Thursday, July 12, 2018

Uober announces "flying taxi" in 2020! Tesla announced "to run a high-speed electric car underground".

Disaster level heavy rain! ! !

Everyone, are you all right?

Today is Osaka ...

Thank you for your consideration! ! !

Yesterday was a new DD seminar! !

Congrats! ! !

Next is New York!

Thank you.

In Dubai

You may be able to ride a flying unmanned taxi? !

Uober announces "flying taxi" in 2020!
Tesla announced "to run a high-speed electric car underground". 

Noda coupple and Take, front!!!

It has been long time...since we met with Nodasan!!!

Looks got young!!!

Upper grouund too♪

Let's drink in NY next time!!!

I'll go Kagoshima this month~♪

Thank you in Yamaguchi.
It is seems like great team there!!!

Thank you always!

Thank you in Okayama!!!

HB May♪

Noda family meeting on the day before that ...

It was really fun! ! !

Mail magazine from Nodacchi


"Managers who do not crush the company are repeating their own questions! What? "

↓ ↓ ↓ What questions do you ask yourself? ↓ ↓ ↓

The company is the only profit organization

It gets crushed as soon as the profit ceases.

In order not to be so,

Would you like to grow yourself

Is it just a company that grows on the rising tide of the economy and the industry?

"Peter Drucker"

The manager of the company that grows oneself

It seems that there is a large number of times to ask self questions.

That seems to have a lot of essential questions.

What should I ask my own question?

1. What is a company?

2. What is the purpose of the company?

3. What is the role of a manager (president)?

4. What can you do for your subordinates to succeed?

5. What is the success of his / her subordinates?

6. "What is the most important thing"

7. What is our business,

8. Who is the customer?

9. Someone who is a real customer, a potential customer.

10. Where is the customer?

11. What does the customer buy

12. What is the value for customers?

13. "What do people seeking?"

14. "What should our company provide?"

15. What is the point of competitive advantage?

16. What is uniqueness?

17. What does the customer know about it?

18. Is price business or value business one?

19. How do we get involved in social issues?

20. Are you changing the channel (sales method)?

21. Are you changing products?

22. Are you renewing customers?

Please think about this once.

Mail magazin from Ltd., Sanri


■■Blooming "sleeping" brain! In case
~ Way to an Applicant / Certification Exam -
【0.2 seconds reaction】

If you are a student, school, cram school,
Those who are aiming for qualification examination and job hunting examination
If there are special schools and individual guidance etc,
The opportunity to teach someone to study
It is sure to be there.

When you receive classes and guidance,
Just silent and silent listening
It became a passive attitude
Is not it closed?

In SBT, teachers and leaders have problems
When raised, raised with "0.2 seconds"
I tell you to react.

Why "0.2 seconds"?

that is,
In order for us to think about things
It takes "0.5 seconds".

Therefore, before the brain becomes negative thought
"0.2 seconds" plus a positive response
I try to do.

Before thinking about whether it can be solved or solved,
Anyway react and react
I will do training.

Named, even if the problem is
You do not have to solve it.

With the brain "comfortable"
Going to the blackboard,
I am not good at studying
It will be gone.

"If I answered wrong
It's embarrassing"
"If you can not laugh without melting it
What should I do"
If you think without thinking of reacting,
The brain totally "uncomfortable"
It will become.

Then, in reality it should be solvable
The problem also can not be solved, more and more
I hate studying.

Before you think, first raise your hand
"I will challenge this problem"
In a state of "pleasant" that excited the brain
In order to work on study
It is becoming.

If you understand that, than anyone around you
As soon as I reacted with "Hi!"
let's go!


"Choose pleasure" in 0.2 seconds!

The brain "from judging in 0.5 seconds"! ! !

I see!  Taku

How will VR evolve from now? What?

Is it the next step that tactile sense (touching sensation) links with video! What?

■ Tactile glove that can be used in conjunction with the main VR controller

■Target achieved with KickStarter "HoloSuit" whole body mopup suit with haptic function


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.