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"4h <1h × 3 times" = It is better to meet 1 hour 3 times than to meet 4 hours


Arrange "pocket success technique"

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From Merumaga of Mr. Ken Honda · · ·

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This week's book is Mr. Kobayashi Masaaki's
"Thank you is the magic".

Mr. Masaaki Kobayashi, author, about 50 books including co-authored,
Cumulative number of publications is over 2 million best-selling writers
It was a lecturer. Masaaki himself died in 2011
Although it is published, what I reedited the book after death was published
It is loved by many readers now, such as being. This me
Even in Rumaga, I will introduce Masanori's "Fortunate Temperament Twelve Article"
did. I wonder if there are more people in memory.

This time we introduce "Thank You Magic", thank you for the heart of gratitude
It is a message collection compiled into Ma. About the way of the mind,
It is mentioned from various viewpoints such as money, work, human relations
I will. And, to incorporate that way, nature and body
I feel appreciate what's happening around. Such a reader
It is this book that will encourage change of mind, change of way.

Let's quote the contents of this book and introduce it.

4 pages
Just because the same "ordinary event" is falling,
The "quality" of the falling event does not change.
So, why "happy events" seems to be falling
Do you feel it?
Because I woke up to "thank you heart (heart of thanks)"
It looks like.

Page 59
"Because I am indebted to you, I can not afford to pay.
I'll give it to you for free"
Do not say that.
Why, if you got it for free, you were free
People who have been, "I will never want to buy again" from

84 pages
The more muddy "trouble · suffering" is,
The large flowers of "happiness" bloom

141 pages
I awoke to the instinct "When I am pleased," I am glad, "I am grateful, feeling
"People" who noticed the interest of "being apologized" are "people"
It seems to be between.

Page 173
"Fate" is "a thing to be carried", "a proposition being carried"
And. So, what is "fate" carried by
It seems to come carried by "person".

In this book, a way of thinking that appreciation will naturally spring up
About human relations, work, money, health, child rearing, etc.
It is stated from an angle. Whichever page you open, to
Well, I see, I guess first, let's do it first
Even with the charm of this book, it is easy for me to feel it

All the mentors I have been studying so far, everyone's mouth feeling
He stated the importance of Xie and practiced from usual times. They are
Thanks for saying "Thank you" because it is successful
not. Before you succeed, feelings of personal belongings one by one
I was apologizing. Because I was doing such a way of mind,
Were they able to succeed happily? "Thank you"
I think that there is certainly something mysterious power in words. To
You also read this book, you will experience "Thank You Magic"
Please give me.

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"Thank You Magic"
Masayoshi Kobayashi (Author)
Publication: Diamond company


Finally ...

I'm getting better.

With Sasa

With Sakata

Power talk! ! !

Thank you very much.

"Love your customers, not products!"

This product is!

This business is! Are not you talking only?

The person in love is the one in front of you! ! !

It is not you who are rejoiced, people in front of you!

Do not get too close!

People and people always meet.

Distance feeling that respect and tension exist.

Example) Takumi Yamasaki When I was 20 years old, I told my mother ...

"I think I will spend my expenses with my friends"

Mother is···

"If you do not have to be friends of your life, live together."

4 h <1 h × 3 times

4 hours to meet

You had better see an hour three times.

Uniform particles

Since water penetrates evenly, the filter lasts long

Unequal particles

Since water penetrates not evenly, a way is coming.

Because it abuses there, the filter deteriorates quickly

Having a cute love

Become yourself being raised

Sending Feed Economy

A person who receives money and then sends it out

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