Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What you need to succeed in business is "Guts"!

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[The story of "money" King Kong Nishino told the student]

If you can do "self-branding", I am not afraid to be away from my organization.

When working in one company, I think it is difficult to tell by real intention. . . Because incomes and accumulated items are momentarily lost, and assets of customers and others are taken over by the company as well. (Such a written pledge will be written)

Mr. Nishino says "credit" as a television program, for example, a viewer feel uncomfortable at the moment when saying not delicious things are delicious, it is unbelievable, fan separation will begin. (Becky comes out as this case)

Things that are not tasty are not good. Credibility is born by saying that delicious things are delicious.

However, in one income or environment, it is hard to say with real intention. Because it is difficult to live if it has done.

If you have more than one income source and work, ''say honestly, hate something we don't like, and don't not want to get a job!" Becoming able to talk with real intention, "credit" is born there, fans increase.

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In Japan, there is a survey that "employees with enthusiasm for work (motivation)" is as low as 6%, 132 in 139 countries and the lowest class (survey in US Gallup, 2017). Many business people are going to lose their motivation to work, while they are lethargic colleagues or bosses who only command.

"It is important that you become a brand, not the name of the company, if your name becomes a brand, you can go to a different place without meeting the company. It will be a risk hedge, even if you are outside the company it will be strong and will be useful in particular. "


If you can do "self-branding", I am not afraid to be away from my organization.
The point is that you make yourself content.

for that purpose

What should I do?

Do you mean you will not monetize your core business?

Long ago, Mr. Hayashi to Mr.

I was told that it would not be bad with the gallery to paint a picture.

I was told I was really indie.

I guess that was not to make a living way of being compromised.




There is no retirement allowance. How can I get a self-employed old age?

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Self-employed persons do not have a retirement payment system. Self-employed workers who receive only the national pension benefit have less annual amounts than employees who can receive welfare pension benefits. There is no guarantee that you can be active indefinitely, as long as there is no system of retirement age, you can be active in your life. Preparing for retirement is something I want to keep firm.


【The point is the number and guts】

I do not need to study any more. What you need to succeed in business is "Guts"!

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Lake Kawaguchi, a nightly seminar ♪ 

It was fun!

I ate Yoshida udon!

With laughter, with tears, with a decision

It was a meaningful staying party.

Everyone exhorts the clouds on the head,

I returned home with a refreshing feeling! ! !

It is clean,

It is evil,

It is a place to decide your mind,

It is a place to put away the delusion.


I am indebted to each other!

 Thank you!


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