Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Year, it is running from 4th! ! ! It shrunk and shrunk.

I leave the hotel early in the morning.

In "Ainu I" full of ears,

I still walk the dark morning road to the station.

The explosion changed the cold to a picture,

I feel like the town is sliding and living.

I remember yesterday ...

I enjoyed the night in Kagoshima.

Ogura of day was also excellent.

Memories of the day ...

I met my niece.

My brother's daughter.

I gave her her name 23 years ago.

I thought it was love.

The Shinkansen which moved to Kagoshima was also fun.

The regret is

It has been done while building a work plan for this season.

I ate swine, I did two seminars.

I also made new friends.

This year we have already done 10 seminars.

We also signed the sign of the two front lines.

Sufficiently, it is running from 4th.

Today is Yamaguchi and Nagoya.

This is another pleasant mood.

While drinking the L size of the cappuccino that I bought at the station

It's fun to write this sentence.

Last night, I went to the bamboo and night city.

I went to a store with a dressed woman and got drunk with alcohol.

A mini trip of an aquarium about 1 hour, Tenmonkan.

I was shrilled in the woman's "working fullness" at the end.

I cut my hair with self-employment, took a nap and worked at night · · ·

Back home in the morning, I will make a child's meal and sleep again.

Morning, get up and cut your hair ...

He says he works in Routine.

Customer service is also pushing with full power.

From 2019, the beginning of the year

I felt shrunk and shrunk with myself who tried running.

I will paste the memories of yesterday and photos here.

I will put it on so that yesterday will not fade away.


Lunch in Ogura・・・

With niece・・・

It was fun〜♪

Welcome medical group! lol

In Hakata...
Thank you.

Mother's wife 's son's wife ...

Yummy pig! lol

Thank you everyone!

Valentine cook!!!

Thank you Hata sensei!


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