Monday, March 27, 2017

"You do not have to work hard, do it faithfully"

Orlando in the USA
3 o'clock in the morning ...
The next book is being written.
Such a thing
I am writing now.
I will make it from Kanpaku publishing, so please be patient again.
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"You do not have to work hard, do it faithfully"  
"Hang in there, Even if it gets hung up" ...
"I know I ought to do my best but ..."
Such a killer phrase is
"You do not have to work hard, do it faithfully."   

"Make it faithfully" is an application that has been built since it was originally born.
Mame is not "talent", but can activate with "heart".
And the hotty man is not "handsome" but "faithfully man" = "mame man". lol
"Mame" is written as "faithful" in kanji.
When you start it, your important rhythm will begin to match to your important flow.
The heart will be driven when I have to clean up big things at once
Start doing small things politely, do not neglect things, then start devoting seriously, it surely begins to lead to results.
It will be fun anyway.
At that time, there will be no waste as it will be sent to the future that no results will accompany it.
Every effort has not been successful, but every successful people is a hard worker.
There is a word, that means that they were was not a hot-hearted effort people but a faithful .
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