Wednesday, April 25, 2018

There are jobs with annual pension of 10 million yen for 5 years work and 20 million yen for 10 years work!

Yesterday evening,

Before the seminar, the blog who wrote so hard disappeared.


It takes time to accept.

So, I didn't renew yesterday, at the seminar! ! !

The night's seminar got excited

Yesterday in Osaka "Wasabi" study group · · ·

Thank you, Junko!

Lunch is for the couple Ishibashi

Birthday eel kaiseki

It was a feast♪

Horai eating in Atsuta Shrine Yakui!

Be overwhelmed by the air of a good store~♪

It was fun~♪

Yesterday morning

Power breakfast with Mr. Hojo! ! !

She's also funny.

I will be a long friend from now.

Takumi Yamazaki ···

FM radio (Hachioji)

I decided to appear in.
At Hachioji FM Starry Sky Station
It is a program of Saturday 19: 30-19: 55.

Yamamoto, thank you.


Compare the pension system thoroughly!

Japan Professional Baseball VS Major League


10 million yen in 5 years

20 million yen in 10 years

Japan costs 1.2 million yen


In order for MLB players to receive pensions,

It is necessary to register athletes for at least 5 years and to pay full amount in 10 years or more.

About 50 million yen about 10 million yen by 5 year registration,

During the 10 year registration, 100% of about 20 million yen will be between 60 and death,

You can receive it every year.

Compared to Japan's professional baseball player's annual pension (1.2 million per year)


Apple pie @ Shizuoka

my friend

from tomorrow

At Matsuzakaya department store in Shizuoka city ...

We will sell Apple pie until 30th.

Please do go ~

Tell me "Takumi Yamazaki asked!" ♪


I would like to borrow this! ! !


Kinugasa died.

Iron Man 's Kinugasa player.

Something, shock.



Ya Ruc member

I am doing my best ~ ♪

Recruiting, recruiting!!!

Hikaru sa~n!

Sa~maru sa~n♪

Thank you!

Hashimoto Junji CA

↓ ↓ ↓

Dubai is ready until June.

By June

Group of 12 or more

2 people are in the meeting

12% or more

This series aims at Dubai at the lowest level.

600,000 pv on the 12th

1 million pv on 21

Meaning that you are having a Pork Shabu-kai,

My team's monthly rallying party.

Every month we make a theme every month.

That replaces the story.

I do not want to go to Dubai alone.

What do you like to do with your team going to Dubai?

I will examine first what I can do in Dubai.

Clearly decide the theme and theme that can be shared by the team.

Thank you Hiroko san!

Today in Nagoya

Tea, party with Miyasho Corps Corps!


Festival of ballet in Osaka!

"Ballet Super Girl" 20th memorial performance
August 5, 2018 (Sun)
Tickets on sale now! SS seat 9,500 yen, S seat 9,000 yen, A seat 6,000 yen (today's ticket 500 yen up)

My friend Ayumi Shiraishi will dance!

Take a look!!!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.