Saturday, October 8, 2016

Teacher! What can I lose weight in just sleep?

"I can."

I want you to give believe in yourself.
Believe in yourself.
It also will be the largest contribution for a lot of people.

"Can I?"

I want you to believe in you?
To believe that it is a realization of love.
Life will go forward in believing that it can.
Please do not turn away.

"I can."

How can you believe so?
not like that···
Story begins with you are believing so.
Do you want to continue your life more, which you haven't believing you?

"I can."

While you do not know, you promise for the future.
In order to realize the promise for the future
To forge emotional, genius to discover the reason
Promise will continue to carry out.

"I can."

Human beings continue to achieve things
We simply carry out the promise of positive future.
Let's declaration ♪
When you walk a wonderful life
And worth to walk yourself.


Yesterday I woke up in Yamanashi,
Return to Tokyo, "Toryumon" in Shibuya ...

* Toryumon 2nd season DVD of the second installment !! "Let's gain the effect produced by force!"

This time is・・・

Dr. Sato・・・
Let's get the knowledge of health.

Congratulation everyone♪

Keiko Sato's great story.

The body knows.
making our body everyday.
making our body by what we eat.

we need rebar.
we can't say we don't have today so let's take a rest.

alternate similarity・・・
make everyday.
we have chopsticks instead.

we have concrete which contains mud so far.

I asked teacher that if we can lose weight only by sleeping.

Sleep and unconscious is different.
Sleeping rebuild the material of the body.
Sleep with those material is not aligned seems just as stunned.

2 liters of water daily. (Approximately replaced in two weeks)
Wash your body.
In the tea? In the coffee?
"Are you really a laundry in the tea?"

Oil (good oil)

Your relationship with food.
I uderstood deeply.

glad we could meet~♪

 hope  we can meet again. lol

and moved Okayama after!!!

Thank you for your massage!

I want to ask again!!!
He has god hand!!!

nice night in Okayama~♪

Free market in Roppongi hills in 10/2!
Rieko Yamazaki's cloth and so on!



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