Friday, November 11, 2016

Donald trump is in danger.


Seminar from today!!!
going many prefecture in a week~♪
See you soon.


moved to Hakata.

The quality and the price?!

I surprised!!!

went to drink・・・

On the way to ramen,
I found an Indian restaurant named Milan!
Moreover, it is said that Tehran people are doing!
She said it was delicious. lol

At this time, there is no recommendation with pig bones! Ms. Nagamine waid so!
So I went to Tantan noodles・・・

It was great!!!

met with Saka junior!lol

Thank you everyone!

Photographs delivered from Keiko · · ·
Everyone cuts and pastes the vision of the future! It is! It is!
I am making a vision board.

Right now, the other day, I read a book saying "words to train our mind" from Fukushima people in Sendai ...
Clearly written about "feelings and myself", "ways of making the vision of the future" written wonderfully! It is!

Which way you focus on the brain to the future ...
I should live in the future brain.

Here! When the time you becomes an animal ...
do it! lol

Be exists now!

Entrance to the flow!

Be more simple!
Be more pure!

We alive in place where there are nothing.
Hunt and take prey,
Heat up, warm up,
Find a cave, secure a sleeping place.

Such things,
There was a person who was shared, just enough catch meat,
Some people will continue to supply bedding.

Which position of the completed mechanism you will take yourself ...
For those who judge, how to judge and act ...
It is strange that it is good at it.

Be more simply!
Be more pure!

Be a beast. lol
Call up the wild.

Motivation? It is!
Originally, such things are in you!

"Both optimistic and pessimism

It is due to thinking habit.

Optimistic life is fun,

It is natural that the life of a pessimist is dark.

Both of them wanted it. "

(Joseph Murphy)

From Nodacchi mail magazine ...

"Life is as I thought" When I say at young age ...
I was admonished that you are still young by adult.

An adult's opinion that "life is not going as smoothly as possible".
At that time, I thought you are like that.

"Here! As you thought it was!" 

Thank you everyone!

Hatayama san and Hukii san・・・

Tokushima too・・・

Azabu juban office・・・

All day will be hold in Ogura.
Good luck Ogawa kun!


Toru sent me this!



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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.