Monday, April 3, 2017

Is "Eyeball" laughing?

Caribbean ...
I think the color is Caribbean. 

When this trip is over.
It's my first South America・・・

 I'm going to Sao Paulo・・・

I burned too much yesterday・・・

By jet lug, I am sleeping and waking in strange time・・・


Next book is・・・

about「How to talk」

23 How to use eyes when talking

There is a proverb "eye says things as much as mouth".
You can "make and move stories" with eyes movement, eye shine, eye expression.

When I go to see one of super Leader ...
"Taku, look at my eyes," my senior told me.
It was a check of "Does your eyes have the power and shining?
21-year-old I was surprised, "Such things are important !!!"
Since then, I have always been trying to be "good eyes".

Also, by that senior ...
"Taku, quit this face wrinkle," and stretched the vertical line between the eyebrows with a double finger.
At that time, I believed that it is "good" to struggle, to endure, to strive with guts "
I thought that I was "skipping" unless I felt painful.
Along with surprises, I learned that.

A lot of people talk about "the importance of smile", but nothing will reach if "eyes ball" is not laughing.
"Laughter is contagious" · · · "Eyeball" laughing and smiling starts to spread.
Later, I learned that there is a special effect called mirror phenomenon.
Masters are not able to teach someone a wonderful law, but they use it naturally.

When "Eye Ball" begins to laugh, gestures will change as well.
The gesture also tells the listener more information than words.
I think that it is the starting point of "Eyeball smile".

When talking to someone, besides having an "arm stance".
Open the eyebrows, open your body and mind, laugh at the eyes ... Let's talk about yourself.

<Sugoi way of speaking 23>
Is "Eyeball" laughing? 


"Access code to success" ...
First, I want you to read ~

What is a trivial matter?
Common things ...

If you do thoroughly
Life changes greatly.


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