Friday, November 11, 2016

The result of our life is "What choice did you make?"

You can still get our ticket! 

At the hall, I and Ikeda's autograph session will also be held!

11/08 (Tue) Okayama Prefecture · Kurashiki
11/9 (Wed) Osaka
11/10 (Thu) Nagoya
11/11 (Friday) Sapporo
11/12 (Saturday) Tokyo

 Hakata seminar!
Ikeda kun!!!


Mr. Ikeda

↓ ↓ ↓

Teaching = upper and lower relation
Coaching = sideways relationship
The person to decide is
Give a chance.

The result of our life "What choice did you make?"
Revenue, sales, weight, life.
By admitting that, we can change the future results.

Spirited up, I'll do my best ...
not that.
What to choose?
What you not you choose?

It is painful
The result of choose so.
It does not change if you blamed on the outside.

try from "What I'm Choosing for the first time..." 

I understand it with my head.
However, the body ...

New selection → New future → 100% it will come!

What makes a choice?
Not that information,
Lack of emotions.
Choice will change by getting new emotions!

If you control emotions,
you can control life! 
Quality of life is the quality of feelings!

What kind of feeling do you usually feel? 
↓ ↓ ↓
What kind of emotions should I get?

Emotions are like "driving a bicycle."
Things that can be learned as skills.

What disturbs new emotions is "fear"
Rather than seeing fear,
Watch what you want ~
What is the focus?
Emotions will change as you see changes!
People can see only what they are looking for
What you see is what you choose ~

The posture changes the secretion hormone.
How to use your body, affect your emotions!
I will change the usage of the body dramatically.

Set a goal.
For what?
I will keep watching over there!

The goal
Not for change the future
for to change myself

To change the future
Change the choice now

I do not change with spirit
Change the destination.
Then now it changes.

Life changes at the moment of decision.
What is a decision?
when a new question is born.
Where do you want to stay one year later?
Make a different choice than ever.


Hakata station!

Nappon and Ayumu, morning meeting!

「 gyutan」 from morning!!!

Ogura meeting♪
After was fun too.

another 6 hours for new president election・・・

Thank you everyone!

Azabu juban office!

Nukahime@Sanctuary publishing!!!

Noda famiy!

I will present this picture!

Please look forward!

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