Monday, February 5, 2018

Yesterday, from the morning "How to write a map" conference! Takumi Yamazaki blog ♪

Takumi Yamazaki blog ♪

Takumi Yamazaki blog ♪
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Luxury strawberries,


From Juliet san ♪

Mr. Hiroaki Mukashita's strawberry, it's dangerous! ! !

Yesterday, from the morning "How to write a map" conference!  

Ate this. lol


minato will on TV!!!

★ ★ ★ WEBSITE program appearance announcement ★ ★ ★

NHK World TV - Sports Japan -

I will appear in the above web show tomorrow!

It will be an all international English broadcast program.


Great attention at the Tokyo Olympics! BMX freestyle park

Guest: Minato Oike

【Broadcasting date】 Japan time

February 2, 2018 (Friday)

13: 30 ~ (28 minutes)

17: 30 ~

Next 1: 30 ~

7: 30 ~

※ 4 times in total due to the time difference ※ The above is Japan time

【Countries that can be viewed】

Broadcast in about 160 countries and regions and can be watched with 290 million households

How to watch programs in Japan

· You can watch on HP of NHK World (English version).

By accessing the above address, you can see the program being broadcasted at that time by clicking on the window labeled "Watch Live" or "Live" on the top page.

Since it is an international broadcast, there are also time difference, so it will be delivered 4 times in total! If you have a job or school please watch it at your own convenience!

Also, since it's all in English, it's definitely worth studying English!

· NHK World "Hikari TV 181 ch" "J: COM 307 ch, 280 ch"

You can watch on "regional cable TV".

Thank you everyone!

Thank you!

Thank you!


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