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A person who says "I do not want to do it from a pain" is a tired person. People who say "Let's do it quickly from the troubles" are those who last long.

DJ Aoi is great ~


People with tiredness is tired of themselves
People who say "I do not want to do it from a pain"
It is a tired person.
A person who says "Do it quickly from the trouble"
It is a long-running person.

First of all, those who make a feeling and move to action,
It is a tired person.
First of all, those who enter from actions and make feelings from action,
It is a long-running person.

People who do not struggle with suffering are tired people.
People who struggle and do not suffer are those who last long.

Those who have a dream for escape from reality,
It is a tired person.
Those who have planning ability to connect dreams and reality,
It is a long-running person.

A person who thinks "if you can do it" is a tired person.
A person who thinks "I can not do it" is a long-running person.

Perfectionist in a bad way is a tired person.
People whose pollution is good in a good way are those who last long.

A person who remembers efforts that were not rewarded is a tedious person.
People who remember rewarded efforts are those who last long.

People who are thrown around and lose their identity are tired of people.
People who can assert themselves without losing their identity are those who last long.

Those who listen to the complaint in the shade,
It is a tired person.
People who have ears and mouth that can talk properly,
It is a long-running person.

Those who are seeking ties to human relations at the place,
It is a tired person.
People who can go out with people with a sense of distance that "myself" can be separated from others,
It is a long-running person.


People do not get tired of their environment and human relations,
In many cases I will get bored with myself that does not change.

Every day repeats the same thing once the change is delayed.
I wonder how long to repeat the same everyday,
When you make yourself unchangeable and blame others for others,
People get tired of the place.

In order to change myself,
Means to change the environment and relationships are also necessary,
To those who do not want to change themselves,
Others and the environment will not extend their hands.

To those who refrain from making efforts to change themselves,
Others and the environment will reach out to change.

If it keeps on changing, there is not even the same everyday such as every day.
Every day is a new "beginning day".



Humans are over if we stop doing tension
Life is only life slowly deteriorating

The environment where there is nervousness before the eyes is a blessed environment
Tension is synonymous with "opportunity" in other words
You can change (change) by challenging your opportunity (tension)

The identity of tension is a desire to transform "I want to change"
It is not something to avoid but something that faces seriously
Please do not turn your back, please feel nervous

From now on you will make lots of failures
Sometimes it is a shame
Sometimes others laugh at me
Sometimes I feel frustrated that my hungry boils
Sometimes people who do not care may be pointed to the back fingers

But that is one of the challenging medals
It is an important experience that you never know for those who do not challenge
That will also be one teaching material to change myself

Why are you nervous?
Because it is trying to challenge
Please be proud of yourself trying to take the first step

at least
If you have a challenge
I will never laugh at you.


Not "what kind of work you would like to do" but "what kind of person you want to become yourself"
What keeps changing with unchanged goals is to "live"
Even if you do not want to do, people can keep changing if you want to become self
You can live "new everyday", not "the same everyday"


Someone who likes to have fun together
The ideal person who is having a hard time with him

People who like to eat delicious meals
Ideal person not having a meal through his throat

People who like to have a silent feeling
Ideal person to be crushed silently

Someone who likes to become a driving force for work or study
Ideal person to get work and study unavailable

Someone who likes to love myself
Ideal person to dislikes myself

Someone who likes to be able to answer the person's dislikes
Ideal person not to be able to answer the person's dislikes

Someone who likes to see the person's daily life
An ideal person can not imagine the person's daily life

Someone who likes to be a flying fish in bed
Ideal person to become tuna in bed


· Let's treasure curiosity rather than confidence
Confidence is sometimes delicate to hurt yourself
Just by curving the driving force of behavior not confidence but curiosity will broaden your horizons

Aoi DJ is amazing!

"To be successful in the world,

It looks like an idiot,

Be acting wiserly. "

(Montesquieu French philosopher)

From Nodacchi Mail magazine ...


There is a deep secret of human relations.

People jealous of talent,

but we do not jealous of my efforts

There is also a word.


Do you know Access Bath? !


Yesterday 's true achievement rally was awesome! ! ! 

Everyone got excited and moved!!!

Opas1, Lindo, Thank you!

Great Ogawa group!!!

I'm going to Shanghai from now!!!

Ibana chabaq's report from LA!!!


☆ Special response from Mr. Ikeda! ! !

To concentrate,

Only 4 are important!

↓ ↓ ↓ Please send us specific examples ↓ ↓ ↓ asked! ! !

Example After joining a meeting
1. Always know "what to do next"
 When this event is over,

Instantly cafe, we had a meeting,

Create a "doing things list".

And share it to trustworthy people.

(★ I do not want to know next time, it will make it easier for you to become dull, so I'd like to decide until about two more)

2、It seems that the action can be done at once

The cafe near the event venue has been checked!

You can start moving as soon as you are done!

For that purpose also sit down without opening a smartphone first!

(If you do not start hand in 1 minute, waist will be heavy, so be careful)
3.Can trust the action.

I never do anything if I always listen to the story.

But I can act if I can clearly write things to do!

If you are alone you can share it with Mr. A, I will try to do it!

(★ Watch out because there are other things to do and notice your concentration skills)
4.The time of action is separated.

Write out the action list while reviewing intensively in 10 minutes!

(★ It is not about how long it takes the action, but divided by what you can focus on for minutes)

Among the "quests"

I will explain how to make "winning note" which can easily make these four ^ _ ^! ! ! !

I think that it will definitely become a strong ally of one who wants to move in the lake ^ _ ^


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