Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Listen to this and you can see the future ... School is like this.

I am gradually getting out of trouble and watching table tennis.

I am bored! ! !

It's amazing! ! !

Girls are amazing.

It is finals of tomorrow night at 21 o'clock ♪

Boys, sorry.

Strong Korea.


Listen to this and you will see the future ...

School is like this.

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Horiemon's 'school is not necessary' problem started raising a problem We discussed how to raise adults G1 Summit Movie released! LITALICO President Hasegawa pointed out that there are many people who entrepreneurs also appeared to people with mild developmental disorder. The Okayama prefectural governor tasted good taste and crushed the essential role of the school. Well, can the teacher survive in the AI ​​era?


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· To be asked (Hypothesis can be taken = Compound eye thinking)


· Tombstone to overcome difficulties

The school was like educating farmers

Society needed passive hunting national strength

Teaching can go with AI

Coaching = human required? !

Genius is

The community raises

Information processing brain → information editing brain

Is not it resolved by AI?

→ What is a human being? What is human work?

Brest and rebates enter high school class

Thinking method = Critical thinking

Foster people who think by yourself

40% to the university

60% get a job

Make an attractive career for high school students

The company Yasuki which is Hashidai can also be active in society! Yankee intern!


* This will be studying → https://twitter.com/kazu_fujihara

Kazuhiro Fujiwara @ kazu_fujihara

In 1997 "Disposal Procedure" - 2012 "Saka no Kousaka" and drawn a life strategy of a mature society, accumulated 1.2 million copies, the lecture exceeded 1000 times. Turning from former recruit top sales to private school principal at Wada Junior High School to promote compulsory education "correct, pre-empathy, and good-natured" now, to promote the spread of children and to make schools open Promoting.


From Nodacchi Mail magazine ...

"A big goal

People who can not find it, for the time being,

To what I should do before my eyes,

You should concentrate your thoughts and direct it. "

(James Allen)

What do you want to do?

I do not know -

Is not there something?

I do not have it

Such a person

First, I concentrate on things before my eyes! ! ! Pioneering


Honda Ken's nice question and answer

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【Coincidence】 How to make use of coincidence?

[Intuition] It is a bit uneasy to rely on intuition

[Decision] How can I improve my determination ability?


Now, Himalayas

Using "pocket success technique"

Should the leader be like this? I am doing a suggestion!

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[Himalaya application] "Yamazaki Takumi ☆ secret of motivation"

Audio is distributed as a radio program. In case


It is an application you can learn while!__________________________

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


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