Saturday, March 5, 2016

March has begun!!!

Is, March has begun!
Today Patrick and Joyce came in Japan.

Evening, the confluence!
In the night, month's first meeting in the office of Azabu!
I will visit a little bit.

... In March begins

1) What are the goals?
2) What is going well?
3) What is not going well?
4) So what gives?
5) What did you get in your hand in this work?

Please write in the character!
Please experience How is this different from as do in your head!


Came from Hokkaido Yukisha ... lol
It seems cold!

Meeting with Nodacchi from morning yesterday!
After that, combined with the Nam-san! ! !

Yoko, Miki ...
True, it was fun yesterday! (Lol)
Thank you!

That cake,
I love!

"Of heaven Yano egg sand" of Azabu Juban ...
It seems delicious! ! !

Looks delicious! ! !

In some zoo
Set up a bait box over 40 points for the breeding of the image.
Every day, we supply the bait at a different place.
Give joy to discover the bait to the image.

Enrichment ...

Like there is no happiness in the simple task.
Effort and achievement seems to give the joy in life.
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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

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