Monday, February 5, 2018

I participated dream university yesterday!!!

 Yesterday I gave a guest lecturer at my dream college! ! !

In the near future, what will happen to Japan?

Who do you want to makes happy?

How do you want to live if there is no limit?

Escape from past spells

The way to be guided by the spell of the future

It is a dream that flew away! ! !

I do not even know how to dream! ! !

The amount of future memory is important! ! !

And put it in a flock that has already fulfilled it! ! !

Successful birds fly in flocks!!!

I will live like it has come true.

I live by myself who succeeded.

Let's collect words! ! !

Thoughts are made by language.

Everyone at Yume University,

Really, thank you.


Everyone at Yume University,

Thank you really.


Thank you everyone!
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