Thursday, July 12, 2018

I posted the "note" of the seminar of yesterday! Yuria-chan, thank you!

I got up at 5 o'clock and moved!

In the morning seminar in Tokyo, luncheon · · ·

Night · · ·

Thank you for all the staff.

Thank you.

Lunch meeting♪

Thank you for Yurie note!

Thank you Mikachan.

Great time!!!

Last book is gone.

I am sorry.

By all means at the bookstore! !

By all means, I will sign at the seminar! ! !

Next Mika event is...


Nice comments

Beautiful women♪

Thank you Kaisan for many things.


What is the effect of rain?

Mudslides and explosions in Okayama etc.

I evacuated.

I am preparing for evacuation.

Such a contact came from all over the place.


Please be careful.

Yesterday I did SNS lecture in Nagoya! !

The point is "What friends can do".

FACEBOOK and Instagram is the door for blog!!!

At the line at

Let's send information! ! !


[Yamazaki Takumi communication] LINE @

From time to time important information will arrive at the line for free.

Please line up at registration, line.

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2030's · · ·

Takashi Takashi says that it is good and bad, next big social change in Japan.

"Wait for the time", "prepare everything", "God power" needs "now" ...

Ayumu Takahashi from talk live

(Tottori / Miyamoto, thank you!)


·Evaluation criteria
I feel it in my mind and decide! Think method by mind!
It is after thinking. The mind decides first!
Just whether the criteria are exciting or not!

· Dream killer
Of course people who oppose with love, those who make fun of looking down!

But at the moment when things are impossible, their attitude changes 180 degrees and turns to supporters.

That's why you do not mind. I thrilled with excitement.

· It does not matter whether it is likely or not
Can you do it? I do not have that standard.
Just keep doing until it comes true.
The genius will soon be realized but I was an ordinary man I was not at once.

But I do not think that it will succeed with a single shot!

If you fail, if you scatter it you can grab a knack for any person!

· If you do, I will do it happily!

· How can someone not find what I want to do now?
If anything would come true, what would you like to do? I asked.

I am excited to think within the scope of what I can do.

Aside from whether or not it can be done, is not it bad if this happens? What?

Is not it dangerous if I could do such a thing? Imagine what it is.

Here, self-affirmation exists as a mental block.

I do not believe in myself as a person who accomplishes something. Potential = the ability to believe in yourself in the future. I have nothing to do with my present self.

I am looking forward to collaboration talks in Taiwan and Korea!



"Eyes, whenever I thought

It will close soon.

It is made possible.


In the ears,

You can close yourself

I am making it impossible.

Why. "

(Terahiko Terada)

My eyes are intentionally closed.

The ear is not intentionally closed.

Although I can not see it

I can not do not listen.


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July 20th 【Great! Speaking summer fest! 】

"It's amazing to move people! Thanks to the story "became a best seller exceeding 80,000 copies,
In addition, there were also many requests from everyone,

On the evening of July 20 (Friday), "Suspicious Talking Academy Summer Festival"

Entitled "

I decided to hold a lecture and a party! !

<< Overview >>

Date: July 20, 2018 (Fri) 19: 00 ~ 20: 30, social gathering 20: 45 - 22: 00
Venue: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Shinjuku station will guide you to those who completed the event space 5 minutes walk)
Participation fee: Lecture + Party fee
· Credit card transaction: 9,800 yen
· Bank transfer: 10,000 yen * Transfer within 5 days from application date
Part 1 / How to talk with a great person 19: 00 ~ 19: 20
Part 2 / How to make money in a dream from 19: 20 to 20: 20
Part 3 / Talking way to make a dream come true 3 Tips 20: 20 ~ 20: 45
Secret Party / 20: 45 ~ 22: 00
Capacity: 40 people * Remaining seats 19 people

For details and applications, click here
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Tomorrow is Mie! ! !

It is Suzuka's Miraiya bookstore.
From and Mr. san! ! !

Thank you.

In Da Vinci News!


Tsujimura presents・・・

Spreedents T-shits...
If you want,



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