Sunday, July 17, 2016

「frequent contact」more than「do best」 ・・・「Attracted」more than「strive」 ・・・「concentrate」more than「tense」・・・

Morning in Osaka, talked! lol

Two people ...
Knit pocket! ! !

... Go to the Kanazawa
Delicious in 30 minutes, ... I received a delicious sushi
Direct to the venue! lol

This hot♪

Thema「access code for success」・・・

「frequent contact」more than「do best」 ・・・「Attracted」more than「strive」 ・・・
「concentrate」more than「tense」・・・

 Thank you. 
Everyone in Hokuriku~♪

 from Fukui and Toyama・・・

Kanazawa Taku team is expanding too!

sakura san~♪
Thank you for the meal!!!


Azabu juban office・・・

looks nice~♪


Enrei san send me!

Nagi Yoshida!!!


I love her pictures!


Ah! So we're doing "Shojotsubaki" ... in Hokkaido -
Yamazaki Takumi's first movie appearance ♪
This is a movie! lol



Tomorrow, the 9th Mr. Noda and seminars! ! !
Please join ~ ♪

July 9 (Saturday)
Yamazaki Takumi × Noda Yoshinari
"Words change their" publication Memorial Lecture July 9 (Sat) 9: 30 ~


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.