Saturday, March 24, 2018

Civil servants who are unable to do side jobs are responsible for "to promote side jobs" at the request of the government.

The second volume of "How to Speak"! ! !

I am writing a book saying "How to earn money" (temporary).

Seven Pocket! ! !

Have seven income sources!

Working way revolution! ! !


Talking with a public official

At the request from the government you can say "Promote side job"

It was funny that public officials who can not do side jobs are playing too much.

Recommend a side job!

Side-work also began to change as a complex.

Multiple occupations · · ·

By doing multiple work

Not just to increase revenue

Looking at the world in a compound eye

Have the right to negotiate

Make an outside network of people

Get a business idea

Get a way of life that makes you feel fresh! ! !


To Mikuni's grilled meat, Mie triple of Sanshin! ! !

Tsu city meeting, it was fun!

Thank you everyone!!!

When I wish to "I want to do" from my heart

Always "A way can be opened."

I want you to experience it! ! !

I will go to Mie in April twice!!!

We named 10 people (3 buddies) = preSP.

Takumi Yamazaki team will achieve "preSP bottle" gifts! ! !


Introduction image of Yamazaki Takumi · · ·

Whose song is that song?


Number one is this

↓ ↓ ↓

Heidi's "From Here"


■ "How to change" your own "personality" as you wish

you are? Is it yourself? Are not you tired of it?

It gets worse due to small things, everything becomes troublesome, too much restraint too much ....
Even if I think I want to fix it, will you hesitate to fix it? Your own useless personality? .
While unraveling the character, what is your character? Does it change drastically? I will introduce a shimmer.

↑ As of March 16, Amazon Tamiyama Takumi book selling ranked second in the ranking ~ ♪

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