Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I choose to be excited. Always, be yourself. I am not obsessed with the result, I enjoy my talent ...


Yesterday in Osaka in the morning ...
At last it has entered the third year! ! ! ! lol

The guest of this time is Miyuki Ando.
It was quite a while ago we met for the first time.
Seven years ago?
I still remember that she was an employee of a certain publishing company.
At that time, I met through Mr. Shimodani who asked for branding.

She is shining now ...
Worked on television, taught at university,
Exercise at various events, collaboration with companies, consultation etc ...
The flying birds are getting off.

She gave out the book of "Bashar".
She was a Bashar kid.
I was actually raised by Bashar! ! !

At that time (27 years ago?) The encounter with Bashar

 was shocking.
I thought anything is OK! lol

But when you start reading ...
"What, what is this?"
"I thought that it 's alike, a crouch or a raccoon !!!" I thought.
After all, what is written was amazing ♪

I secretly carried it around.
Not to be noticed by other people · · ·
I tried to use it for my secret life and work.
Experimented with it.

I choose to be excited.
Always, be myself.
I am not obsessed with the result, I enjoy my talent ...

At that time, the Japanese did not have the concept of exciting work.
I did not show a white tooth, it was a time like to drive into work.

However, Mifuyu Ando attracted me yesterday.

Atmosphere that she has ...
A sense of her choice of words · · ·
Distance of conversation · · ·
How to get close to opponent ...

With great time
With a wonderful energy
Everyone has experienced "transformation journey" from morning

After Asataku ...
After ate rice noodles in Osaka, we moved to Takamatsu! lol

I felt great in Takamatsu.

I dropped by "Miyawaki bookstore total head office" on the way.
I was ranked in 9th place! ! !
Thank you!

Arrived "Uehara Udon" ...
And in the evening "Tsurumaru" curry udon.
From morning, we went to the store where Mr. Kaoru Nakajima was going.

Thank you for blueberry.

Sayonara to Takamatsu.
See you!

Hiroshima at night!

I met Kajimoto Kun, who is Kyoto University student.
A seminar for students at Kyoto University ...

For seminars for students
Okuma auditorium in Waseda
Doshisha, Oita International University ...
I got it done in several places.
As Kyoto University has two junior students as associate professors
(Captain `Hiro` below you two in the land section)
I'd like him to be on the stage ~ ♪

I got a Kyoto souvenir · · ·
The prime number ruler is amazing!
Only memory of prime numbers are hit. lol

Thank you everyone!

In Nakatsu・・・

In footsal・・・

In Hakata・・・

In Ogura・・・

In Nagoya・・・

Thank you Akiyan!

In Hiroshima・・・


Ultra Soul, fun time!!!

This is memory of 2017・・・

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


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