Monday, May 14, 2018

Instead of making life "perfect", I make it an "interesting life". Life is an adventure! ! ! That will be the difference with others. 1) Write 100 dreams 2) Write an obsession diary 3) Habit making a dream 4) Produce a future map 5) It is a habit of thinking "What I want you to wake up" than anything else.

Will you make an opponent in front of you an angel or a devil?
Everything depends on your viewpoint.

Alan Cohen's words・・・

In reality

It contains all the elements you want (or care).

In this picture

Two reality are included,

The intended one is taken out.

For some people "vase"

A certain person can see "two people's face".

In reality there are countless elements

The reality you intended will come up! ! !

To those who imagined an angel

An angel appears,

To those who imagined the devil

The devil appears.


What is going on? than

What drama do you want to start? ! It becomes important.

As such a way

1) Write 100 dreams

2) Write a delusion diary

3) Habit of telling a dream

4) Produce future map

5) It is a habit of thinking "What I want you to wake up" than anything else!

ife is a picnic,

By all means, please read it again now! ! !


Let's do what you like!

That is meaningless words ...

Everyone, I think that I like things in front of my eyes.

A dog chasing a tennis ball ...

I'll do it madly!

It's fun to solve the problem

I will do my best!

I will find your tennis ball.

"Your worth depends on the average of five people who spend with you"

Spend time with friends who give you stimulation ...

That is as important as having talent for myself, doing hard work.

No matter where you go

There are places where the best people can gather ...

It is important to keep learning.

"Actually doing" is the earliest way to learn.

Spend preparing? ! I do it right away.

There is nothing to be prepared.

Changing today is my favorite thing.

Your life is 30000 days.

Your age x 365 =? What? What?

Example) 14600 days if 40 years old

I do not have time to prepare


Instead of making it "perfect"

Make it an "interesting life".

Life is an adventure! ! !

That will be the difference with others.

Rather than walking the perfect life,

To do adventure,

To keep yourself free,

Always with ambition.

Graduation speech by Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Dropbox founder Drew Houston (Drew · Houston) and Japanese translation

Yesterday wand the day of art.

Met Masuda FCA!

Went wine museum!!!

Lunch was here・・・

Here is the hotel of Palace♪

Wanna stay~

Bordeaux is

It is the place where many nice places within 2 hours from Bordeaux.

Especially duck!!!


The day before was 
S40 drinking!!!

We has to drink here~♪


Thank you everyone・・・


Labor and life

↓ ↓ ↓

Child care and work

Nursing care and work

How are you going out?

What is going on right now?

Please study for 12 minutes!


【Bankers, 30% increase by 1 year of desire to increase jobs, construction and manufacturers spread to different industries】

Finally in the era when the bank clerk is gone.

An era where survival can not survive without adding value.


Minato has a great achievement! ! !

World Cup winner!
 I cried unintentionally. The birth of Son Masayoshi ② Chosun Buraku / Addressless era · Torisu


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.