Friday, December 9, 2016

It is so, it happen in the coming times?

Is Nami invitation yesterday; to "Tsuyoshi Takagi" talking live!
It's been a long time, rouge, it is ... ♪
Eri, nice to meet you ... ♪

How much can I write here~?
Japan is the GDP world third!
Only a country and a company affiliated with financial combine are profitable.
(the reason why Japanese does not become rich)

We can have plural passports.
Times ... of the unit
The unit can have a plural number.
The plural names and personalities can give life to the life.

You should see the world fact book (offering the information about a history, people, the government, economy, geography, communication, transportation, the military affairs of the entity of 267 world and the trans border problem, and the map of the main world area, a world national flag, world physical map, a world politics map, world ocean map, the time belt of the world map are included in our reference tab)!
Technology changes the world!
An air-conditioner changed labor.

The big reason why Singapore lengthened
It is an air-conditioner not finance.
A press created by media.
And glasses were necessary.
It evolves to optical fiber.
A microphone, a speaker
I sent a voice far and wide.
Clinton ...
May invest the money that collected from a visitor.

It is ... by the pressure from the wall street
Now, wall street ⇆ Trump
TPP= Trump + Putin partnership
Public works spending of Putin 100 trillion yen
Trump is anti-globalism in the United States
Debt of Deutsche Bank = 7 quadrillion
25 times of the German national budget!
It is conscious of we should study ... transformation from now on
Real nature = serotonin of the happiness
There is the company checking quantity of serotonin with in the morning's best urine

( which there is not which studied serotonin)
I collect blood with blood and come to be able to check cancers at home.

Mr. Tahara of miRAN (microRNA) Hiroshima world is the highest?
It is ... by USB with blood
I can know the health condition
Is the life prolonged, too?

For electroencephalographic stress → flow
This ... meditation called the creativity
Reversibility of the age
Agelessness and deathlessness
The number of cancer increases only in Japan
An area for a lot of fish and the distribution of cancer are similar
The vegetables are polluted, too
Variety of good soil ... soil

The dosage of the pesticide is high
80% of the convenience store is wheat
A person of the gluten-free is a person from 1/3
There is habitualness in the purified rice, wheat

A human being is born 100,000 years ago Human being 1.0
Human being 2.0 to leave Africa before 60,000-70,000 years
In human being 3.0 era ... Mars! 2030 (Obama)
In Mars 1 million (underground?)
Does a human being live from 2075 through 95 in a network?
... to feel to be scared

It is the thing which comes to expect it in a few minutes.
It was a splendid talking live called ...!
Today is ...
Oh, yes, I participate in "an escape game" from morning!

 Kyo, Mari, Yamako....


Everyone was mistaken.

It was fun! lol

Next time
I have consolidated my mind! lol

after that,
At the Christmas party of the Australian Embassy · · ·

Surprisingly 10 people participated in acquaintance! 
I was surprised ~ ♪

After that, Ikeda and me updated · · ·
The problem is not a problem, which is emerging as a trigger reminiscent of emotions on past experiences.
Rather than solving the problem, is it important to conclude that "incident" in the past?

Tokyo tower today is so beautiful~♪


Thank you!

In Shikoku too・・・

In NY too・・・

Thank you, Takumen!

Takumen @ NY's homepage ...

Takumen Apartment "Five fifty fifty private charter room"

In HK too・・・
Looking forward to see you in HK too!

 Thank you so much!
I will use this in my office!!!

In Australia too・・・

Sydney, Melborne・・・
I'll do my seminar in Jan~♪

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