Wednesday, August 23, 2017

From today's 14:30pm · · · "15 mins of deep short seminar" will be expanded on facebook!

Today we will expand "15 minute short seminar" on facebook!

Scheduled to start at 14:30 on Sunday, August 20
"The 2nd Yamasaki Takumi Short Seminar"
We will do live facebook facebook! !
It's a 15 minute seminar ...
Please look forward to it ♪
★ Date: scheduled to start at 14:30 on Sunday, August 20!

★ Click here for access


Lunch day in Okayama・・・

Hiroshima was very fun!
Especially because it was a long time ...
Wakana, I became indebted to you!
Thank you!

There are companions in various places ...
There is their life.
The secret to living an interesting life
Live an interesting life! To decide in mind.

Migration from Hiroshima to Matsuyama
En and Yasumura accompanied me.
First high speed boat ...
To the beauty of Setouchi sea.
I never felt drowsiness in the early morning ...

In the taxi from the port to the venue,
To the pounding game of Jaimi
A great excitement with the driver ...
The result was disappointing, but the summer of Jimi was beautiful.

Mr. Matsuyama,
Thank you very much.
Dogo Onsen ...
Someday I want to come with more time.  lol

Mr. Chage's concert at night ...
It got excited with yayaya lol

Chage "If only once in a lifetime" Short Ver.

It was a nice song. lol ♪
Thank you very much for joining us.

Mr. Takeshiro twitter・・・
is nice~♪


Looks fun!
I want to join sometime♪

Happy birthday.
Looks fun Kagoshima♪

In Gunma・・・

Tokyo dome tomorrow・・・
Nice cheer leaders!!!


Free line@ register!!!

Wa! Thank you!


7th here!!!

Thank you!


Thank you in many places!

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