Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A typical civilian plane is about 14 hours between Beijing and New York. It's only 2 hours !!!


Hasegawa Tomomi's new publication,

I got a present! ! !


Information that feels the future will be delivered · · · excerpts

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Article of Ritsumeikan introducing Minecraft for "problem solving type learning".
"Experience programming" "To acquire the attitude of try & error" "Recognize that personal work and surrounding cooperation are important" are listed. Ritsumeikan Elementary School aims to foster 21st century type skills by tackling problem-solving learning throughout the year such answers are not always one. It is a style very different from the class that learns knowledge from the teacher in the classroom.

I would like to pay attention to these new initiatives!
What are the necessary abilities for the new era? How can I train it?

(Read together Minecraft article)
Why do children get absorbed in "Mine Craft"? Why Minecraft is useful for programming education