Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"Give than to burn" and "to concentrate" rather than to burn

Better than "GOODBALL"
"Concentrate" rather than burning
Giving "rather than robbing"


When was it that I met a book called "Law of Success"?


A young man aims for success,

A story that a successful person tells us.


"Writing on paper is realized"

I felt that I knew that this book.


I was half confident.

But I tried it.


As a result of thinking, we will guide judgment so far.

So it is important to practice before thought.

New judgment comes from there.


After that, I issued a book titled "Law of Life".

With thanks also for this "rule of success".


There is a person with clouds on his head.

It is worrying with Monmon.


That man advances thinking with the clouds on.

I can not reach a good answer.


Thinking of an accurate future in a displaced brain

It's like hitting the map to go to the destination with crazy magnets.


Exhaust the clouds.

I am doing it with monmonds, it is exercising it.


Let's go to exorcise!

Let's go to places that pay the cloud.

Let's meet someone who will pay the cloud.


The other day, Mr. Mochizuki informed me of Choro no Law.

When I met something,

This is easy! This is Choro! Things to think.

This is easy! This is Choro! And to speak.


If you deal with the problem with that wave

It is truly choro.


In English it seems to say a piece of cake.


Representation in English "difficult" scene by nuance different English expression collection

table of contents

1 Simple expressions expressed in a metaphor (metaphor)
1.1 a piece of cake
1.2 as easy as pie
1.3 walk in the park
1.4 taking candy from a baby
1.5 shooting fish in a barrel
1.6 duck soup
2 metaphor Other expressions degree expression
2.1 in my sleep
2.2 no sweat
2.3 kid stuff
2.4 cinch
2.5 pushover
2.6 walkover
2.7 one's forte
2.8 one's line


It seems to say! ! !


I'll do it now.

I'll do it at once.


There is a time when I was trying hard on this.


Alright, we are

I will throw a job tomorrow's myself ...


I have a habit of doing it after another.

It is a habit that everyone has.



I will overcome it.

Difference with people ...

You get the difference from yourself until now.


I'll do it now.

I'll do it at once.

... is a magical word.


The other day, Ako was saying


"I forget my dreams, they disappear.

The regret does not go away.

It only disappears as a result. I said that.



Impain! ! !


There is nothing you can not do seriously.

Good luck!

I can learn this!

`Visit the amazing person of Take`

"Nodacchi talks"



Yesterday I participated「FLOWERS by NAKED」!

Participated with Makie san!

Makie san's friend was one of the performer.

Projection mapping・・・

 It was fantasy world.



Mr. Mizue from Australia

Chisato from Paris

I joined Megu's staff Meg.

Met with Maki suddanly.
Thank you everyone!

Thank you for these days.
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