Do you think that this month will change my life?

People I think will change my life


A new future

Outside of your thoughts

Outside of your judgment

So ...

"Targets" are necessary to overcome thought!

Break the current "judgment frame"! ! !


Noda Talk

↓ ↓ ↓

Why does economic disparity happen ...

The top six assets

Along with the assets of the lower 3.6 billion people

Three gaps create economic disparities

↓ ↓ ↓

· Technology gaps = information gaps

· Health gap (unhealthy, better than healthy, prematurely expensive)

· Disparity of romance = disparity of communication (people with low income, poor at love)

To be disturbed

Tell me please be one of the next term

Increase the number of mtg (make good use of it, voice change)


For 10 years lasted "beach 69" was the final party.

Many memories here・・・

Well done Ayumu!Well done Aki!


Pig is burned!

It does not end ...

Our lives are starting from tomorrow! ! !

I went to home hurry ...

Merge in the day! ! !

"Miwa Akihiro" is "terrible!"!

See, it infects! ! !

Talent, personality ...

Thank you everyone!

「Pashikani meeting」Super!

Congrats for your wedding♪

Shinkai @ Azabu-Juban office



A huge city in the Amazon? !


Seriously it is a big city! !


Amazon "The unexplored land of man", the possibility study of the residence of 1 million people in the past

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.