Friday, December 2, 2016

The night is Christmas fashion in "Bulgari special room" ♪

Friend HUGO of Paris came over yesterday.

With his boyfrined・・・

With Ayamoto ... in a cafe of Yasuhiro Mihara
The night Christmas fashion in "Bulgari special room"♪

FC members!!!

300 million jade・・・

A car comes to pick me up (to a hotel) to a house and,
I am carried without telling a destination・・・

The present is a wallet・・・

Surprise party・・・

Star Italian♪

Delicious wine and foods・・・

odd as for the presence of Kaoru.

Hashimoto sa-n!!!


Can you feel the air by photograph?~

I wish I can send this atmosphere~

Christmas moods・・・

the end of this year comes・・・

Let's do an event of the seeing the old year out ♪
Otherwise ... will be drawn into the year-end and New Year world ♪
Get discouraged, and catching a cold etc; ...
Diaphragm is inferiority slipped disk ... by overeating
There is too much loss when it takes time to regain...!
So change the year-end and New Year holidays as an event!
Of the year-end common usage to decide a new word, the vogue word which became the age topic
"2016 U-CAN new words, vogue word award" is announced on 1st,
"Kami tteru" was chosen as annual grand prix.
"There is Bakugai" with "triple three", and I am elected last year by vogue word award.
It is decision &utm_campaign=none in age new word, vogue word award "kami tteru"
Yesterday was meeting ... at the beginning of the month an office
I do questions and answers Takumi Yamazaki from 20:30 today!

"It is refreshing" when accomplished?!

Picture from Australia! lol

New York!
Look happy!
Takumen ♪
Thank you!
Homepage ... of Takumen @NY
Takumen appartment "Five fifty fifty reservations sublet room"

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.