Thursday, July 12, 2018

I am happy to see the book review of "How to Speak"!

The book review of "How to Speak" is nice!

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Author's books are always bought. This book was the best in the history of Takumi. Difference between "motivation" and "seriousness" ... It is convincing. (37-year old man / manager)
This time, I will change my career and I bought an important "how to talk with people" to learn again. I often analyze interesting stories of performers by themselves and refer to it. Is this book very sympathy? There are many contents "I understand !!", there are new discoveries, it became very helpful. (27-year-old man / manager)
Yamazaki Takumi's books are liked by those who dislike me as easy to read even though they are telling me I always buy it! Thank you always. I also thought that it is easy to understand and practice, even if I have low understanding ability. (25 year old female · service industry)
I was interested in the author and I bought it. There are many things that you can try from everyday, so it seems to have pleasure in your future change and growth in the future. (23-year-old man / others)
For use as a textbook for studying the team and for improving your own skills. "Killer phrase" It was easy to use and easy to teach. (54-year old man self-employed)
Authors' works must be subscribed. (38 years old male / service industry)
It is a fan of Yamazaki Takumi! (24-year-old man, self employed)
I bought it because I wanted to know how Takumi's talking words and lectures are assembled and how it is based on what I thought. (31-year-old man / sales job)
I buy it because I like the author. It is the best product. I will copy the dialogue. (30-year-old man self-employed)
I am always thinking that communication skills are needed from now on. I purchased it if I could learn the wonderful conversation skills of the author. (67 years old female self-employed)
Because I do lecturers such as seminars, I will improve my speech skills. Also, purchase to improve communication skills with juniors and subordinates. (46-year-old man / technical position)
I thought that it would be different whether it echoed to the partner's mind at all by the method of speaking and expressing. I felt that I wanted to read this title in my eyes. (21-year-old man / student)
I bought it because I was watching the Internet with a fan of the author and being introduced. It was packed with the talent and charm of the author. It was interesting. (33-year-old man / employee)
From my friend "I think it will be a hint of something" will be a birthday gift. Since I am doing seminars and counseling work individually, it was very nice talk that really helpful for such things as how to communicate to people and how to talk, points to change the air at seminars, and so on. (31 year old female self-employed)
The contents are easy to understand, there are many small advice that can change consciously every day, it becomes very tame. (23 years old woman · medical / welfare)
I want the boss to read No.1! If there is a boss who will do such a way of speaking ... ... It was a book that makes me think of how to speak like this if I become a leader. I recommend it to my family! (23-year-old man, clerical worker)
For business occupations, the years are short, there are times when the idea becomes hard for work, but when I read this book, I felt with intuition that I could do more exciting work. (25-year-old female businessperson)
Even after a month or two since I saw it on Facebook, I was in the ranking of the bookstore ranking first, so I inadvertently picked it up. The content is still the second chapter, but there is no doubt. (27 year old female clerical worker)
I browsed and thought it was fun, and purchased. (41-year-old man / sales job)
It seemed fun to read a few pages inside. I was drawn to the impact of the cover. (32-year-old male / sales job)
I listened to the story at Takumi 's seminar and purchased because I wanted to refer to my relationships with parents, friends, and people I would like to meet. (24-year old female clerical office)

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