Monday, March 27, 2017

"Oh, I seem to have had a traffic accident."

I was impatient!

Even the time to start in the morning
Ban-chan does not come ...

You overslept?
I called her once, twice, three times ...
disn't not take a call.

Finally I took the phone by the fourth telephone.
"Oh, I seem to have had a traffic accident," a weak voice.

''Instantly a man who does not know comes out" · · ·
"Ban san was encountered in a traffic accident now," he said.

Behind that man's voice ...
"Is not there a painful place? Do not you feel it hurts when pushed? Other than ..."
A voice is wrapped and covered.
It was from an ambulance.

After all, with scratches of sewing head and chin
She will leave the hospital tomorrow.

Hitting 4 tons of sweeping car ...
This is a miracle.

I was impatient.
I was scared.
I'm glad that Ban chan was safe.

Brake trace remaining at the intersection

The day before ...
Hiroko group's
3 Leg Tea Party!
I got excited with a talk that becoming a super sayajin

After that, Kurisiro's raiding party
I asked Mr. Shimotani to send me and
Thank you very much.
And it was a treat! 
From April 9
Kuriki kun, go to Everest! 
There is something good feelings in this time.

This way you climb ...
I want you to know ~

When I meet him
I think my challenge is leisure! lol

Why do you chill out for the challenge
A person who has a big challenge around you
Is because there are not around you?

Looking at this picture ...
Such a cowardly habit will fly lol

From the story of Thai Buddhist monk
Various stories came out and it was fun!

Ishikawa Yoshiki


Health lamp
Light of the sun

Kazuo Noda
If you feel bad, get old.


This surprise me・・・


Thank you everyone!

Thank you.

and here・・・

Here also・・・


Thank you.

Karaoke in Hamamatsu♪

I look forward to the development of the Philippines in Japan!

Thank you everyone!


Yamazaki Takumi,
Knowing yourself,
Knowing the future · · ·
Writing type, release of dream activation note starts selling! It is! It is!
Coaching notes of Yamazaki Takumi · · ·
By just writing,
You will understand who you are and start to change.
By just writing,
You understand your situation now, the future will start to change.
1,296 yen (tax included)

Yumi san's book~♪

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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