Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ten years from now, "The era where you can live playing" will come! With the development of AI three days of weekly work is realized

"When I was young, my time was

It seemed to be infinite for the future.

Now I calculate back from the time of the end.

Then people, landscapes,

Yes, everything looks different.

I run away. "

(Ninagawa Yukio Director)

From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine

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I want you to read this!

↓ ↓ ↓ The fundamental things will change!

2045 One computer exceeds the wisdom of all human beings

● 2020s

① All the mechanisms of human brain are elucidated

② The technology of VR evolved, the distinction between reality and virtual

Being as high quality as not to touch

● 2030s

③ Improve human spirit and memory to the cloud

Loading becomes possible

④ The nanomachine enters the brain, allowing true VR.

A world where life span increases and does not become sick

● 2040s

⑤ Human being in a virtual space like a matrix

I will spend most of the time
↓ ↓ ↓ This is the era! ↓ ↓ ↓

This idea is incredible! lol

The more people gather in the city center, the more such places will increase.

Ruins, sell! Bold website "Ghost Town for Sale" selling 26 godstowns of Tokyo Dome

By the way ... the size is about 300 acres (about 37 thousand pyong). It corresponds to 26 Tokyo Dome. There are 22 houses in the town, and in addition to general houses, churches and factories are left as they are. Since most of it has been restored, it seems possible to move in immediately.

If this is 100 million yen ... there! What? Lol

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Wal-Mart introduces the service which orders in the Internet supermarket and receives the commodity at the store by transfer of autonomous vehicle


Horyemon affirms, after ten years "the era where you can live playing" will come up | Business + IT


With the development of AI three days of weekly work is realized



"Ikutaku" @ Tokyo

I talked about how to do business development 

from rural people~ ♪

Makeup seminar!!!

Great time!


 Commit the goal

Declaration changes landscape.

The situation is not settled.

I decide to do so I will begin to set.

Personal trainer, thank you.


A picture of the day before that, a happy piece! ! !

Thank you everyone!

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