Saturday, March 5, 2016

Let's eat Dried plum.

The other day, Arekore ... I learned to Miyajima's
Remind including tried to write here.


American shoes
New Balance
Made in usa
But good!
Heel firmly!
Walk with the big toe.

Let's eat the pickled plums.
Body weight is applied to the thumb
The same as the mouth
Kyu a hole in the ass!
Determination arrive!

left hand
left eye
Leading to heart!

Warm eyes
Steaming towel
Place until the cold
Try to relax

Visual behavior Institute
Glasses only revolution in! ! !

Likely to be cross-eyed brain tumor
Eyes and body of the relationship ...

Action without thinking
Achilles tendon, loosen
To prompt decision
Lower uric acid levels
When it should be things happen happen
Stretch of the Achilles tendon
To relax tension to the body by goofy
Hit head thump, the walk have legs

Footbath in waking
43-45 degrees
Bright red or! ! !
Both feet 10 minutes
A further 1 minute towards not red

Nature of a disease of the ...
The previous something

There is an unconscious place

One of the eggs
infinite possibilities
Subconscious previous free

Listen to the previous emitted
And he said, "recently, not fun."
Before you say it, there is something you would want to say.

Why Are painful? Rather than ...
Why this pain is necessary? think of.
Why, if the experience we need?

You think it's necessary?
When listening to the person, the reason is relief.

Admit the cause is that the
There is no ... sense to try to improve before

Dig down and
On the grounds that it has occurred in their relief
There is no sense to approach there

The consciousness
With a consciousness

Touching the "original source"! !
Remove the knowledge
Subconscious, conscious mind ...
At its back "nasty possibilities and energy" = "Omoto"

Kuril theory that revives

Little finger and ring finger
When touching the hair
Come to glitter
And ...
Made good bowel movement

Ring finger only
It does not work consciousness

I also subconscious
Earlier consciousness
Ring finger of the "original source" finger
So tasting in the ring finger

True self

The concept of love
Admit the possibility of the other party

... The "Omoto"
Cosmic energy
I do not know what? !
Become a concept and name
Knowledge and, thus worked recognition.

Rather than not be sick
There is no need to become ill

Since painful Kizukeru
It is purposely make that experience


Documentary - quantum mechanics full
"Parallel world" is a concept that we the world and the universe exist also different in another dimension with the universe and the world to live, you may be drawn in the world of movies and animation. The parallel world is not only used as the setting of the SF movie, also in the actual physics of the world have been told is a theoretical possibility, movie summarizes in an easy-to-understand manner the interesting hypothesis in its "The True is the Science of Parallel Universes ".
This happens when considering the possibility of a "parallel world" scientifically

Ryoji  has been doing interesting thing ~ ♪ lol

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