Tuesday, May 8, 2018

There is a picture that the heart trembles. By all means, please watch!

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Let's laugh from the bottom of my heart.

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There was that.

"Let's laugh from the bottom of my heart."

When did you smile from my heart?

What do you mean to laugh from the bottom of my heart?


There is a picture in which the heart trembles!

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When the heart trembled?
What is it that the heart trembles?

I sincerely laugh!

My heart trembles!

Mecca, important!

Mecca, important!


Here "Dragon gate" DVD


I think that I feel the times when seeing the notice V! 


Yotchan's story is fun! ! !

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My father kept saying that ...

I am a company of someone else

I thought I had to start up business early.

Discover fire (eat, save, pottery)

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Wheels (to be able to carry)

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Printing (Biblical → I can not print → Church had a tokkara / it collapsed)

From where we were ruled by the church

Luther and Carben

Equality! ! !

Enlightenment movement (in short, start a meeting)

A lie begins to bear

Bible = By sharing information

Recognition has changed!

From there it is supposed to be able to mess with DNA in hundreds of years

I began to evolve 1000 years in 10 years ...

It's now three years later

Values ​​are changing with the momentum

Right now it is risk




"When I was young, it was popular"

It is popular all the time

The information sensitivity is good when young

I need to know the history of Japan

Japan is a miracle reconstruction

Japan was ultra lucky! ! !

It is in the cold war era, the Soviet Union, China, North Korea got dyed red

Military expenses are owned by the United States, Japan has a reconstruction industry to grow

Education in Japan = standardized! ! ! Seniority started in this era

People who are braintered by Japanese education

How do you solve frozen?

This is an enlightenment activity!

Work like Luther and Carben.

Uniform education

AI came out and the lawyer disappeared

Doctors and financial houses are gone

Financial, tackle down

Goldman also cuts the staff to 1/10

What remains is communication

Not a medium (television mass communication net)

I will get along with people

1 billion dollars

Unicon company

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America 108

China 58

Japan ↓ ↓ ↓


DMM 2 companies

Is the Japanese able to win in the world that everyone connected on the Internet?

Can you produce value?

Open your eyes and see the world!

Is there an intention to fight?

Give you weapons!

What should I tell?

Only here! (heart)

Only thought!

It was fun talk~

E = Effort E E> People who learn work <People who teach work <People who put it together

S = Self-employed = person who put together people who work

B = Understand the structure of the business owner, placing people in the template, moving people Working ideas and earning money

I = those who supply money so that the personnel who conveys the view of the life of the investor move work money and earn money

Among the people who participated in the seminar yesterday

I think there are some people who feel a sense of incompatibility.

that is

It is because you are not suited to your ability.

Well, please get out!


Thank you!

Three brothers, everyone is indebted to ♪


It's a fancy dude section ♪ ~ ♪

Next week's Bordeaux, please give my best regards.

I am looking forward to it!


The opening of the era of major side jobs Government and companies boost
Movements to acknowledge side jobs in businesses and others began to spread. Exercise skills cultivated with hobbies in side jobs, make use of personal connections obtained by side jobs in the main business. The government will also formulate guidelines to encourage subsidiary bans. I explored the actual situation of 'big side work era' which opened curtains in Japan as well.



Golden week present from Mr. Ken Honda

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The theme is "failure" and "money"

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[Failure] If I fail, I think that it is no good.

[Failure] How can we let go of fear of failure?

[Money] How can I change the view of money I handed over from my parents?


Kimiya players, Uchino hits achieve high-school rookie record "five games from first appearance" hit!



Spreedents! ! !

Well done everyone!

Fukuoka looks fun~♪

I'm looking forward to see you again!!!

Couldn't see you in Nagoya.
Damn it♪

Thank you Fujii coach.

Thank you in Osaka!

Thank you Ikeda kun!
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