Monday, April 3, 2017

I am in the Bahamas now ...

I am in Bahamas now.
Nassau · · ·
I guess it was when I was 24 when I came here for the first time. 

Nassau famous for diving · · ·
At night, everyone went out the club,
A store clerk took me to the underground club. 

There were so many people to be surprised as to surrender.
I remember being battle dancing.
I miss it.

A little, went out...
It was that time I went to Harbor Island near Ernstra.
Pink sand beach ...

It was also when I saw a number of unfamiliar UFOs ...
I caught colored fish ... lol
I miss it.

Classmate meeting

It is a BIG project!

Six successful people of Amway, born in 1965,
We will hold a meeting together at the same time!

1. Yuko Miyaki FDIA
2. Hiroki Fujii WD
3. Naruse Eiji WD
4. Rie Tanimura WD
5. Yoshiko Hatayama FCA
6. Takumi Yamazaki FCA

This mates is amazing! lol
Perhaps it is these people to serve as guests in one meeting
It is a very rare project that has never existed yet!

Moreover, each is responsible for contents useful for business such as products, OM and NDT.
Its high quality, needless to say, the best in the world.
This time, the moderator is Tanimura W + Takumi FCA's combination of thoroughness for the first time!

The same age whose character, age, and environment differ, met through Amway,
Thus boost success in the same stage.
This is also a wonderful aspect unique of Amway business.

* Seating assignment numbers will be allocated in order of application, so please register as soon as possible!

Holding: Saturday, May 6
Time: Opening 10: 50 starts 11: 25 (scheduled to end at 16:00)

Venue: Yomiuri Hall (Yurakucho)
Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1 - 11 - 1 Yomiuriaikan 7th Floor


"Opening Talk" Rie Tanimura WD + Takumi Yamazaki FCA
"Products" Yuko Miyaki FD + Takumi Yamazaki FCA
"OM" Hiroki Fujii WD
"NDT" Naruse Eiji WD
"Talk session" Hatayama Kiko FCA + Yamazaki Takumi FCA

MC: Rie Tanimura WD + Takumi Yamazaki FCA

Participation fee: Advance 3,000 yen (3,700 yen on the day)

Application address: http: //

※ Tickets will be sent 5 days in advance. If you do not receive it, please contact us.
* Since the designated seat number is stated in the order of application in the ticket, there is no necessity to take a seat but it will be canceled 15 minutes before the opening.
* Tickets without a designated seat number will be free seats (possibility of standing).
* Cancellation after application can not be accepted.


Oh!coaching note・・・Thank you!

If you write there you will start notice who you are〜♪

Yamazaki Takumi,
Knowing yourself,
Knowing the future · · ·
Writing type, start selling dream activated notebook!!!

Takumi Yamazaki's coaching note・・・

Just write
I understand who I am and start to change.
Just writing,
I understand my situation now, the future will start to change.
1,296 yen (tax included)

We help Philipino residents in Japan!!!

 Thank you everyone!

More than motivation, that mind ...
You can use magic if you care!!!

Takahashi Ayumi's new book ...


■ From Ayumu Takahashi / AYUMU'S COMMENT 

A new book is finally released!
"If an adult seriously play, it will be a job."

Blow away the common sense of the general public and condition without dreams,
I will overflow in my mind, I like it! It's fun! Feels good!
Cool! It is unpleasant! Great! To be honest with feelings like,
While doing what I want to do, I want to live coolly! It is a message for the book.

Some people say that the world is not that sweet, or somehow, a troublesome thing,
Actually, I like my favorite things and fun play as my work,
People living happy are all around,
It's not a special thing.

Once you know the trick, living by using your favorite things as a work,
Everyone can do it absolutely.

In this book, first, let's know the real example.
I introduced a life story and words.
As 7 articles, it is simple, summarized.

"There is no rule, but there are hints."

From now on, everyone gets lots of nice hints,
Let's walk in the direction of your choice.

Always a new encounter,
Be honest with the voice of your heart, let grow up each other.

Taka's, book. However, the book.
To the happy life of the people who read this bunch of paper,
I hope it will be useful even a little.


【Official Site】 http: //

■ "If an adult seriously play, it will be a job. "

March 25, 2017 released nationwide!
=========================================================== ======
If an adult seriously play, it will becomes a job.
Edited by Takahashi Ayumu
List price 1300 yen + Tax ISBN 978-4 - 902256 - 77 - 2
=========================================================== ======

"I like" as "work"
How to live as you want?

Learn from 7 people who survive freely by jumping out a small frame,
Simple, powerful, how to enjoy life.

★ Ayumu Takahashi × 7 people "free people".
While playing as a work, seven people enjoying living
Life story and words are introduced as "REAL VOICE".
Let's learn the example, destroy common sense, let's blow in the free wind.

· Masayuki Yui (sunset critic, actor, director)
· Robert Harris (writer / traveler / radio DJ)
· Takashi Kobayashi (Treehouse Creator)
· Masa Ando (Specialist of Alaska Adventure)
· Wakana (Musician · Actor)
· EXILE ÜSA (Performer)
· Hiroshi Morinaga (editor, writer, indigo dyed craftsman)

★ SEVEN SOULS "7 Categories"
The common people who are enjoying living with play as a work.
Based on that, I summarized it based on the experiences of Ayumu Takahashi,
Introducing 7 points for "Playing as a Job".

【Official site】

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.