Sunday, July 17, 2016

What you believe happens in reality!

I am on the way Kanagawa now!

Yesterday lunch・・・

It was Okayama!lol

Yesterday I did seminars!

Thank you Date san!

I was surprised at the shoulder once sympathetic, to parasympathetic is different!!!

Miyajima teacher, thank you.

"Why are you alive?"
It can not treat the people?

And without knowing "birth to after doing life?"
You can infertility treatment? !

Why fly occur?
Alkaline creatures.
Acid neutralization.
Disappearing in the straw of ash.

Knowing the nature of the cycle's important.

When cancer die, the cancer disappears from the body.
That can become a cancer, the fact that the living.
The difference between those that are alive with the dead?
That consciousness is.

why? ! If you do not think that the answer can not be caught.

Illness from the gas.
From consciousness.

Mind gather and increase the density.
To boost the oxygen content.

Rot release ... care
Absorb ... fermentation care
Harmony fermentation

It happens that believe
turn off the disease?
Eliminate the mechanism of occurrence of disease.

Pressure to consciousness.
Motivation up.
Resulting in release in the "to be raised".

Knowledge = "Thinking about what to do" release = has begun from fear.
The presence of a failure from the so as not to fail

Wisdom = "Why, this is the case?" Said absorption =

In this world,
There are infinite possibilities

drinking in Izakaya!

someone's wife・・・

It was fun~!

Osaka from morning!
Soba for lunch!!!

We finally could meet. lol


Thank you everyone!!!

Mr. Soga's new T-shirts!!!

↓↓↓This summer・・・is this!↓↓↓

Hot! Hot!
Sense by Takumi Yamazaki

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.